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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | September 2000

Getto Da Ze Pictures
September 17th, 2000

You read correctly...I've gotten a bunch of pictures up from the Pokemon Getto Da Ze manga.  A huge thank-you goes out to OSeagullo for scanning these!  These aren't all of them I have...I have a few more that I have to prepare, so there's more to come! They take a while to load (b/c they're so big) so be patient.  Also, Japanese manga reads right to left, not the American left to right.  Go to the Manga section now!

Yesterday we got two new episodes...y'know, I was just thinking this morning when I woke up that we haven't seen Kojirou crossdressing in a while.  And wouldn't you know it, he crossdressed today!  Freaky....anyway, on Friday Kids' WB! aired "Bound for Trouble" during its "Fraturday" line-up.  I didn't get to see very much of it because the other people in the house wanted to watch dubbed Escaflowne (blech).  So now Kids' WB! is caught up.  Good for them.  Next weekend we get two more episodes, "Hello, Pumello" and "Enter the Dragointe," and two more the next weekend, "Viva Las Lapras" and "The Underground Round Up."

I made a big mistake on the other day's update...I found Avataru, seller of the tapes.  She has the first 10 episodes, not 80.  Yah, $0.50 an episode would be too good to be true.  But anyways, I found her, so I can send the check soon. 

And to *hopefully* get people to vote on the poll, I've added a link to the comparison below the poll, so that if you haven't seen it before you can very easily see it now.

New Episode Comparison, New Poll, Other Odds and Ends
September 14th, 2000

Finally, TV Tokyo's airing a new episode!  I was afraid the show was on haitus again...

Anyway, hot off the presses is the Episode 56 comparison.  I'm particularly proud of this comparison, so please take a look.  I would have had this up days ago, but due to translation problems with one of the riddles I kept postponing its posting until I could get a translation.  I could not.  When I do get one, I'll gladly put the translation up. 

It seems that the comic strip I reported on last Saturday is indeed the American version.  Which means crappy art + non-funny "comedy."  Anyway, I've updated the comic strip page with this information.

And Kids' WB! is airing two new episodes this weekend, "The Wacky Watcher" (Japanese 109) and "The Stun Spore Detour" (Japanese 110).  So I guess they're not planning on airing "Bound for Trouble" anytime soon.  It's aired in every other English-speaking country (Canada, Britain, and Australia) except the US. 

The results from the old poll are pretty much as I expected them to be...most people want more episode comparisons.  Therefore...I'm working on buying me some Japanese episodes!  I'm shopping around, finding the best people to order new episodes from.  Obviously, I want a ton for little money.  I found this one person who would give me the first ten episodes or so, but I can't find her now!  I'm frantically looking for this guy (Avataru or Avatar or something like that), because if I could it would mean 10 more episode comparisons for you guys.  I could spend the money on other things (Chrono Cross, the gorgeous Legend of Mana...) but I'll spend it on you guys.  Feel honored :)  Anyways, I found a site I might order some from with SUBTITLED episodes and both movies, but I'm still looking.  And if whoever I end up buying them from turn out to be alright and get me my tapes and don't cheat me, I'll be sure to give you guys a link to the site.  And certainly, if you know anyone who can get me some episodes, please e-mail me.

Anyway, the new poll asks whether or not you like my comparison of the first opening theme.  Should I do one for Rivals/Pokemon World?  Also, near the poll is a button for a site wanting originality in Pokemon sites and is against stealing from Japanese fan sites. 

Thanks to everybody for the hits...not too many from 5000!  So I've tweaked the episode comparisons a bit so that they make more sense.  Just a few things here and there (mostly format things), nothing like information on new edits or everything.

And we're getting a Pokemon Center in the US!  New York is getting a Pokemon Center similar to the ones in Osaka and Tokyo.  If you don't know, Pokemon Centers are huge stores with nothing but Pokemon merchandise.

And who cast the voice actor for Android 19 in DBZ today?  If Mickey Mouse were a Burbill (from Thundercats), he'd sound like the dubbed Android 19.  Speaking of Thundercats, I caught Silverhawks today before Toonami...all I can say is that it's soooo 80's.  I wonder why it's not on Toonami? 

New comic strip
September 9th, 2000

Apparently, unbeknownst to us all, there was a Pocket Monsters daily comic strip which ran (and might still run) in Japanese newspapaers.  Well, now Americans get a daily Pokemon strip!  Starting tomorrow, the comic strip will appear in such major newspapers as the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and the Seattle Times, among others.  Read all about it in my write-up here in the Manga section.

Today, we got a new episode of Pokemon entitled "Pokemon Double Trouble."  At the end of the show, Kids' WB! gave us a date for the start of "The Johto Journeys"--October 14th.  So by then we SHOULD be done with the Orange League.  There are nine episodes left in the Orange League, and we're getting two more next weekend (one of them being "Bound for Trouble").  Anyway, I've updated the Episode Guide and Humans Section because of today's episode.

More Links
September 5th, 2000

Whoops...I forgot.  I've added some links to other "uncensored" sites under the Episode Comparisons page.  So if you like episode comparisons (and according to the poll, most of you do) then check those links out.

Gold/Silver Info, Takeshi's Paradise, New Section, Lots of Other Things
September 5th, 2000

Wow...It's only been a few days but it feels like an eternity...

First of all, I've updated the video games section.  All I really did was link the text so you won't have to wait for the logos to load.

Also, as reported in the newest Nintendo Power, a bunch of new names from the English version of Gold/Silver were revealed.  Go to the Places-Items, Humans (under Gym Leaders Gold/Silver and Side Characters), and Pokemon Names (just one name spelling) sections. 

And I've added the lyrics to "Takeshi's Paradise", his song on the newest Pocket Monsters CD in Japan.  Now we just need to hear the Japanese Kasumi to sing...and the Japanese Kenji.

Plus, I've done away with the anime news section...I don't feel a need for it anymore.  So it's been replaced by a new secion:  Pokemon & Other Anime (it's under just "Anime").  It points out the similarities between the Pocket Monsters anime and other shows.  If you have any information or pictures that belong in this section, then by all means send them in!

And hopefully, I'll have a big announcement next Thursday-Friday that'll make people very happy...




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