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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | October 2013

Sometimes DVDs are released in the U.S. as well
October 29th, 2013

Dogasu @ 07:03 JST -- This one caught me off guard.

2006 Box Set 1 2013 Box Set 1

So Viz is re-releasing the first season on DVD again because we're supposed to be all nostalgic for Generation One even though it seems like we revisit it every single year.  The image on the left is the original Indigo League box set released in 2006 while the one on the right is a new box set being released in 2013.  The fact that both sets have both the same disc count and the same episode count tells me that this is just a cheap repackaging meant to help clear out warehouse stock, but of course there's no real way to know that until the set hits shelves on November 5th.

A listing for a "Pokémon The Complete Original Series" Blu-ray box set has cropped up on blu-ray.com, a site I have absolutely no familiarity with so I have no idea if they're reputable or not.  The set has no release date and
as of this writing none of the other online retailers (Amazon, Rightstuf, etc.) have a listing for it either, so this is either completely bogus or is something that's not coming out for a while.  I'll keep an eye on this to see if any other information surfaces.  Edit:  It's bogus.

Genesect and the Legend Awakened

In other news, Genesect and the Legend Awakened, a movie that only just aired on Cartoon Network a few weeks ago, is getting a DVD release in the U.S. on December 3rd.  Which is a really quick turnaround when you think about it; for comparison's sake, Kyurem VS The Sword of Justice premiered on Cartoon Network on December 8th, 2012 but didn't get a DVD release until April 2nd, 2013.  It's also amazing to note that the American DVD is actually coming out before the Japanese DVD / Blu-ray despite this being a Japanese movie that premiered in Japan first. 

The fact that nothing's being said about the inclusion of the Pikachu short yet tells me that it's not going to be on here and that this is going to just be a bare bones release.  Maybe we'll eventually see the Sylveon short on the Pokemon TV app like we saw with the Meloetta short earlier this year?

Pokemon Limited Edition Collector's Set

It also looks like Miramax is re-releasing that four-in-one DVD from 2011?  The "Pokémon Limited Edition Collector's Set" contains the movies
Pokémon 4Ever, Pokémon Heroes, Pokémon Jirachi Wish Maker, and Pokémon Destiny Deoxys in a release I'm assuming is a last ditch effort to make whatever money they can before Miramax's license runs out.

BW Rival Destinies

Finally, the first BW Rival Destinies box set came out like a month ago but I'm only just now getting around to adding it to the DVD Guide.  No word yet on a second box set coming out anytime soon.

The DVD Guide has been updated accordingly.

Let's catch up on XY
October 28th, 2013

Dogasu @ 06:39 JST -- Getting sick sucks, you guys.  I don't recommend it.

Now that I'm feeling better I can start bringing certain sections of this site up to date.  First up is the List of Pokemon, a list that has now been updated with every single new pokemon from the Pocket Monsters X & Y games.  The name origins for most of the new ones seem pretty obvious, but these two stuck out:
  • Meleeshi (メルシー) comes from melee (メル), a word that's mostly associated with all-out brawls but can also be used to describe small cuts of diamonds.  The shi part, I'm guessing, comes from ishi (石), or "rock."
  • Bokurei (ボ クレー) is an alternate reading of the kanji 木霊 (kodama), a word given to spirits who live inside trees. 
The List of TV Episodes has been updated with four more XY episode titles.  I've really been enjoying this series so far and am optimistic that it'll make up for the trainwreck that was Best Wishes!, but I also realize that it's still really early and that anything could still happen.  Still, the series managed to not wait half a year before giving Kojirou his first pokemon, so this series already has that going for it.

I've also posted the lyrics to V (Volt), the opening theme to said series.

V (Volt)

The song itself is pretty catchy though I wish they had gotten someone who could actually sing to provide the vocals.  Have you seen the video of Yuusuke performing the song live?  The one where he doesn't have Auto-Tune to help save his ass?  It's pretty painful.

I took a stab at translating the ending theme but the song is so awful that I think my brain shut itself down to prevent any permanent damage from taking place.  I'll have to revisit it later.

Going back a bit, the cover art for the DVD and Blu-ray release of Pocket Monsters The Origin have been revealed along with said DVD's and Blu-ray's special features.

Pocket Monsters The Origin - DVD Pocket Monsters The Origin - Blu-ray

The extras - which is really just a collection of trailers - are pretty lame but at the same time I'm not surprised that this is all we're getting.  The DVD and Blu-ray come out December 4th, 2013.

"Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh"
October 21st, 2013

Dogasu @ 06:44 JST -- How's XY, everybody?  Are you enjoying it so far?  I've got my sixth badge and am about to head into the Ball Factory. 

So my site's first post-XY update is going to be a feature on the first XY manga, Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh!

Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh!

This was the "Mega Gablias" manga the ads in last month's CoroCoro Comics alluded to.  It's...not amazing, but at the same time I guess there's only so much you can do with the whole "Mega Evolution" schtick.  Also, no Kalos pokemon show up in this thing for some reason, not even as background characters.  Oh well.

I'll update the List of Pokemon, Lyrics Archive, and other sections of the site later on in the week.

"Sigh...the path to Ononokusu sure is a long one, isn't it?"
October 9th, 2013

Dogasu @ 07:18 JST -- The comparison for the ninth episode of Pokémon Black & White, "The Bloom is on Axew!", is now up!

"The Bloom is on Axew!"

Looking at this episode now after the series is over and seeing how the seeds it planted have grown has been quite interesting.  I hope you enjoy this trip through time as much as I did.

Pocket Monsters Special B2 W2 Wrap-up
October 7th, 2013

Dogasu @ 08:43 JST -- A summary for the chapter of Pocket Monsters Special that was printed in the latest issue of Pokemon Fan is now up!

Pokemon Fan Issue 32

This was the last chapter of the B2 W2 Chapter, though a more "complete" conclusion to the story will most likely be printed in the graphic novels, whenever those come out.  The HeartGold & SoulSilver Chapter only got its conclusion this year, so we might have to wait until 2015 or so before we find out what happens with Laktoo and the others.

The next issue of Pokemon Fan won't be out November 20th, 2013.  Before that, however, will be the December 2013 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban!, on sale October 21st, 2013.  Those two magazines will start off the X & Y Chapter which, as the name implies, will be based on the video games Pocket Monsters X & Pocket Monsters Y.

The official Pocket Monsters Special website has also announced that Volume 48 will go on sale sometime in November.  Amazon Japan gives a release date of November 28th, 2013.

Speaking of release dates, Pocket Monsters X & Y come out later this month, and there are still a few new pokemon I haven't gone over yet.  Here are the most recently revealed species:
  • Nidangiru (ニダンギル) comes from nidangiri (二段斬り), which can mean "twin blade" or "double slash."  It evolves from Hitotsuki, a pokemon whose name means "to lunge / stab at someone."  It's not unlikely that Nidangiru will evolve into a pokemon with three blades.
  • Frafuwan (フレフワン) seems to come from a combination of fureguransu (フレグランス), or "fragrance," and fuwa-fuwa (ふわふわ), or "fluffy."
  • Peroream (ペロリーム), like the pokemon it evolves from, has a name that includes pero-pero (ペロペロ), the onomatopoeia of someone licking something, or pero-pero kyandi (ペロペロキャンディ), or "lollipop."  The -ream part in Peroream's name most likely comes from kuriimu (クリーム), or "cream."
At this point we know about 42 new pokemon from the games (though Ohrot still hasn't been "officially" revealed yet so I guess the number is 41).  And...I don't feel like this is normal?  Isn't this a lot to know before the games are even out?  Does anyone remember how many Isshu pokemon we knew about before the Japanese release of Black & White

The List of Pokemon has been updated.

"The Extreme Speed Genosect and the Awakening of Myuutwo" DVD & Blu-ray
October 2nd, 2013

Dogasu @ 22:20 JST -- Pocket Monsters The Origin has finished airing, so I've updated a few things here and there on this site's section for the special.

And!  While I was checking Amazon Japan earlier today to see if there had been any updates made to the DVD / Blu-ray listing for the special (spoiler alert:  they haven't), I came across a listing for DVD and Blu-ray releases for this summer's movie!

The Extreme Speed Genosect and the Awakening of Myuutwo

The Extreme Speed Genosect and the Awakening of Myuutwo will come out on home video on December 18th, 2013 in the following formats:
  • Regular edition DVD that includes both The Extreme Speed Genosect and the Awakening of Myuutwo and the Pikachu short Pikachu and Its Eevee Friends.  It retails for 4,179 yen (about US $42.44).
  • Special edition "Myuutwo Special Pack" DVD that (is implied to) include(s) the TV special Myuutwo - The Prologue to its Awakening in addition to the main movie and the Pikachu short.  It retails for 6,279 yen (about US $63.77).
  • Regular edition Blu-ray that includes both The Extreme Speed Genosect and the Awakening of Myuutwo and the Pikachu short Pikachu and Its Eevee Friends.  It retails for 5,229 yen (about US $53.11).
Normally I'd just say "get the Blu-ray" but the apparent exclusion of the TV special makes that "Myuutwo Special Pack" a bit more attractive.  Or should I just be a crazy person and buy both?  Ugh.

The DVD Guide's been updated.

"Pocket Monsters The Origin" - Final Updates
October 2nd, 2013

Dogasu @ 07:00 JST -- The special's airing tonight, so I wanted to get the last few tiny updates out of the way.

The Character Bios page has been updated with information on Old Man Fuji and Reina, who I talked about in the previous update.

Wataru Old Man Fuji Reina

The Red & Green quote tweeted by the official Japanese Pokemon Twitter account on October 1st has been added to the list.  "Myuutwo is far too powerful.  We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies..." (ポケモン ミュウツーは つよすぎる ダメだ…… わたしの てには おえない!)

A tidbit about information related to Pocket Monsters X & Y being revealed during tonight's broadcast has been added to the Notes section.


...and that's it.  I literally can't think of anything else I can add to the section before tonight's big premiere. 

"Mega Gablias" Manga, more "Pocket Monsters The Origin" updates
October 1st, 2013

Dogasu @ 06:49 JST -- I picked up my copy of this month's issue of CoroCoro Comics a little bit later than I usually do and so am only just now getting a chance to look through it.  And while most of the big stuff was already covered by all the major news sites, one thing that it seems like nobody picked up on is the announcement that a brand new manga is starting next month.

CoroCoro Comics ad for Mega Gablias

The manga is simply being referred to as "Mega Gablias," though the actual title might be different when it comes out next month.  It's going to be about the newly announced Mega Evolution and...that's all we know right now?  It's possible this'll just be a dumb walkthrough comic that's of no interest to any of us or something, but I've made up a page for it just in case.

In other news, some updates were made to the website for Pocket Monsters The Origin.  First up are voice actor announcements for three new characters - Wataru, Old Man Fuji, and an unknown girl named Reina.  Wataru will be voiced by Kawashima Tokuyoshi (川島得愛), a voice actor who did the voice of Hikari Net in Rockman Exe Stream, Terry McGinnis in the Japanese dub of Batman Beyond, and Aloe's husband Kidachi in Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!.  Old Man Fuji will be played by Inaba Minoru (稲葉実), a veteran VA who's been around since the 1960s who's most recently well-known for his work as King Neptune in One Piece but is also famous for being in a bunch of the Gundam series over the years.  Finally there's Reina, a character who may or may not be based on the unnamed NPC in Shion Town, who's being voiced by Ishikawa Yui (石川由依).  Ms. Ishikawa's probably most well known for performing the role of Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan.

Kawashima Tokuyoshi Inaba Minoru Ishikawa Yui

The site also made a quiet little note saying that each of the four episodes of the four-part special will be animated by a different animation studio.  Episode One's being done by Production I.G, Episodes Two and Three will be done by XEBEC, and Episode Four will be done by OLM.  I doubt there will be any major differences in the art styles - each studio will be working off of the same model sheets and whatnot - but it'll still be interesting to how the different animation studios tackle this special.

Finally, the official Japanese Pokemon Twitter account has been updating with quotes from the games in anticipation for the upcoming special.  I'm assuming these quotes will also be heard in the actual specials as well and that they'll maybe give us an idea of some of the scenes we'll get in tomorrow night's broadcast?

Date Posted
Quote (English version / Japanese original)
September 28th "You're still light years from facing Takeshi-san!"
タケシさんに ちょうせん なんて 10000こうねん はやいんだよ!
September 29th "As of today, the Rocket-Dan is finished forever!"
ロケットだんは…… ほんじつを もって かいさんする!
September 30th "I'll tell you!  I am the the most powerful trainer in the world!"
このおれさまが! せかいでいちばん! つよいってことなんだよ!
October 1st
"Myuutwo is far too powerful.  We have failed to curb its vicious tendencies..."
ポケモン ミュウツーは つよすぎる ダメだ…… わたしの てには おえない!

The first one is said by one of the Trainers inside the Nibi Gym.  The second one is said by Sakaki after he's defeated, the third one is said by Green before you battle him at the end of the game, and the fourth one is from one of the diary entries inside Pokemon Mansion.

Oh yeah, there's also going to be an English version of the special.  Wish it was being shown on actual TV instead of being exiled to a website that will most likely delete it after a month or so, but then again I'm sure it'll get a Region 1 DVD release at some point.




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