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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | October 2007

"All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!"
October 25th, 2007

I've got the comparison for "All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!" up now.  Now I'm all caught up with DP episodes again!

We only know the titles of the next two episodes.  After that...who knows?  Will the show be taking a break on CN?  Or are we just a little late in getting the titles?  Whatever the case may be, I'll do my best to prevent the kind of lag I had between "Some Enchanted Sweetening" and the next episode.

"An Angry Combeenation!"
October 24th, 2007

Hey!  Whaddya know?  I actually updated when I said I would!

Here's "An Angry Combeenation!" for you guys.  Assuming I'm not too exhausted after the 4km I somehow got roped into running at this school event later today, I'll have "All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!" up sometime tomorrow. 

October 23rd, 2007

Yeah...it's been way too long since my last update.  You can blame karaoke, me getting paid and going out to celebrate, my crappy Internet connection (I'm still waiting for the Internet people to hook me up with a *proper* connection), and One Piece Grand Battle Rush for the PS2 for the lack of updates.  Also, my laziness.  That's definately an issue here.

So!  The update for today is a comparison for "The Grass-Type Is Always Greener!"  I've also added some episode titles to the big Episode List.

I really really need to get back on a "comparison-a-day" schedule because the rate at which I'm falling behind is unacceptable to me.  Assuming that the cold I have now doesn't kick my ass, I'll be updating with "An Angry Combeenation!" tomorrow.

Oh...before I forget...I picked up the first issue of that Pokemon Fan magazine that was recently released in Japan.  And...it's nothing all that special.  I did, however, also manage to pick up an "All Movies Perfect Guide" book that contains some neat production sketches of the various mecha used throughout all the movies, so I'll post some scans of those as soon as I get a scanner.

Random updates
October 9th, 2007

Hey everyone!  I'm about halfway through with the next comparison, so hopefully I'll be able to have that up within a few days.

In the meantime...I've done a bunch of random updates!

The first update comes from an e-mail I got from Aaron alerting me of a few inconsistencies / incorrect dates in the Episode List.  You'll also notice that the Shuukan Pokemon Housoukyoku page has been updated to look like the rest of the lists, so that's pretty exciting.  There are still a few things I need to tweak on that page, but for the most part, it's done.

The second update is the addition of the newest Japanese episode titles that were recently revealed.  Click here to view the spoilerific titles.

The third update...a page on the upcoming Regigigas movie!  The official Japanese website has been updated to include information on the movie that comes out next summer, so I tried to compile everything into one page.  Don't forget to check out my translation of the site's location hunting page!  (Edit:  It looks like #pocketmonsters beat me to the punch...)  I really want to try to keep up-to-date with this movie more than I have with the other films, so hopefully I'll be able to update this section more often than I have some of the other movie pages.

Speaking of movies...I've updated the Darkrai movie page with the latest box office information and the release date for the Region 2 DVD.

In other DVD news...it looks like the cover art for the second Indigo DVD box set has been updated!  According to a scan posted by Lil Brother, the picture of Arbok has been replaced with Ekans, making the whole thing a lot more consistent.  Personally, I would have changed Koffing into Weezing since the Team Rocket pokemon evolve like four episodes into the set, but whatever.  The text at the top of the box has also been changed.

Finally, a bit of sad news...Kitamura Koichi, the voice actor of Ryuu in
"Holiday at Aopulco," passed away on October 2nd from pneumonia.  He was 75 years old.  Thanks goes to PokeAni for this story.

If the time between this update and the next one starts to become too great, I'll go ahead and post the comparison for "The Grass-Type Is Always Greener!" 

October 1st, 2007

PAK Man sent me an e-mail letting me know of a goof-up I made in the latest comparison.  I've gotta proofread these things better!




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