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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | October 2005

Part Two is now up
October 27th, 2005

I've got "The Scuffle of Legends" ready for you guys.  I hope to have "A Fan with a Plan" up soon.  I've also updated the TV Schedule to reflect the fact that the Barbroach episode is officially banned. 

Oh, and Ruben Perez, stop wanking up my Guestbook.  You're making yourself look like a dick.

One of the least-edited Advanced Challenge episodes ever
October 21st, 2005

You know how I said I'd do at least two comparisons a week?  Well, here's number two - "Grass Hysteria."  It's actually one of the least-edited episodes in the series, so it's not a terribly interesting report.  Oh well, I shouldn't complain.

You may have also noticed that the Guestbook link on each page hasn't been working for the past couple of months or so.  Well, I looked into it and found out that I pretty much have to start a brand new one, so I went ahead and did that.  I only fixed the link on the main page though, but the rest should be fixed before too long.

I plan to have "The Scuffle of Legends" up in the next day or so.

Lots of updates this go around
October 19th, 2005

Well, it's a few days late, but the comaprison for "Gaining Groudon" is up.  I've also updated a bunch of the lists that needed to be updated, like the Battle Frontier and Pokemon Sunday episode lists, as well as the TV Schedule, which now has listings for the rest of October and a good portion of November.  A lot of it is unconfirmed (especially since we dont't know whether or not 4Kids has the Barbroach episode), but I've confirmed everything that I can at the moment. 

And just so you guys see that I really am working on the manga section, here's a sneak peak. 

This week has been pretty hectic as far as school goes, but things should slow down after tomorrow, so I should hopefully be able to get another comparison up for you guys at that time. 

I'll close by joining in with the legions of fans who think that the Penny Arcade guys rule.

EDIT:  It looks like I forgot to add a link to the manga section.  I've added it now.

Small update this time
October 15th, 2005

I feel like I have an obligation to explain to you guys why my updates haven't been all that great lately, as well as why I haven't updated the manga section in so long.

Well, it's a combination of things.  I had midterms going on for a while, so that consumed my life for about two weeks.  I thought I would have some time over my fall break to work on the site, but I forgot to bring the power cable for my laptop with me when I went home, so I couldn't really do too much without worrying about my computer running out of power.  Most of the October 10th update was actually done on my sister's laptop, and I had to e-mail updates to myself and then download them onto my laptop in order to finish the episode comparisons.  While that was going on, I've been busy with Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, which is completely surprising me by not sucking as much as I feared it would.  It's actually a really really good game, and it's more or less fixed all the major problems that Colosseum had.  I bought both XD and Lunar Dragon Song (for the Nintendo DS) on the same day, expecting XD to suck and Lunar to be great, but the opposite has actually come to pass.  Amazing.

So I'm thinking that in order to catch up with all the stuff I need to do, I should return to that comparison-a-day schedule that I was on for most of June.  You know, to finish up Advanced Challenge and get some more Chronicles comparisons finished.  Thing is, I don't think my school schedule will allow me to do that, so I can't promise you guys anything as nice as that.  Therefore, I will try my hardest to at least get two comparisons finished each week so that, slowly yet surely, I'll fill in all the gaps on the Houen episode list.

Another thing that's constantly on my mind is the manga section.  I'm only about halfway finished with the info about the Jirachi movie manga (which you guys chose as the September manga), and I haven't even started on you guys' choice for October's manga (Card Masters was the one you all chose).  I'm going to try my best to get the Jirachi one finished for you guys within the next couple of days so that I can start working on Card Masters, but I can't really be any more specific than that.  I've decided that I won't be doing a manga for the month of November because a) I didn't think to bring any of the other manga with me to school, and b) I'll probably want the break from manga write-ups anyway.  I'll use the free time to clean up the manga section, though, so at least *something* will be done to that section.

For now, all I have for you guys is an updated TV Schedule and a few tweaks to the AG 095 and AG 096 comparisons (I've mainly just added links and pictures). 

And I'll end this post by saying that Napoleon Dynamite is the worst movie ever created, and I'm upset that an hour and a half of my life was wasted on that piece of crap.

Two more

October 10th, 2005

My laptop's running on battery power at the moment, so I'll explain why I haven't updated in so long next time.

Anyway, here's "The Evolutionary War" and "Training Wrecks."




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