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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | October 2002

Chu Chu
October 27th, 2002

Well, we now have a release date for the Japanese fifth movie DVD.  The DVD will be released on December 20th, 2002.  Anyway, I didn't just update to tell you that, did I?  Of course not.  First of all, I updated the Ruby/Sapphire page with a bunch of new information and pictures.  Secondly, I've created a page for the E-Reader peripheral for the Game Boy Advance.  Third, I've updated the Episode Guide with the first two episodes of the Advance Generation TV series.  And lastly, I've put Hazuki's (aka the Hiroshi of the Jouto League) bio back up, this time with the correct picture and everything.  Hope you enjoy!

J'aime la musique japonaise
October 24th, 2002

Hi everyone!  How's your week been?  Mine's been alright.  I saw a movie ("Riding in Cars with Boys," which may as well have been called "Why Abortions Should be Legal") and I did tons of schoolwork, and that's about it.  When I say tons of schoolwork, I mean TONS.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering.  You wanna know what I updated, right?  Well, I have the lyrics for two more songs up--Meowth's Party and To My Best Friend. Meowth's Party is the 4Kids dub of the popular ending theme while To My Best Friend is the eleventh ending theme.  While in that neighborhood, I went and added information about two more CD's in the CD Guide, both CD's for the fifth movie.  I also updated the information in the fifth movie section, as well as changing the way I romanize the main pokemon's name (I'm gonna use Latios and Latias instead of Ratios and Ratias from now on).  I've also added two new titles for the dub over in the Episode Guide, as well as the final episode of the first Pocket Monsters series. 

In other news, the release date for the Region 2 (Japanese) DVD of the fifth mini-movie, "The Glittering Starlit Camp," has been announced.  According to the Japanese Amazon website, the DVD has a release date of November 22nd, 2002.  No word yet of when the main feature is coming out on VHS/DVD. 

I'm getting kinda bored of this layout--I think I'll try something new.  But of course, I probably won't get around to doing anything until this summer ^_^ 

New Episode Comparisons
October 18th, 2002

Hi everyone!  I've got something for you that I haven't done in a while--episode comparisons!  That's right!  The first episode comparisons in two months, this batch contains a bunch of Jouto League episodes--Episode 146 (the battle against the second gym leader, Tsukushi), 147, 148, 149 (kinda), 150, 151, and 152.  Unfortunately, they're all really short since the editing in the "Pokémon:  Johto Journeys" is basically non-existant.  Ah well.  I've also updated Shigeru's pokemon information, particularly in regards to who his starter was. 

Pokemon 4 Ever Stuff
October 16th, 2002

Whew...I have waaaay too much to update with.  I'd better do this in small chunks, so here goes:  this entire update deals with the fourth Pokemon movie.  First of all, I've updated the main page with the box office information.  Secondly, I put up a more detailed summary of the fourth mini-movie.  Wow, I can't believe I never got around to doing that!  Third, I've done comparisons for both the main feature and the mini-movie (well, as much as a comaprison as I could do, considering the short wasn't shown).  The main feature comparison is more of a preliminary report,and the real comparison will come when the movie comes out on VHS/DVD, when I can analyze it scene-by-scene.  And finally, I've added what could be the last episode title of the series to the Episode Guide, bringing the first Pocket Monsters series to an end.  Until next time!

More Movie 4 Info, Character Information, and more...
October 9th, 2002

Whee, only two days before the fourth movie comes to America.  You can read the critics' initial reports here, but be warned--none of them are positive.  But hey, they're Pokemon movies, what do you expect?  Good, well-researched reviews that actually talks about the film instead of Pokemon as a franchise?  The only things these reviews are good for is information on the American version, so the dubbed names of Miku and Vicious (it's not pretty...) are in the Movie 4 Characters page.  Also, from the looks of things, the mini-movie ("Pikachu's Nervous Hide-and-Seek") is being cut out, so I think "Pokemon 4Ever" is the title of the main feature.  Speaking of names, I've updated a bunch of the Humans' Bios with what their Japanese names mean, thanks to Encyclopedia Pokemonica.  And while I was at it, I've updated Jun'ichi's pokemon information.  I've updated the episode comparison for Episode 196 with some background information about sumo wrestling, and I've put a tentative release date for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire up on the Ruby/Sapphire page. 

I want to get one more update in before my (short) fall break begins.  Then after the break, you can expect to see some new episode comparisons!  See ya soon!

Pokemon 4Ever not a nationwide release?!?  And it may be heavily edited!?
October 5th, 2002

Quick news bit--it seems that, according to the Yahoo Movies site (scroll down a bit in the October 11th section), that the fourth Pokemon movie is going to have a limited, not a nationwide release.  That means that instead of being played in just about every reputable movie theatre in the country, the movie will only be available in select cities (usually the big ones).  So basically, if the theatre near you isn't playing Spirited Away at the moment, chances are it won't be showing the fourth Pokemon movie either.  The movie will initially be released in 200 theatres (go to Filmjerk.com and look under the October 11th releases) in 20 "twenty markets" (in other words, big cities like New York), and then will be released in more cities at an undisclosed date.  Unfortunately, I don't have a list of the cities that it'll be released, but I expect that the list should be available soon.  While there are conflicting reports that the movie will indeed get a national release, the notion that the film's only getting a limited run (at least at first) may explain why we've yet to see any TV commercials for the film. 

And that's not all!  Several sites are listing the movie as having a 75-minute running time, but the Japanese movie + the mini-movie lasts longer than that.  So either Miramax is cutting the mini-movie ("Pikachu's Nervous Hide-and-Seek") out altogether, or they're slicing the main feature up.  The latter isn't as likely, but I could see Miramax cutting up all those scenes of Vicious destroying the forest to ensure the movie gets the G-Rating.  The former is more probable, seeing as how the trailer doesn't even mention the presence of a mini-movie the way the trailers for the other three did.  Usually by this point, we have a title for the mini-movie and for the main movie itself, but this time all we have is "Pokemon 4 Ever."  So either that's the title of the main feature (and Miramax just cut the mini-movie), or the title of both the main feature and the mini-movie put together (the way "Pokemon the First Movie" or "Pokemon 3 the Movie" are).  Now, it's entirely possible that the 75-minute running time is wrong (websites gave incorrect running times for the third movie, and that didn't have anything cut from it at all).  It's all speculation and educated guesses at this point, and until we hear anything official from Nintendo or 4Kids or Miramax or somebody, we'll have to take this information with a grain of salt.

I also have a bit of bad news on the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire page.  Seems that you can't transfer the pokemon from any of your previous games to the new ones.  So that Level 100 Entei you have in your team--forget about it.  Can't use it in Ruby/Sapphire.  I also made a premature error regarding one of the character bios.  Hazuki, who's one of the trainers in the Silver Convention, is NOT the same person as the male protagonist in Ruby/Sapphire.  So I've taken his bio down.  I've also updated the bios for the Pokemon Crystal characters, particularly Jun'ichi's.  And I updated Shigeru's pokemon information.  And lastly, I've made a small addition to the main Pokemon list.

By the way, I went into the Guestbook and deleted all those stupid "How dare you speak badly about Yu-Gi-Oh!" messages.  Those dumbasses don't deserve to have their messages archived in my Guestbook.  Shoot, I'll keep the "Poekmon is fuckng GAY" and the "Help George W. Bush to the White House" messages, but not the Yu-Gi-Oh ones because they irritate me THAT much.  Read the FAQ before you write a message like that.




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