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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | October 2001

New Rant
Tuesday, October 16th, 2001

I have a new rant up, written by Brother Lapras entitled "The Real Pokemon."  Why don't you go on over and take a look?  I like the fact that I've been getting a lot of submissions lately...keep 'em coming! 

Also, it seems as if the series in Japan is actually progressing somewhat!  Recently, the gang competed in an Uzumaki Cup.  And now there's a little three or four-episode thing starring Lugia (sounds promising...).  And then the next episode is the gang's trip back to Asagi City to give Mikan the medicine.  So at least the show's progressing somewhat.  The Episode Guide's been updated with new episode titles, both Japanese and American.  Bye for now!

Seiyuu Lists Updated
Saturday, October 13th, 2001

Wow!  I've gone through all the Seiyuu Lists and have done a number of things to them.  First of all, I added a bunch of seiyuu names and the roles they did since Hitoshi Doi updated his page recently.  I've also added a few roles that Racheal Lillis has done in the Johto season.  In addition, I've divided the Character Pages into two, because they were getting too big.  So now there's a page for humans and a seperate page for pokemon.  So now there are six seiyuu pages rather than four.  And finally, I've put a link up on the main humans page for a chat transcript.  The chat is hosted on the Sci-Fi Channel's website (a site I NEVER visit, but I was led here by another site) and is a great read.  That's all for now!

New Episode Comparisons, just in time for National Breast Cancer Awareness Week!
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001

OK, that was random.  But I do have two new episode comparisons for you guys...Episodes 9 and 10 are now up!  And none of them are duds like last time!  Wow!  I'm kind of plowing through these episodes.  Soon I'll be getting into episodes that haven't been compared on the Ultimate Pokemon Site (which seems to be down at the moment), so I won't feel quite as bad about doing these, since no one else has done the ones coming up yet.  Anyway, I don't have the revised Seiyuu Lists up yet, but I guess that's OK since I have new comparisons (and that seems to be the only reason people come to this site...).  Oh well.   I've also put the Japanese name of Mt. Moon up in the Places Section.

Also, I'm aware that a majority of the mp3's aren't working, and I know why, so I'm working on a solution.  In the meantime, e-mail me with the songs that you REALLY want that are supposed to be up now (like if you really want Hyaku Gojuu Ichi but the link's not working) so I know which songs people want most.

Also, if you IM me using AIM and I don't respond, don't think I'm being a jerk and stuck up and ignoring you...I'm often forgetful and leave the program on, or someone will turn it on while I'm out of the room and leave it on for hours.  So keep trying, and I'll get to you eventually.

Oh yeah, and Lugia shows up on the TV show in a few weeks in Japan (which means the gang's still in the Whirlpool Islands...).  That is all.




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