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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | October 2000

Lots of other stuff (for lack of a better update title)
October 21st, 2000

It took me long enough, but I've finally gotten the Pokemon Names section updated with the American names of all the new Gold/Silver pokemon. 

I've also added some stuff to the Humor section.  It's HUGE!  It talks about all the evils of pokemon, so go over to the Humor section to read this "well-researched" article.

I've got some more pictures for the Jouto League Screenshots.  Click on the new episode title to view a few pictures from that episode.

Lots of stuff...
October 18th, 2000

I have lots of little updates throughout...

First of all, I have the American names of the Gold/Silver gym leaders.  Special thanks to Tails Power 5 for the information.

I've added the American name of this Saturday's episode of Pokemon, the second Jouto League episode.  It's in the episode guide.

I've added a little bit of information regarding Pokemon Crystal.

And I'd like to inform you of  K-CHU!  What is K-CHU, you ask?  It's an on-line radio station which plays nothing but Japanese Pocket Monsters music!  It plays all kinds of Pocket Monsters music, from vocals to background music to karaoke songs.  The instructions for listening to it are located in the Lyrics section.

More to come soon!

Jouto Episodes
October 14th, 2000

Y'know, having a car accident in the middle of the week kind of eats up time you'd otherwise be spending updating a website...

I was looking around TV Tokyo's site the other day when I noticed that I was missing a lot of episodes in my episode guide.  So I went in and fixed the episode guide (look from episode 160-169).  I've also added a new mini-section, Jouto League Screenshots.    It's basically where I have screenshots of the episodes I missed, and should be updated once a week, like the episode guide. 

Also, I'm now one of the news reporters on Bulbagarden!  So now I'll be doing news for them, too.  But don't worry, this site will still be updated plenty...I'm going to get the American names of the new pokemon sometime tomorrow or Sunday.

This week in Japan, it would seem that Takeshi is going to give his Rokon back to Yuki (which means they're making a detour back into Scissor Street).  What is it with getting rid of everyone's old pokemon?  Next thing we know Satoshi will be giving up Pikachu!

And I've TRIED fixing the way the newer lyric translations work, but nothing I do helps.  Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

Songs not half as annoying as "The Real Slim Shady"
October 8th, 2000

As I pass the 5000 mark, please take notice to the new additions to the family...the translations of Nyasu's Song, OK, and Lucky Lucky, Pokemon Ieru Ka Na?, and Umi.  The translations are provided courtesy of Chirlind from the Anything-Goes Anime Lyrics Archive.

I liked yesterday's episode.  After that episode, I really like Hanako and Takeshi.  It was one of the funnier episodes...next weekend the Johto Journeys start, so Pokemon will never be the same again...

Oh, and I've added some links ot the link section.  And I've changed the color of the Message Board Button...I figured that MAYBE if I make it stand out, people will actually visit the thing.  Remember, it can only be boring if you let it be boring.  Speak out!  Be crazy! 

And one more thing...Mondo Tu, where are your CD Drama translations?  Please 
e-mail me or something with the wherabouts of these nice translations!

La La La~
October 7th, 2000

Well, it's a little late, but the first two lyric translations are up, one for Hyaku Gojuu Ichi and the other for Kaze to Isshouni.  Just go to their pages and the translations are alongside the romanji.  The translations are provided courtesy of Chirlind from the Anything-Goes Anime Lyrics Archive.

I've also got the name of the next two dub episodes, the last one of the Orange League and the first ep of the Jouto League.

Sing it, Sister!
October 5th, 2000

Lyrics go up tomorrow...it's late and I've got homework o_O.  I've got a LOT of translations, so please bear with me if I'm a little late.  Updated the episode guide and weekly picture, tho.

This and That...
October 5th, 2000

Let's face it...there isn't much happening in the Pokemon web community.  It's not because of lack of news...there's plenty going on in the world of Pokemon.  New episodes, a new video game (Pokemon Puzzle League), and the fact that both the Gold and Silver games and anime come out in just a few weeks.  No, there's another reason...and I don't know why.  Bulbagarden's been down for quite a while...are they uploading version 10.0 or what?  UPNetwork hasn't been updated in a while.  So what's going on? 

Well, my excuse is school.  Especially my AP Literature class.  That and the fact that this last update took a long time to do (and was very tedious).  So hopefully I won't have to do another one of THESE types of updates for a while (I'm thinking of getting rid of the buttons in favor of text-based links...).

As you may have been able to tell, the image for the Japanese episode of the week is different.  That picture's on every page now (just what I need-another picture for you guys to load every time you visit), so you don't have to visit the index page to find a picture/title of the current Japanese episode.  Also, every e-mail addy on this page should be updated.  So now when you click on "E-mail Me," you'll send mail to my Earthlink account, not my non-existant AOL account.  So you shouldn't get any bounced-back mail when you try to e-mail me an editorial or comment. 

"But that's a boring update.  You'd better have done something else."  OK.  I have a little write-up on the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Puzzle League.  There are plenty of commercials for it, so I'm guessing it's out in stores now. 

And finally, a bit of news on the episodes thing.  In two weeks, I'll send out the money for the first ten Japanese episodes.  So as soon as I get those, I'll start working on new episode comparisons. 

I've also noticed that I'm continuing to get hits even though I haven't updated in a while.  I'm up like 700 hits since my last update.  That's great!  Thanks, minna!  Me buying those episodes (and I'll be buying more later from someone else) is my little gift to you guys...thanks, and keep telling your friends about this site!

Hopefully, later this afternoon I'll have another update.  I got the OK to use some lyric translations, so hopefully I can get those up.  And maybe I'll get that episode picture updated. Ja ne!




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