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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | November 2005

Pre-Thanksgiving Update
November 22nd, 2005

As some (anonymous) posters in my Guestbook have pointed out, I haven't updated in several weeks.  These eloquently written posts do have some truth in them.  I've had an incredibly huge workload these past few weeks, as all of my professors have decided to pile assignment after assignment on me just so they can have everything graded by Thanksgiving break.  In fact, just last week, I've had a ten-minute French presentation, two tests, two papers, several meetings to attend, and various birthday functions to attend.  OK, so maybe that last one isn't all that bad, but the point is that I've been really really busy these last few weeks and my lack of updates haven't been due to me being a "lazy bitch."  Honestly people.

Unfortunately, I hvaen't had a huge amount of spare time lately, but I have managed to get this done:  the Episode Lists for the Houen and Kanto Battle Frontier episodes have been completely overhauled.  Well, the Battle Frontier one didn't require too much work, but the other one sure did.  I think the lists look a LOT better now, and I can't wait to clean up the other episode lists and have them all match up. 

Episode Comparisons are going to have to be put on hold for the moment because my computer refuses to play two video files at once (I have to download the dub episodes because my VCR isn't here at the moment).  I do plan to go to the school's library and use their newer, faster computers to do the comparisons, but, like before, free time is something I haven't had a lot of these days. 

Other than that, that's really it.  I'll be in New York for Thanksgiving Break (maybe I'll get a chance to visit the Pokemon Center there?), so I wouldn't expect another update until the middle of next week.  Yeah, it sucks, but it can't be helped.  I know that a lot of the people who posted in my Guestbook will female dog about how much my "sight" sucks and how it'll never be as great as, but I honestly don't care.  I've never considered myself to be in competition with a site that I've contributed content to and whose forums I'm a Mod+ in, so I don't see where these people are coming from.  As I think a lot of the visitors to the site can atest to, the last month or so of university is always stressful, and something like a fan website devoted to Japanese kids' anime isn't always high on the priority list.  Nor is reading poorly-written feedback from a bunch of kids who are too cowardly to attach their names to their Guestbook postings.

Another new one
November 3rd, 2005

Here's "It's Still Rocket Roll to Me."  Can you believe that we're almost 100 episodes into the Houen saga?  Wow.

Also, I got an e-mail from someone with the subject line that read "Mistake in 'A Fan with a Plan' " or something like that.  It accidentally got deleted, so if the person who wrote that e-mail is reading this, could you please resend it?

"A Fan with a Plan"
November 1st, 2005

Hey everyone.  I've finished the comparison for "A Fan with a Plan," which debuted in the U.S. way back in May.  I've only got four more Advanced Challenge episodes left!

I'm working on getting "It's Still Rocket Roll to Me" up, but my computer's been really slow lately, so that may have to wait until I can get this straightened out.



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