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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | November 2003

Taking a break from playing Mario Kart Double Dash
November 25th, 2003

I know, I know...this week's comparisons are a bit late.  I'm blaming the fact that Kids' WB! is now giving me twice the work to do each weekend combined with the fact that I spent most of the weekend hanging out with friends.  So here's AG 004 and AG 005 for your enjoyment.  I'm already starting work on AG 006 since I expect it to be completely butchered, so hopefully the comparisons for Saturday's episodes will be up by Saturday night.  I'm not making any promises now, but I'll try my best.

I've also changed all the Movie Two and Three pages, as well as all the Episode Guide pages, to the new layout.  According to the poll at the bottom of this front page and the few e-mails I've gotten on the subject, most of you seem to like the smaller font, so I'll continue with converting the rest of the site to the new font. 

If I don't update before Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a happy Turkey Day and I hope to be able to update again real soon.

Font changes
November 17th, 2003

Is anyone else as absolutely annoyed as I am about the constant media attention surrounding Britney Spears' and Madonna's kiss at the VMA's?  I mean, it happened several months ago, yet people are STILL talking about it, saying that Britney is going too far and about how shocking it was.  I wish people would just get over it and get on with their lives.  It was a big publicity stunt that succeeded very well, and nothing more.  And, last time I checked, Christina Aguilera kissed her too.  Why isn't she being interviewed repeatedly about it?

So anyway, I've changed the font size in the Humans' Bios, Pokemon's Bios, List of Pokemon, and List of Techniques pages.  I've also updated a some of the Humans' Bios and have added some pictures (those new pictures of Asuna and Fuu & Ran were a bitch to make) to make it all purdy, and I'll add some more later.  I'm still figuring out how to display what pokemon each trainer has, so hopefully my next update will have that problem straightened out.  There's also a new episode title in the Episode List.  And finally, an edit-filled Episode Comparison for the episode that aired on Kids' WB! this past Saturday.

I've gotten one e-mail that said that the font was too small, and that's it.  So are the rest of you indifferent or what?  Or maybe you don't like e-mail?  In any case, I've put a poll at the bottom of the page here for you to cast your vote, so please give me your feedback!  I'll have more updates this week!

EDIT:  Poll's not's late, so I'll look at it tomorrow...

New Stuff all around
November 8th, 2003

Something look different to you?  That would be because I've brought the font down from a size 12 to a size 10.  So what do you think?  Does it look better or worse?  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

So this time, I have the usual Episode Comparison for the episode that aired this morning.  Also, to celebrate the airing of the first movie on Cartoon Network, I've gone in and proofread the first movie section a bit, changing a few things here and there.  The big changes are that a) I've added a page about the CD Drama, and b) I've changed the romanization of Myuutwo's name.  I had actually wanted to go from calling him Myuutsu to Myuutwo for a while now, but the thought of going through the numerous files that contain the older romanization wasn't very attractive to me.  Well, I've started, and when I go through each file to change the font (assuming I don't get a huge onslaught of hate letters about the smaller font and whatnot), I'll substitute one romanization for another. 

I'll be working on more layout-type stuff for a while, so in the meantime you can check out what Tajiri Satoshi (I'm assuming that's who the article is referring to as the "creator of Pokemon") has been up to. 

November 2nd, 2003

Time for my annual Simpsons Halloween Special review!  All in all, this year's was much better than last year's.  I mean, it actually made me laugh a few times, despite the fact that it blatantly ripped off much better shows left and right (Family Guy, Invader Zim, Futurama, etc.).  It was alright, but the show has seen much, MUCH better days.

Anyway, updates...updates...well, I don't have much today--just a comparison for AG Episode 001 as well as one for the fourth mini-movie (forgot I hadn't done that one yet...).  Other than that, I've just made a small note in the Episode 276 comparison and have added a few new dub titles for ya to enjoy. 

And now it's off to see the lost episode of Family Guy last episode of the Big O.  I'll be back with an update soon!

Huh?  This site's still up!?
November 1st, 2003

Hey!  As you can see, I've moved my site to a new server--it's the same one that Bulbagarden will be hosted on when that site goes up.  It allows me about twice the bandwidth that I was allotted back on, so the site shouldn't shut down anytime soon.  I'm still working on checking the site to make sure that everything has been uploaded like it should, so please pardon the dust.

So what have I been up to for the last half-month?  Well, for starters, I've updated Tsutsuji's bio, so it should be the most thorough bio of the Kanazumi City Gym Leader on the Internet.  I plan to do that with Touki and Tessen, and then I'll start with the Jouto Gym Leaders.  Secondly, the Episode Guide's been updated with a bunch of titles, both English and Japanese.  Thirdly, I've finished three new episode comparisons--Episode 274, 275, and 276.  The last two have quite a few edits, so go on and see what you guys are missing in the dub.  Lastly, I've added some information about Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, including information about the American release.  I still have no idea why Serebii's insisting that the news about Leaf Green coming out in America as --- Blue (whether it's Ocean Blue or Aqua Blue or something else Blue) hasn't been confirmed when the senior vice president at Nintendo of America (look at the sixth question on the third page) pretty much said that it was.

Like  I said earlier, I'm still checking the site to make sure that everything uploaded properly, so if there are any pages or images that won't work for you, please let me know.




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