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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | November 2002

No Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Updates!!!  Whoo-Hoo!!
November 23rd, 2002

Yeah, I know that every other Pokemon site is having an information blitzkrieg regarding the just-released Pocket Monsters Ruby/Sapphire games.  Well, since when do I do things like other webmasters?  Don't worry, I'll have plenty of information up soon, but right now this little thing called "end of the semester" has me busy. 

First of all, thanks to those of you who bid on my e-bay items.  Though I'm only getting $1 for each item, at least I'll be getting rid of them, which was the point of the auctions.  Secondly, I've updated the Episode Guide with the last two dub titles for the Uzumaki Cup set of episodes.  Third of all, I've updated the Video Games Section with an interesting new peripheral for the GameCube.  Third of all, I've reworked the big pokemon list.  I'll get a complete list of the Ruby/Sapphire pokemon soon, but it's too much for me to do right now.  Finally, I have a page up for the sixth Pocket Monsters movie/first Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation movie, so go check that out. 

Next time, I should have some updates regarding the new games, as well as my first impressions of it.  I also have a big error to correct in the Episode 5 comparison, but I'll get to that next time.  Peace!

My 50th Episode Comparison
November 17th, 2002

I now have the episode comparison up for Episode 5 up over in the Episode Comparisons page.  See, I didn't forget to go back and do that one.  And you know what else?  By my count, that's my 50th episode comparison!  Wahoo!  Only...about 225 more to do!  Um...yay?

Anyway, I've also updated a few of the Humans' Bios with updated information from the end of the Jouto League.  So you can read about the current situations of Satoshi, Takeshi, Kasumi, Shigeru, Hazuki, Odamaki-Hakase, and Haruka.  Also, go on over to Pokelord to download some video clips from the upcoming Ruby/Sapphire games (look under the November 13th updates--there are four downloads altogether).  The videos are helpful in letting you know what the games will be like, animation and music-wise.  Until next time!

I'll call him "Little White Stormy!"
November 11, 2002

Wow, was it me, or did the season premiere of the Simpsons really suck?  God, that show's gone downhill in the past few years.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.  I have two more comparisons up, and both of them are for Jouto League episodes.  However, unlike all those other groups of Jouto League episodes, I actually have something worthwhile to report!  Read about the 29-second cut in Episode 197, and then read the comparison for 198.  And I updated the Episode Guide.  Good stuff!

Oh yeah, and Disney has submitted Spirited Away to the Oscar race.  We won't know if it will actually be a nominee until February, but it's nice to see Disney try.  Y'know, if this thing wins, it'll be the first anime film to win an Oscar, which would be a HUGE step in the acceptance of anime in America.  Good luck!

By the way, I have some e-bay auctions up, and it would be really great if you could take some of this stuff off my hands.  Plus, the money I make can be used for this site (it's not cheap to have more bandwidth and no ads).  Anyway, my VCR's currently recording Episode 5, so I should have the comparison for that episode up soon.

Random Musings
November 7th, 2002

So I'm sitting in my room, watching G-Gundam.  It's actually a pretty good show.  For those of you who haven't seen it, G-Gundam is the first in the non-UC Gundam shows, and it's really bizarre.  A lot of people, after seeing the first few episodes, will proclaim that this show isn't a real Gundam show.  And in some respects, they have every reason to feel that way.  G-Gundam feels more like a campy mecha anime from the 1960's than a Gundam show. I mean, you have the battles that always end with the good guy's super ultimate technique (in this show, the "Shining Finger").  You don't have (at first) any huge political events occur.  And the Gundam designs are absolutely ridiculous (Neo-Egypt's Pharaoh Gundam looks like a mummy...with a Gundam head.  And Neo Spain's Tequila Gundam is wearing a frickin' SOMBRERO, for crying out loud). 

Well, I missed the show during Cartoon Network's first run, and so now I'm watching it for the second run-through.  And CN is making every effort to keep me from seeing how this show ends up.  They take it off the afternoon Toonami block to make way for He-Man and Transformers.  And more Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z than we really need.  Well, they put it on the Midnight Run, but they start at the show's beginning instead of picking up where they left off.  And NOW, because they're starting over, the show won't be able to get a complete run, since Adult Swim is replacing the Midnight Run starting in January.  So yeah, I'm a little miffed. 

So why did I start out with a little G-Gundam rant before my update?  Because I felt like it ^_^.  Anyway, this time I have two more episode comparions, for Episodes 153 and 154.  I don't have the dub of 155 or 156 on tape at the moment, so those comparisons will have to wait.  I've also added a new dub title and some more information on Pocket Monsters Ruby/Sapphire to make up for those wimpy comparisons.  I plan to get a comparison of Episode 5 (remember that one?) after the episode airs on Cartoon Network this Monday, so we can all look forward to that. 

I've also taken down the Movie 4 stuff from the main page.  Wow, it's been a while since we've seen that 2002 logo, hasn't it?  Well, the movie's pretty much over and done with now, and even though it was presented in less than favorable conditions, the movie is still seen as a bomb.  Pity.  Miramax has already given a release date for the movie on VHS and DVD (it's March something-or-other), so when that's released I can do a proper comparison. 

All Your Base are Belong to Us
November 1st, 2002

Happy Halloween everybody!  I hope everyone had a good Halloween.  Mine, ok-ish.  I had to work last night, but it's OK because I still had lots of fun.  Japanese fans also had fun last night, as the end of the Silver Convetion was aired.  That's right, 

the Jouto League is finally ending!!!!!!!

Thank God!  The damned thing was only dragged out for THREE FRICKIN' YEARS, and I'm happy to see it finally go.  OK, technically there are still two episodes left, but still, I'm happy to see the "Freeza Saga of the Pokemon anime" finally end.  And if that news isn't good enough, 

starting Monday, November 4th, Cartoon Network will start airing Pokémon, in order, from Episode 1!!!!!!!!!

That's right!  In some weird cross-network thing, Cartoon Network will start airing everybody's favorite season of Pokemon.  Mondays through Thursdays, at 9:00pm, Cartoon Network will air the series in order.  Right now, Cartoon Network's website only has the schedule up through the 24th ("Pokémon Shipwreck"), so we really don't have any idea if CN will air "Beauty and the Beach" or not.  The show will still be airing on Kids' WB!, of course, it'll just be shown an additional four times a week on another network.  They'll also be airing Yu-Gi-Oh, in order, at 9:30pm Monday through Thursdays, for those of you interested.  That show will also be shown in order (well, 4Kids' order), so those of you who haven't been able to leap into the series can do so now.

Well, I can't just give you all this good news without any content updates, can I?  Well, for starters, I have a new link up in the Links page.  It's for a groovy site called Pokemon Heart, and I think it's worth checking out.  I've also gotten a page up for the N64 peripherals--mainly, the Transfer Pak and the Voice Recognition System (VRS).  You can find out some neat stuff about those add-ons on that page, and I plan to do a similar page for the Game Boy add-ons. 

I hope to get a new layout done by November 21st (when all new games and new series starts in Japan), so until then I'll be fiddling with a few html things.  That's all for today!




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