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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | November 2001

Comparisons Updates
Saturday, November 17th, 2001

Hey everybody!  I've gone in and fixed some things in the Episode Comparisons section.  It's mostly format things and consistency stuff that only I would worry about, so there really isn't any new content.  However, I did update Dragon Ball Z Uncensored's URL, so you can look at Chris' archive of comparisons.  I've also updated a few links in the Links Section and archived some news.  So yeah, this isn't really an exciting update.  Sorry!

Oh!  People in the New York area now have a Pokemon Center!  The store, the third in the world (the other two are in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan) had its grand opening the other day, and sells all kinds of pokemon merchandise.  You can visit the official site here.

Yet Another New Bio
Tuesday, November 13th, 2001

Hi guys!  Was anyone else worried when they saw about the plane crash in New York yesterday?  Last I heard, they just think it was a malfunction and that there was no foul play involved, but it's still kind of eerie...I guess everyone's still spooked out about it.  Cartoon Network has cut out (for the moment) three episodes of Cowboy Bebop and an episode of Dragon Ball Z in response to September 11th, and Animerica Extra is skipping the current Steam Detectives storyline because of its terrorist content. 

Anyway, on to happier stuff!  I have a new bio up, this time for Gantetsu.  It was actually kind of neat, because when reviewing stuff I learned/remembered stuff about him I'd forgotten.  I've also updated the Manga releases page up to January, and I have a new Japanese episode title up in the Episode Guide.  Yay! 

Oh!  I found Anipike's temporary address!  This is their European mirror, so you can look at that until they get the main site straightened out. 

Another New Bio
Sunday, November 11th, 2001

Wow!  I've got another bio up!  It's for Ustugi-Hakase, who's a pretty minor character, so that's why it only took me like a day to write up.  I don't know whose bio I'll do next--finding fan pages is going to be hard since Anipike isn't working.  Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and learn something new!

A New Bio
Saturday, November 10th, 2001

Hey!  Guess what!?  I have a non-episode comparison update!  I know, I know, you guys really seem to like those, but I have to mix it up a little bit so I don't get tired of doing them and then have my site end up like DBZ Uncensored (especially as Pocket Monsters is nearing the same episode count as Dragon Ball Z). 

So what did I do for you guys?  A Human Bio!  Wow!  I haven't done one of those in ages!  It's for Uchikido-Hakase, and if you don't know who that is then go take a look.  I've also fixed the other bios so they aren't as horrid-looking, and have updated some of the information inside (like Kasumi's new pokemon, and more stuff about Ookido's past).  Enjoy!

Filling in Some Gaps
Wednesday, November 7th, 2001

Hey everyone!  Monday was my 19th birthday!  I'm becoming an old man!  I had great fun, got addicted to a new anime (Ayashi no Ceres...and the video store didn't have the next volume...grrrr...), and got lots of neat presents.  Well, on to the updates.

I've got four more episode comparisons, filling in the gaps between Episode 10 and Episode 15 on my Episode Comparison page.   So go check out the comparisons for Episode 11, 12, 13, and 14!  Those would be the episodes where Satoshi gets Hitokage and Zenigame, visit Masaki's lighthouse, and fight Machisu.  Good stuff, good stuff.  Anyway, that's about all I have for you today.  Expect some non-episode comparisons/rant updates soon!




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