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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | November 2000

New mp3's up
November 27th, 2000

Well, I've uploaded all my previous mp3's onto my Terrashare account, and Terrashare is supposed to be a lot more reliable than Xoom, so if you had trouble downloading some of the mp3's before, try again now.  Also, I've noticed that Mezase Pokemon Master won't download...I'll fix that soon enough.  In the meantime, check out my three newest additions, OK!, Rivals (movie version), and Toi et Moi.  Thanks goes out again to Matt? who made these wonderful mp3's for me.  He recently told me how to make my own mp3's, so as soon as I clear up some hard drive space (which should be this week), you'll start seeing a regular update to this section. Oh yeah, the music section is here.

I've also updated the Episode Guide and Jouto League Screenshots.

This week, I hope to get the Humans/Popular Pokemon sections redone, with some added information (and correcting the horrible error I made about Chikorita).  We'll see, we'll see...

November 24th, 2000

For some reason, Terrashare won't load the new Lyrics Archive button or the weekly episode picture (that should be a picture of Metamon up there).  I'll see what I can do, but I'm just letting you know that I am aware of it.

New Section-this is the BIG update
November 23rd, 2000

Happy Turkey Day!  Do people usually receive presents on Thanksgiving?  Not in my experiences, but here's one just the same. 

If you go into the Lyrics Section, you'll notice that just about every song with a translation has been redone to look nicer.  I did away with the columns idea simply because it wasn't aligning correctly on most people's browsers.  With this new way, it should look nice on every browser.  In addition, with the help of Chirlind from the Anything-Goes Anime Lyrics Archive, two translation errors have been fixed.  Also, almost every song has credits at the bottom, indicating who the singer, guitarist, bass, etc. is. 

However, you'll notice that the button on the sidebar now says "MUSIC" instead of "LYRIC ARCHIVE." Why?  Because the section is no longer contains just lyrics.  No, starting today, this site has mp3 downloads!  Now you can actually hear the songs I wrote all these lyrics down to.  Thanks to Matt?, this site now has ten mp3's for you to download.  Now you can have your own copies of the songs you hear on K-CHU!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Little Things...
November 18th, 2000

Popcorn balls?!  That's like the third name 4Kids has given onigiri (they've also been called doughnuts and rice balls, which would be correct).  What will it be next week?  Oatmeal crackers?  Rice tacos? 

I've updated my weekly know, episode guide, Jouto League screenshots, etc.

Also, today is Nishimura Chinami's birthday!  She's the seiyuu for Junsa in Pocket Monsters as well as Asuka in Magic Knight Rayearth, and she turns 30 years old today!  Read all about her here.

I'm waiting for two e-mails, so the Lyrics Section update will have to wait a little longer. 

And thanks to everyone who's voted.  I've gotten more votes in this poll in the last week than I had in my previous poll after about two months.  Thanks!  Your vote can manipulate my free time for years to come!  Revel in your power!

New Poll
November 14th, 2000

I have the html done for the lyric translations, but I still have a bit polishing off to do.  So until then, here's a new look.  I also have a new poll.  Apparently most people like my OP comparison, so I'll plan on doing more.  Please vote for the current poll-it's really important!

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That...
November 12th, 2000

What a wacky country we live in.  Where else could a dead senator win the election in Missouri, or less that 2000 people can hold up a huge presidential election?  And where else could Pokemon Puzzle League come from?  I've rented the game and now have a much better review of it. 

I've also gotten the weekly Jouto League pictures up, and the Episode Guide updated with a ton of American episode titles.

Now I'm off for a tedious update...the Lyrics Section.  I'll be re-formatting a little bit, so until that's finished I won't have any *REAL* updates.  Sorry I haven't given you guys much of a reason to keep visiting this site...I'll have a bunch of stuff up real soon, I promise ^^;; update!?
November 7th, 2000

You know the drill...I've been busy, bla bla bla.  But I've finally caught up with all my work (take THAT, Charles Dickens!) so I can return to my site!

First of all, the episode guide's been updated for the two weeks I was gone.  So have the Jouto League pictures, which also has some older pictures (around episode 150).  I'm basically using this page as a resevoir for all of TV Tokyo's weekly Jouto League pictures before they trash them. 

For the next few weeks, I'll have something to update in almost every section.  Including two episode comparisions!  And a new section...hee hee hee...




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