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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | May 2008

The end of Advanced Generation
May 29th, 2008

Dogasu @ 07:10 JST -- So I obviously didn't make the Monday deadline.  But!  I'm attempting to make up for it by having two comparisons instead of just one!

So check out "Once More With Reeling!" and "Home Is Where The Start Is!"  Finishing off these two comparisons not only means that I have all of Season 9 compared, but it also means that I have a comparison up for every single episode of Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation!  That only took...for-goddamn-ever.  *sigh*  At least now, I can say that I've listed all (well, the majority; there are probably some cleavage edits I missed from some of the earlier episodes because I wasn't looking for them back then) the edits in the second Pocket Monsters anime series.

With the end of the Season 9 comparisons, I was tempted to write a little essay about my thoughts of PUSA and how they compare to 4Kids...but I really don't think there's anything I could say that everyone else hasn't said a million times before.  So I think a concise "same shit, different company" will suffice.

For my next update, I'll start with where I left off in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, which was "The Electrike Company!"  So next time I'll have a comparison up for "Malice In Wonderland!"  After I finish Diamond & Pearl, I'll start with Pokémon DP Battle Dimension.

Speaking of comparisons...if you come across these images (not safe for work, by the way), please know that they are 100% fake.  Of course you guys know this, but I've come across a person or two on this here Internets who did not.  I don't want to spend too much time talking about them, but I still felt like I should bring it up on the site before it spreads out too much.

And since no other English-language fansite I know of covers this kind of thing...the fourth volume of Pokemon DP comes out in Japan today.  Judging from the cover, it looks like it'll have some kind of DP Movie 02 crossover something, but I could be completely wrong.

Until next time!

May 21st, 2008

Dogasu @ 14:29 JST -- IT'S FINALLY OVER!!! 

That's right!  The Rants section and the FAQ have finally made the transition to the new layout, meaning that every single page on this site has been converted.  It took a long five months to get everything updated, but I think the site looks better because of it.

With that said, I hope I don't decide to "update" the layout again anytime soon.

I've also gotten around to finishing that new feature I've been talking about for the past two updates.  So here's the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl ("Get Pokemon" Version) DVD Review.  Send me an e-mail and let me know what you'd like to see this kind of review for other releases as well.

Finally, I've gone in and added some information about Pocket Monsters Platinum to the Nintendo DS page.  I honestly could not care less about this release; the way I see it, these third versions of the main RPGs are cheap cash-ins with added features that, quite honestly, should have been included the first time around.  I still can't ignore it, though :/

Now that the tedious layout stuff is over, I can actually focus on content updates.  After I take a tiny break, I'll start diving into the episode comparisons on Monday with "Once More With Reeling!"  See you then!

May 17th, 2008

Dogasu @ 23:30 JST -- The Features section has been switched over to the new layout with a number of changes:
  • The link to the DVD Guide has been removed since it kind of "graduated" its way onto the sidebar. 
  • The Recycled Characters page has been given a major update.  I've gotten a lot of different DVDs since I last updated that section, so tons of new entries have been added.  You can also click on each image for a much larger version.  Of course, if you have any additions to make, please shoot me an e-mail and let me know. 
  • The feature on the Pokémon Center in New York has been taken down since it closed years ago.  Even if the store was still open, it'd be horribly out-of-date and would require a complete overhaul anyway.  Plus, the number of e-mails I've been getting from parents who want to take their kids to the store (as if I'm the official site or something?) was getting pretty ridiculous. 
The new feature I alluded to in my previous update isn't ready yet because the Recycled Characters update was more time consuming than I thought it'd be (the full-sized Ready Go! image took about an hour by itself because the damn screencaps wouldn't align properly).  So it'll have to wait until the next update.

I've also added a new Japanese title to the List of Anime Episodes

I only have one more section (and an FAQ page) to convert to the new layout before this horribly slow process comes to an end!  Once I finish with that and do a few bits of housecleaning, I'll start work on catching up with the episode comparisons I'm behind on. 

Pokemon Bashing
May 11th, 2008

Dogasu @ 23:31 JST -- So the Pokemon Bashing section's been converted.  I've also gone through pretty much all the pages and cleaned them up considerably, getting rid of my "witty" (i.e. lame) commentary and rewriting large portions of other articles.  I've also added a few screencaps from the DVDs to help liven some of the pages up. 

In other news, a list of games that will be accompanying the North American launch of the WiiWare service has been released, and Everyone's Pokemon Ranch does not appear.  At this point, nobody really knows when this thing will be released, so I updated the Wii Downloads page to reflect this.

I've also updated the List of Anime Episodes with a new Japanese title.

Next up will be a revamp of the Features section which will include a new feature.

May 8th, 2008

Dogasu @ 23:46 JST -- Humor section's been converted.  I've even gone through it and made sure all the links were up-to-date and everything!

I've also updated the List of Anime Episodes with new dub titles.  And speaking of the dub, it's actually been pretty amusing to watch the shitstorm being thrown up over Cartoon Network going a week without airing a new episode.  This fandom never ceases to amaze me.

Finally, I've added information about the Virtual Console release of Pokémon Puzzle League over in the Video Games Guide.  It's so nice when your predictions come true...

My goal is to have the Bashing section converted to the new layout within the next few days.

Manga Guide, Video Games Guide
May 3rd, 2008

Dogasu @ 12:27 JST -- So I finish out the "Guides" heading over on the left with work on converting the Manga Guide and the Video Games Guide to the new layout being complete.  When I get a scanner here in Japan, I'll be sure to make a better banner for the Manga section.  I've also made a few minor tweaks to the Video Games Guide; mainly, adding various American release dates and adding information about what was removed from the American version of Smash Bros. Brawl.

It's Golden Week here in Japan, so I'll be out of town visiting friends during the long holiday.  But since my updates come like a week apart anyway, I doubt you'll notice my absense :/

Here's a video I was sent to watch in the meantime!




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