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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | May 2006

May 31st, 2006

Click here.

Scroll all the way down.

And cheer.

Also, I plan to have a section up about "The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon" up shortly.

Almost done with the month of April
May 28th, 2006

"The Symbol Life" has finally been compared to its Japanese counterpart, and there's really nothing of interest to report.  No news is good news, I guess.

Also, the RightStuf website has posted the covers for the first two tenth anniversary DVD's being released by Viz, so I've added them to the DVD section.

Some new English episode titles have been circulating around the Internet, but I'm going to hold off on posting them until I get confirmation of their validity.

Server oddities, new comparison
May 24th, 2006

You probably noticed that the site sort of had this weird hiccup where all the updates I had made since last Friday all vanished.  My guess is that it occurred because Bulbagarden (who hosts my site) changed servers over the weekend, resulting in a loss of anything that was posted after a certain date.  Everything seems to have settled down in that regard, so I've re-uploaded those last two updates.

I've also managed to get a comparison for "Numero Uno Articuno" up.  Slowly but surely...

Finally, it looks like Australia will be getting the Lucario movie in August.  You can see the (decent but not all that great) cover art here.  No information about a US release has been made.

Getting things up to date
May 21st, 2006

I've added a new Japanese title to the Episode List.  I've also updated the TV Schedule page for the first time since...February?  Wow.

"Cerulean Blues"
May 20th, 2006

So you're probably wondering why I haven't updated in a month, especially without warning.  Well, long story short, I got a new job and my own apartment, so I've been busy moving in, going to work, and going to end-of-the-semester parties.  Things have calmed down quite a bit after the initial weeks of insanity, so I hope to be able to update this thing more regularly from now on. 

As a sort of apology, I did a Pokémon Chronicles comparison:  "Cerulean Blues."  It took me like all week to do this, so I hope you enjoy.  I also added some titles to the Episode List

I realize that there was a TON of new stuff to cover since my last update..."The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon," the first Diamond/Pearl screenshots,
Pokémon Advanced Challenge airing on Cartoon Network, Pokémon Chronicles finally debuting in the U.S., tons of Manaphy movie stuff, and older stuff that's been on the backburner for months now (Lucario movie stuff, that Card Masters manga, etc.).  I certainly have enough to keep me occupied for the next few years, that's for sure.

My next update will be in a few days.  In the meantime, I'll be putting my finishing touches on a review of the "Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon" special and try to post that on a couple of websites, so I'll let you know how that goes.




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