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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | May 2003

Amidamaru, Integrate!
May 17th, 2003

Hey, what's up?  I've been busy lately with exam stuff, writing final papers and whatnot, and then as soon as I moved back home I had to go to work for a few days.  I also managed to beat Zelda: The Wind Waker (fun game, but a pretty much by-the-numbers ending) and I finally got to see the first Matrix film (which was OK, but I really felt that it's been horribly overrated), but that's all beside the point.  I've finally recovered, more or less, so I'm ready to update again.

Basically, aside from the usual Episode Guide update, I've fixed a typo on the Clichés List (under the Law of Lass' Personal Security).  I've also added a translation to a manga title, thanks to Sando Shojo.  I've added a bunch of pictures to the AG Movie 01 section from the trailer that came out a few weeks ago.  Speaking of movies, the fifth movie, entitled Pokémon Heroes in the U.S. was released yesterday, so I've put a link to critics' thoughts on the movie under the main Movie 5 page. 

And that's pretty much it.  Hopefully, with it being summer time, I'll be able to update more often, so I'll try to get another update up soon.  Until then, go out and read the American version of Shonen Jump, because that's pretty much the only way you'll get to see an un-bastardized version of a certain anime that 4Kids recently picked up for their Fox Box lineup. 

Seems like 4Kids doesn't like Ice Caves or the pokemon who live in them...
May 7th, 2003

So YTV, the Canadian TV station that plays Pokémon has been going on a bit of a new episode marathon lately.  Apparently, they plan to run a new episode a day until they're finished with the Master Quest season, and then I guess they'll just have reruns for the summertime.  So, Canadian fans have been reporting about the new episodes, and it seems that Episode 252, "The Cave of Ice!", has been skipped.  Right now, the theory behind the skipped episode is because it involves Ruujura, so 4Kids just cut it.  I'll wait to see if it airs in the US before labelling it as a "Lost Episode," but it looks like we won't see Ruujura hypnotize Takeshi into loving it.  Darn.

So what do I have for you today?  Well, thanks to Ketsuban, synopses of the first nine chapters of the second volume of the Pokemon Getto Da Ze!manga have been added to the Manga section.  Lots of good stuff there, and I want to really thank Ketsuban for sending them to me.  I've also gone around the site and fixed a bunch of links that had been broken because I went and renamed a bunch of files when I changed the site's layout.  And finally, I've added a few more submissions to The Grand List of Pokemon Video Game Clichés, bringing us to just under 80 different clichés.  Keep up the good work guys! 

Next time I predict...more manga stuff, and some new movie pictures.  Until then, look at the ratings list below...for the first time in years, The Prince of Tennis has been knocked off the Number 1 position!  Now I'm just waiting for someone to snap up the American anime rights any day now...

$85 million on its opening weekend!?
May 05th, 2003

So I went home this weekend and saw two movies.  The first one was the new X-Men movie, which was just awesome.  The second was the DVD of Pokémon 4Ever that I bought on Friday.  Well, the X-Men movie doesn't help with this site any, the Pokémon DVD did, so I now have the completed Pokémon 4Ever comparison up.  The mini-movie will come later, since I don't have the Japanese version at this moment, but it's coming soon enough. 

Next time I'll have more clichés added and maybe some manga stuff!

Searching for the Triumph Forks...
May 01st, 2003

It's the first of the month, so you know what that means--the site's actually working!  I don't know what it was, but apparently April was a really really popular month for the site.  So we'll look at May and see what kind of traffic the site gets.

Anyway, on to the updates.  First of all, the Rants section and the Old News has been redone to the new layout, which means that the site is FINALLY completely reformatted!!  Thank God!!  Now that that mess is all behind me, I've just got to fix a few broken links here and there (I've been keeping track) and then I'll be able to do nothing but content updates.  I've also gotten a page up on the upcoming GameCube game disc Pokemon Box:  Ruby & Sapphire up in the Video Games section.  There's also an addition to the Episode 38 Comparison that I've been meaning to add for a while but never got around to.  And finally, a bunch of new dub episode titles are up since YTV (the channel in Canada that airs Pokémon) is basically trying to hurry up and finish up the Master Quest episodes by the end of May. 

And if you need your good laugh for the day, take a look at this.  I mean damn, I know I'm a bit old to be into this franchise, but I've never done anything THAT degrading.




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