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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | May 2002

Hi no Kami, Ko'ori no Kami, Kaminari no Kami...
May 30th, 2002

As expected, I've gotten the comparison up for Movie #2, Revelation Lugia.  I hope you enjoy!

I've also gotten a slew of other updates.  First of all, I've added translations to the songs "Ready Go!" and "Aratanaru Chikai" in the Lyrics Section, thanks to Kiwi.  I've also updated the manga release page for all the manga being released by Viz up until August.  I have some new Japanese episode titles, and it looks as though the final gym leader battle of the Jouto League is going to last four episodes.  Wow! 

I think I'll do the last section of the Important Pokemon section for next time...

Pikachu to the Rescue!
May 26rd, 2002

Hey, I've got something for you that I haven't done in a while--a new comparison!  Click here to get to the comparison for the second mini-movie, "Pikachu Tankentai" ("Pikachu's Rescue Adventure" in the US).  I'm sure you can guess what I'll compare next--I've just got to write it up.

I've also got two more dubbed episode titles, the English names of about four of the new Pokemon Advance pokemon, and the American title of the fourth movie.  I'll be back with another update soon! 

More German Stuff!
May 20th, 2002

Hallelujah exams are OVER!!!  I tell you, those were the most stressful days of my life and I'm so glad it's over. 

So now that it's summertime, I can actually update!  Yeah, I'm sorry that I've kinda left the site update-less for the last few this my longest time not updating?  I dunno, but now that school's over I can get to updating this thing on a normal basis! 

First of all, I've got some more info about the German version of the show, courtesy of Jutta Rubisch (aka Rickie).  I've got the lyrics to the second and third opening themes (they're basically German translations of "Pokemon World" and "Pokemon Johto") as well as a list of the German names for pokemon #152-251.  I've also updated the Episode Guide and the Manga Releases pages, and have added information about the first Pikachu's Winter Vacation special over in the Specials section.

I've also made a decision about my numbering system for the episodes--I've basically decided that the "Rujuura's Christmas" and "Iwaku as a Bivouac" episodes aren't really TV Specials, but they're not regular episodes either.  They're not really TV episodes because they were delayed (and thus thrown out of the continuity of the other episodes) after the Episode 38 incident.  And from what I've seen on most Japanese websites, the Japanese consider Episode 39 to be "Pikachu's Woods," not "Rujuura's Christmas."  So they really don't count the Rujuura and Iwaku episodes when numbering the rest of the episodes.  If you don't count those two episodes as regular episodes, and you don't count any of the TV specials, then Episode 251 (which is significant to Pokemon because that's how many monsters there are in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal) is "Ibuki and Miniryuu!"  In other words, it's the start of the final Jouto League Gym Battle.  Then, if you take into consideration that there are actually 252 pokemon at that point in the anime (Kakureon would be the 252nd), then the 252nd episode also holds significance.  And it does--"Fusube Gym's Fang of the Dragon" is (probably) when the final Jouto League Gym Battle is concluded.  I think the producers planned to have the 251st episode to be special, and so I believe they accomplished that by not numbering the two episodes messed up by the Episode 38 incident.  Furthermore, I really don't consider them TV Specials because they weren't designed to be specials the way the "Myuutsu Lives" and "Pokemon Crystal" specials were. 

I've also got a bit of an update on the whole site upgrading thing.  Yeah, I know that getting the "this site has exceeded its daily bandwidth allowance" thing is getting old, and I apologize for that.  I was goingto pay to upgrade the site at the beginning of the month ($35 for six months--it seems I have to pay them all in one chunk instead of in monthly installments) but I had money issues.  I've had some unexpected expenses (didn't realize that I was almost out of contact lenses) and so I won't be able to get that done until next month (June).  Seriously, I have like $3.00 in my checking account right now, and I'm not just buying a bunch of stuff and neglecting the site (the only reason I got to see the Spider-Man movie this past week was because I had a free pass). But don't worry, I'm getting a bunch of money at the end of the month, and even though most of that is going toward college, I will be sure to set aside the money for you guys.  See?  You're all special -_^

Anyway, those of you interested in the 4Kids' Fox Kids block that debuts this fall, go here.  It has a detailed schedule of the shows that'll be airing, as well as descriptions of each show.  Other than that, I'll just be finding other stuff on the site to update.  See ya!

Pictures Now Up
May 4th, 2002

Tripod finally decided to cooperate with me and let me upload those Movie 5 pictures for ya.  Go on over to the fifth movie section to check them out.  There are two pages of pictures for the main movie and one for the mini-movie, so enjoy!

New Lyrics Up, Movie 5 Info
May 2nd, 2002

Hey everybody!  I've got some new lyrics up--this time to the fifth TV Opening ("Ready Go!") and the twelfth ending theme ("Pokettaari Monsutaari").  I've also gotten the German opening theme lyrics up thanks to Jutta Rubisch, so go check those out.  In addition, I've been trying to add a bunch of pictures to the Movie 5 section and a little info here and there, but Tripod (the site that I have the pictures on) is being really really annoying.  So I'll try to get those up soon.

I know you've seen this on other websites, but finals week is coming up, so my updates might be kinda scarce.  I'll try to update on a timely basis, we'll just have to see.




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