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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | May 2001

Funnier than the thought of Lil' Kim playing the part of the Virgin Mary...
Sunday, June 10th, 2001

I'm a high school graduate now!  Yay me!  Now I have two months before I go to college. 

I've fixed the Humor Section.  Nothing added this time because with the drop in Pokemon's popularity, you also get a drop in the number of accusations made against the franchise.  I've also updated the release dates of the July issues of Pokemon Adventures and Magical Pokemon Journey, so if you want to know when these manga will be released go over to the Manga Section.  And I've updated the Places and Items section with information on the various Monster Balls.

Next is the Movies section.

Links and Popular Pokemon Update
Wednesday, June 6th, 2001

I updated the Links Section by taking down the ones that no longer worked, redirecting some, and adding a few.  It's a really tiny update but one I've needed to do for a while.

I've also fixed the Popular Pokemon section, adding a bit of info here and there.  I'll do a more-detailed update later, after I knock out a few more Humans' Bios or something.

I'll be adding content to the Places & Items section next.

Music~ Makes the people~ Come together~ Yeah~!
Sunday, June 3rd, 2001

The Lyrics Section is all fixed now.  I've also moved all the .mp3 downloads to the CD Guide and I've given that section a much-needed facelift.  I've also fixed the Manga section and have added pictures and a little info here and there, as well as a release schedule on the main Manga page that I hope to update every month. 

I realize that this site has been kinda slow lately.  I've been fixing links here and there just because I organized everything, and have therefore not been able to contribute much to the site in terms of content.  But it's pretty inevitable if you think about it.  The site has needed to be organized for a long time.  And it needed to be moved, especially since Terrashare is deleting all their sites as of June 7th.  Which means I have to find a server to put all my mp3's, Jouto pictures, and Getto Da Ze! manga pictures.  So download those mp3's while you can!  Because knowing me, it'll be a while before they get put up again.  Anyone know a free host that allows mp3's to be put on their servesrs?  I'd really rather not put them up on i-drive or something similar because then you'd have to set up an account, which is a lot of trouble IMO. 

I've only got four more sections to fix, and two of them can be done in a day.  So I apologize if it seems like the updates are puny.  But it has been good for me to look at every page and make updates here and there, especially the sections that hadn't been updated in forever.  Rest assured that the future is bright.  The "I've fixed the links in this section" updates will be over in a few weeks, and then it'll be summer vacation and good stuff will be put up. 

Next will be something small, like the Links or Places & Items section, because I graduate from high school this Friday and have a million adn one things to do.

Enough fun to make your thumbs sore!
Sunday, May 27th, 2001

The Video Games Section has been revised and now contains more information, release dates, more pictures, and a brand spanking-new write-up about Super Smash Brothers 2!  I've also updated the Episode Guide and have fixed the link to the Jouto League Screenshots (the sidebar won't work, tho.  I'll fix it when I fix that section).

Next up is the Lyric Archive.

You like updates, don't you?
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2001

Of course you do.  So I've got a new Rant up on the whole Kids' WB!-Toonami thing going on.  I've also gotten a new bio up for Ookido-Hakase in the Humans' Bios section, since a bio for all three doctors on one page is kinda crazy.  And I went in and fixed the Old News Archive.  I've fixed the Pokemon Name List with the revised copyright information.

Here's some news for you guys.  As you may have heard, 4Kids has a new show premiering on Kids' WB! this fall called "Cubix."  Here's what to expect:

    Cubix "Robots for Everyone!" follows the adventures of 13-year-old Connor, a robot whiz, who through the power of friendship brings to life a robot named Cubix that has been discarded as useless.  When the town's wacky mad scientist, the evil Dr. K., begins to steal robots in search of a mysterious power source, Cubix and the gang prove to be the only force that can oppose him and new heroes are born. 

     The show is set in an amazing world called Bubble Town, where robots are everywhere and serve every function -- from hot dog vendors to gym teachers to best friends. Cubix is a futuristic story of action, adventure and an uncommon friendship.

Next up is the Video Game section with information on Super Smash Brothers 2.

*I feel sooo stupid...I forgot to upload the new rant yesterday.  It's up now, so if you tried to look at it before and couldn't get to it, you should be able to now.

Humans' Bios Section Updated
Monday, May 21st, 2001

The Humans' Bios section has been updated, with fixed links, added some information about Matsumoto Rika-which will interest Outlaw Star fans-and Ueda Yuuji on the Seiyuu page, the American name of one of the Gold-Silver gym leaders.  I've also changed the page colors because I was getting tired of the March theme.  The image-of-the-week will have to wait because for some reason, my image program doesn't feel like cooperating with me.

Next up is a new Bio and Rant.

International Pokemon section updated, Rants revamped
Saturday, May 12th, 2001

After cleaning through some old e-mail (some of it from January!), I've updated the International Pokemon section.  I have a bunch of information about the Portugese version of Pokemon and a small addition to the French Pokemon page.  I also got all the glitches out of the the Rants page.

I've found out why the pages are gllitchy, and am in the process of correcting them (as well as fixing pre-existing erros and funky things in the layout).  All the links in the Internatioanl Pokemon section should be fixed.  Next up will be the Humans' Bios section.

Finally back to normal...sorta kinda...
Monday, May 7th, 2001

Guess who's back...?

I was working on moving the site to a new server, only to find that that server (Dreamwater) is extremely glitchy, only to have to upload my entire site AGAIN to its new home,  All the meanwhile, I'm having to help my brother move into his new apartment, two projects to do for school, a website for my Theatre Arts class, a prom to get ready for, an AP Lit exam, scholarships and job applictions to fill out...but now that the BIG part's over, updates will be much more timely. may be a little slow and may only give me 20MB of space, but if it means that I don't have to relocate my site again I'll take it.  Plus there are no pop-up adds ^^;;.  The only thing is that some of the pages may be glitchy due to incorrect links, but I'll fix them when I update that particular section next.  I was just tired of working on my site for weeks just to get it back to normal. 

Now I can get back to doing REAL updates!  First up is the Episode Guide.  Not only do I have the last American episode titles for the current American season, but I've marked where the various seasons begin and end.

Also, because sites are vanishing or moving at a rapid rate, I ask anyone who I've linked to to make sure that the address is up-to-date.  That's one reason that the "Cool Places" thing on the bottom of the sidebar on every page was any time, either one of those sites could move.  The Links section will be the next section updated.

Yesterday, I bought this "Magni-Lens" from Babbages.  It's this little screen that you put over your Game Boy Color that's supposed to magnify the screen while protecting it from scratches.  It's a good idea.  If there are two things I'd change about the Game Boy, I'd make the screen backlit (Game Boy Advance's screen won't be...) and let them be replacable.  When the screen gets too scratched up, just replace it.  I know a LOT of people who have the most scratched-up screens, even when they keep them in their Game Boy cases and everything.  So anyway, I buy this screen, thinking that at least one of the problems had been solved.  Well, it bombed.  Not only does it do a lousy job of magnifying while cutting off the edges of the screen, it also produces its own glare.  Meaning you have the glare of your own screen being ampliphied by this "Magni-Lens."  You can't get the light you need, so you can't see a thing on the screen.  I was playing Pokemon Gold in direct sunlight and still couldn't see a thing.  When I took the screen off, it was fine.  So a word to the wise-don't waste your money on this.  It's made by Naki, and has a face drawn on the box saying "I am Color Boy™ not scraface boy."

It's May Sweeps time, meaning that all the networks are bringing out all-new episodes of their best shows to get more funding.  That's why Kids' WB! has been advertising each new episode of Pokemon that they get.  And that's why we've been getting one new episode a week.  While Kids' WB! is finally getting on the right track as far as spacing out their new episodes goes, they still can't really do anything to episodes that weren't all that great in Japanese.  Japan's approaching its 200th episode, and many fans could care less.  I just hope that something is done soon to make better episodes, but the last ones have really sucked (except for today's episode...I like Waninoko ^_^).  I only wonder how many people will still be watching pokemon when Kids' WB! unleashes the "new Poke-Rap" next weekend.  Give me Ieru Ka Na? Neo any day of the week.




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