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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | March 2002

Updated Stuff
Sunday, March 17th, 2002

Hey, what's up?  I've just done a few things for this site--first of all, I've added a bunch of new dub titles to the Episode Guide.  After these episodes, 4Kids only has about 8 episodes to go before they finish out their season!  Anyway, I've also made a small note to the American Voice Actors List--I basically made a note saying that Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor played their parts in the 1996 Media Blasters dub of the first two Yuu Yuu Hakusho movies, not in the TV series currently airing on Adult Swim.  Also, I've made some corrections/changes to some of the Important Pokemon pages, thanks to the ever-watchful Raichu 526.  And finally, I've added the newest Pokemon Advanced pokemon to the Pokemon English-Japanese List.  Enjoy!

Kenji's Pokemon
Thursday, March 14th, 2002

I've updated information on Kenji's pokemon, but since he only has three pokemon to do bios on I felt like I needed to do more for this update.  So I worked on two more episode comparisons, this time for Episode 27 (the Sleep/Sleeper episode) and Episode 28 (the Lovely-Charmy Salon episode). 

As you may have realized, the last few comparisons have consisted of me redoing comparisons I had done in the past.  You see, when I first started the comparisons section, I didn't really have any of the episodes--I just had the film comics (comics whose panels were created by taking hundreds of screenshots from each episode and putting them in order and adding the appropriate dialogue/sound effects to recreate the episode on the printed page).  They enabled me to see some of the things that were missing, such as paint edits and whatnot, but they were no substitute for the real episodes.  You just can't see differences in things such as performance and musical presentation in the film comics.  Well, now I have the real episodes and I'm able to report changes that I was unable to before.  Comparisons 1-28, as well as the first movie, first mini-movie, and Myuutsu special were all done from the real episodes, so they are most likely complete.  The others--well, they have useful information, but I'm sure there's stuff that was altered that isn't reported just yet.

Anyway, Episodes 27 and 28 had a number of changes that I was unable to report about the first time around, more so than any other, so be sure to check those out.  After Episode 28, my comparisons are going to start going out of sequence.  The episodes I have remaining in my tape pile are from various points in the series.  The next episode I have is Episode 35, and then Episode 38, and then some episodes further down in the Kanto League (after Satoshi gets his 7th badge), and then after that I have stuff from all over the place.  And Orange League episode here, a few Jouto League episodes there, etc.  So I won't be able to go in order for a while.

Anyway, I'll end with some news.  First of all, the Indigo League episodes ended yesterday on Kids' WB!, and happily Kids' WB! is continuing to air the series in order with the Orange League.  I'm glad they're doing this instead of just start randomly airing episodes again--lord knows we don't need any more theme weeks.  Today, "Pallet Party Panic" and "Spirits in the Sky" (aka "A Scare in the Air") aired.  It seems that the rumor that the second Orange Island episode was going to be renamed is true--apparently the title "A Scare in the Air" makes Kids' WB! uncomfortable after September 11th.  Though I don't think "Spirits in the Sky" is a much better title...both conjure up the same imagery of bad things happening during air travel.  Other than the title, I don't think the episode itself was altered any from its original airings, so apparently the episode wasn't THAT big a deal to Kids' WB!

I also have some more information about 4Kids' plans for Fox Kids.  First of all, they will be airing a Kinnikuman series.  Kinnikuman is a classic anime series, but 4Kids will be airing the newer Kinnikuman Second Generation series, not the 1983 original.  Also, like I said before, they'll be airing the Hoshi no Kirby anime, and you can view the Japanese website here. They'll also be airing the 1996 series Ultraman Tiga in an attempt to re-introduce America to the Ultraman franchise (hmpf...good luck).  You can expect there to be more developements as we get closer to the Fall 2002 season.

Um...that's all I have for you for now.  I have something big in the works, so keep checking back for more!

More Movie 5 Pictures
Saturday, March 9th, 2002

The Pokemon 2002 website has put up a new trailer for the fifth movie (The Water Capital's Protector Gods Ratiasu and Ratiosu) and so I took a bunch of image captures for you guys.  They're over in the fifth movie section, so if you want to see how the movie's progressing, head over that way.  In addition, I've fixed up the Jouto Screenshots and Movie 4 Pictures page so that the sidebar links actually work.  I've also fixed the quality of the Movie 4 Pictures and added some pictures/fixed some episode titles in the Screenshots section.  And finally, I've made sure to upload everything on both Geocities and Envy...apparently with the last update, I forgot to upload some of the stuff for the Envy page, so now if you go over there it should be working.

Expect some more comparisons soon!  Until then, here's your weird link for the day.  Scary...

Lots of stuff this time around...
Tuesday, March 5th, 2002

Hey everyone, I've got some new stuff for ya.  First of all, head on over to the Important Pokemon section to see the revamped bios for Takeshi's pokemon.  I've also corrected some of the information on Satoshi's Pokemon's bios page, thanks to Steven Burke.  In addition, I've updated the Manga Listings for March and April, and have added the titles of three other manga that I just found out about to the list of manga.  And if you look inside the page for the Dengeki Pikachu manga, you'll see a link to a website documenting the edits made to the American version of the manga (the link's also on the main Manga Page).  Think of them as episode comparisons--for manga.  I've also updated the Episode Guide with some new dub titles.  And finally, I've put a new link up in my links section, this time for a website called Encyclopedia Pokemonica.  It has a ton of info about the Japanese series (a lot of info I don't have on my site) and it's written by a Japanese person (who knows English). 

Also, if any of you have been getting the message that my site's exceeded its daily bandwidth allowance, then head over to my Geocities page (the link's at the top of this page).  I've set that up as a mirror page, and I'll update my site at both addresses (envy and Geocities) until I can pay for the premium envy service (I'll be able to go from having 2MB of bandwidth a day to 3GB).  I guess the fact that I'm having bandwidth problems means my site's moving on up there.  Wow!  I apologize for any annoyance the bandwidth thing has caused you guys, and hopefully I'll get everything worked out real soon.




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