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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | March 2001

Saturday, March 31st, 2001

Got the picutre of the week up, and the new episode title in the Episode Guide.  TV Tokyo's site made a mistake and put the wrong picture with the wrong episode title.  So I've fixed that in the Jouto Screenshots page.  That's all for now, be back soon (maybe Sunday!) with some .mp3's!!

Shigeru Bio up, Movie 3 American Release Info
Friday, March 30th, 2001

Been a while, huh?  I've been trying for the last few days to upload my update, but Terrashare was acting all funky.  Then my dad takes my computer out of town to get my new hard drive (which I got on Christmas) installed, giving me ten times the memory I used to have.  Now that I have the new hard drive installed, I finally have the memory required for me to download the programs I need to make .mp3's!  So the .mp3 section of my site will grow quite a bit in the coming months. 

Well, the Episode Guide's finally been updated and all those American episode titles I didn't have have been filled in.  There are only six more episodes left in the dubbed season (with Japanese episode 157), and then 52 new episodes will begin airing on Kids' WB! this fall as "Pokemon:  Johto League Champions."  That would bring us up to Japanese Episode 209, which hasn't even aired in Japan yet.  Speaking of Japan, they're nine episodes away from the big 200, so maybe something special will happen.  Only time will tell.

Anyway, the official site to the third pokemon movie is open, and it brings a wealth of information on the American release.  So I've updated the third movie section with character names and the American titles to the movies.  I've also put Shigeru's bio up, so check that out as well.

And finally, I have a new poll up:  are the character bios I'm doing worth it?  Should I continue them, or leave them to the land of wind and ghosts?  It seems that from the last poll, most of you are 14-17 years old, which is pretty neat considering the target audience of the show (ages 2-11). 

I'm baaaaack...
March 18th, 2001

I'm back from France.  Boy, that was one FUN trip.  Probably the best two weeks of my life.  I'll have to see if I can't download the music video to Daft Punk's "One More Time" song.  I'd have to say that France is influenced a LOT by American culture-they have our music, our TV shows, even our fads (the whole "Waasssaaaappp!" thing is just catching on there)!  Anyway, I was able to get the Birth of Myuutsu CD at a Virgin Records store!  LUCKY!  And when I got back, I had enough money to get a DVD Player!  Oh, there's so much anime I can buy now...

Anyway, I've finally gotten everything back to semi-normal and I'm back with this month's look.  I've also updated the episode guide-seems Toru's staying with the group for a while.  I'll be back soon with Shigeru's bio!




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