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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | March 2000

March 22nd, 2000

I haven't forgotten about this site, I promise!  After Animazement (fun con, BTW) I've been trying to do a lot to meet my deadline of the 17th but as you can see, I didn't make that deadline.  Then when I've tried to upload this page, my AOL keeps crashing on me, preventing me from getting even one html uploaded!  I'm currently adding a BUNCH of songs to the lyrics section as well as working on the two new sections.  I've decided I won't even bother to do the You Know You Watch Too Much Pokemon When... section because 1) I'm not that witty, and 2) witty people aren't submitting things for me to put.  I think I had a total of two people submit, and that's not enough.  No big loss...

I've also got some info up on the third movie.

I've also gotten Pokemon Stadium since the last update, and it's addictive!  Maybe I should spend less time on that game and more time on this site...Anyways, I have a revised review of the game and a tip on how to access the Pikachu mini-game in Pokemon Yellow (it's under Stadium 2, not Pokemon Yellow).

Someone e-mailed me with a huge lists of errors they found on my site (about 15 or so).  I DO welcome such e-mails, so don't hesitate to call me on any errors I've made.  I've corrected some (the major one being my horrible mispelling of Musashi's name...) but others were just translation preferences (the Nyasu-Nyarth thing).

There's a LOT of anime coming this fall.  We're alreday getting all 49 episodes of Gundam Wing airing on CN, Tenchi on June 15th, and new eps of DBZ are coming this September, but Fox has been making news lately about anime.  Here's the shows coming:

-Digimon and Monster Rancher will be returning with new episodes this fall (so is that stupid Nascar show...grrrr!).  And some show called Pokemon...-_^

-The Vision of Escaflowne, the most overrated show of all time (I'm NOT a fan...I find it BORING!) is coming on this fall.  It'll be dubbed by Bandai (who did the Gundam Wing dub).  Expect a rehashed OP and the demise of the ED (one of the few things I DID like about the series) because Fox NEVER shows ending footage for any of their shows.  Recently there's been news that there may be a misunderstanding and that Escaflowne's not coming to Fox.  We'll just have to wait and see...

-Detective Conan is coming this fall to Fox Family.  It's about this young detective who is turned into a little kid after being forced to swallow a pill.  Taking the name of Conan, the young detective must now solve mysteries while keeping his identity a secret.  It's a great series (I've only seen about 3 or 4 eps and read two of the manga) and is the #1 manga in Japan.  TMS will be dubbing only 24 episodes (there are 150+ in Japan, and I believe new episodes are being produced).  The show can be gruesome at times (in the first episode someone gets decapitated) so I wonder how the censors will cover that...

-Hello Kitty Paradise is coming on Fox Family this fall.  I don't know much except that it's Hello Kitty...

March 9th, 2000

Two more episodes comparisons are up, #34 and #35.  Episode 35 has a very detailed synopsis, so I hope you enjoy.  But whatever you do, DO NOT copy and paste my synopsis for your website, especially the UPNetwork!  (I've found where they've copied at least two synopses from someone else...).  Anyways, I hope you enjoy!  There most likely won't be another update until after Animazement, so I'll be back by Sunday.

Oh yeah...and on Gundam today they messed up Relina's only line (it should be "Heero!  You can come out and kill me now!").  Oh well...

March 8th, 2000

I've added two new episodes as well as even more info on the Deigda episode (will I EVER be done with that episode!?).  Episode 32 wasn't really altered, but didn't give its audience any information whatsoever about Kabuki theatre.  I've put relevant information about Kabuki plays and what Mushashi and Kojirou are doing.  The next two episodes I'll do include the cut-out "Legend of Miniryuu" episode.  For that episode, since there is no English dub episode to compare it to, I'll just write a REALLY detailed summary of the episode.

Today's censored Gundam actually had stuff edited and cut!  When Heero is bound you can hear a dripping noise but hear nothing.  Bandai, using paint editing, edited out the blood that was running down the table.  There was also some footage of Heero with bloody hands cut out when Duo saves him (he broke one of the shackles himself!).  Though it was cut, it DID keep the Japanese theme when Quatre tried to make friends with Trowa.  Yay!

March 7th, 2000

Yeah, I know I haven't been talking about Pokemon much, but I told you the updates will be light until the 17th.

I got to see uncensored Gundam W that aired on CN.  So how is the cut different from the uncut?  The cut replaces two instances of the word "dammit" and Heero actually says "I will kill you" to Relina (instead of the more innocent-sounding "I will destroy you").  Why was the latter changed if "kill" is OK on Cartoon Network?  Here's my theory.

In an effort to differentiate the cut from the uncut, Bandai probably voluntarily censored things CN didn't make them censor (like the kill/destroy thing).  DBZ did the same thing.  There was so little censoring done to season 3 Dragon Ball Z by Cartoon Network that FUNimation started censoring things (like Kuririn blowing up-even with Saban's censors, this would have been allowed because Kui died the same way) that didn't need to be censored to boost the sales of their uncut videos.  So we'll probably be seeing more "voluntary" censoring done to the series for that reason.  Think of it from their point of view:  who's going to stay up until midnight just to hear a little bit of cussing?  It's a shame, but then again the fact that chunks of episodes would be almost exactly the same as the uncut may be a good sign.  I just think it'd be funny if Cartoon Network accidently showed the uncensored version at 5:30 instead of midnight.

March 6th, 2000

I saw Gundam Wing today!  Yay!  CN kept the original music, eye catches, Japanese writing (the title, "tsuzuku" To Be Continued message, and the "Preview" section) and names!  And the people actually pronounced the names correctly!  Especially when Relina said Heero...she pronounced it beautifully!  The only voices I had trouble with was Duo (sounded too much like a surfer) and the guy yelling at Treize (the guy they showed getting thrown out of a plane and shot in the commericials...yay!).  The best part...the translation!  It was almost perfect!  It was a word-for-word translation.  It wasn't dumbed down for the kiddies!  The only part that wasn't translated well was Heero telling Relina "I'm going to kill you" (he says "I'll destroy you" in the dub).  CN ditched the OP for their stupid montage of images, and replaced the ED with an instrumental of "JUST WILD BEAT COMMUNICATION" (I never liked the ED anyway...).  Oh well.  Censored Gundam W airs at 5:30 eastern time on weekday afternoons and uncensored (yay!) at midnight.

And just when Gundam's aired, it's been announced officially that Tenchi Muyo will begin airing on CN on June 5th at 5:30 (Toonami by then will be three hours long, so don't worry about anything being replaced).  CN's gotten the rights to all 66 episodes of the series.

Oh, I also put up pictures of the Japanese Pokemon Special tankobon as well as a link to the website you can buy them from.

March 5th, 2000

This page is now 100% by me!  Everything on this page is gotten from what I've seen for myself and not what somebody else has said.  Before, in the humans section, I didn't know Mari's Japanese name, so I looked at Shou Tsurugi's list and found it to be Jiggy.  That was WRONG!  I'm so sorry if I confused everyone, Mari's his real name.  I've also got the dubbed names of the Orange Island Gym Leaders (except the last one).  They changed Dan to Danny?  Why?  Dan's an American name as well as a Japanese name, why change it?!  In addition, they've given Kanna another dubbed name:  Prima.  So she's Lorlei in the game and Prima in the anime-that's not confusing, is it?  ^_^  I swear we have some geniuses working at 4Kids...

I found this great site with pictures of all the Orange Island gym leaders, Hayato from the anime, Shiba and Kanna from the anime, Hiroshi, and a bunch more (almost everyone on my Humans list).  Now all I have to do is wait to get permission to use those pictures.  I've also gotten pictures of the eight new gym leaders in Gold/Silver, so all I have to do is get access to a scanner...

I saw that new anime on Fox Family today.  It seems OK, but the dubbed names are horrible!  Rocky Hammerhead!?  Ms. Iknow?  Blech!  I like what Fox Family has started to do:  they're actually teaching kids about the Japanese commercial.  Right before the commercial breaks and before the show comes back on, they have trivia about Japan.  "Would you like to have an inu for a pet?" they asked, and then when the show came back "Inu is the Japanese word for 'dog.'"  Isn't that great!?  FINALLY, somebody is teaching kids about a different culture!

And don't forget to watch Gundam Wing tomorrow!  What a week...Gundam starts tomorrow, Pokemon Stadium comes out Wednesday, this weekend is Animazement...

March 4th, 2000

The Editorials section is now up!  There are only two now, but hopefully more people will contribute some (if you want to contribute an editorial about Pokemon, go to the Editorials section and read the guidelines).

Today we got two new episodes, the one we didn't get a few weeks ago and one with Nurse Joi.  The first episode had some of the worst puns in the entire series, and the second one had an awful (and unexpected) vocal in the middle of it.

It looks like I won't be getting Pokemon Stadium for a while...I need the $50 for Animazement (I'm low on cash...).  So I'll have to wait for my tax return to come in (it should come in about a week or two after Animazement) so I'll just have to wait.  I'm really excited about this con because of the guests.  Plus, I haven't been to a con since November!  Yep, a con per school semester is all I need (OK, maybe a third one during summer break...) to keep me happy...

Be sure to watch that Flint show tomorrow on Fox Family and Gundam on Monday.

March 2nd, 2000

I've made the Humans section a lot easier to navigate, so check it out.  I've also added a few pictures to that page, so it's not AS bland as it used to be (it still is a little bland...).  I've also added an article on the Myuutsu Power Bouncer ball in the Pokemon Bashing section.

My next major update should be on St. Patrick's Day (I try to do a major update every major holiday) which should have about two episode comparisons, a few more chapters of the Zensho manga summary, and the introduction of the Editorials, Popular Pokemon, and YKYWTMP sections, as well as a mystery new section (dum dum dum...what could it be?).  So for the next two weeks or so, the updates will probably be news or first impressions of Pokemon Stadium.

One more week until Animazement...^0^

March 1st, 2000

I've got a new article for the Pokemon Bashing part.  The people at the American Tract Society send out pamplets for kids with characters kids love (Pokemon, Winnie the Pooh) and use their popularity to get kids to give their loyalty to Jesus.  They're bizarre as anything, so I've put up the Pokemon one, as well as a MST of it.  Have fun reading it!




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