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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | June 2003

Today's update begins with an "e" and ends in "pisode comparisons"
June 28th, 2003

After beating my latest Final Fantasy game (Final Fantasy X), I have some updates for you.  Two new Episode Comparisons, "Ruujura's Christmas" and "Iwaku as a Bivouac," are waiting for you to read.  I've also updated the AG Movie 01 page with more detailed character bios.  Finally, there's a new rant up by Sando Shojo about Miramax.  Enjoy!

Next time I'll have some updated Pokemon bios as well as information on a new manga currently running in Ciao!  Until next time!

Wish Media Blasters would just go ahead and release those Kenshin boxsets...
June 19th, 2003

Eight days.

That's how long it took for the site to shut down this month.  Once upon a time, it would shut down near the end of the month...but eight days!?  In only a week, this site's gotten so many visitors that the three gigs of bandwidth that I have paid up for for each month was all used up.  I was very surprised, but since I had no money I couldn't do a thing about it until my next payday.  In the meantime, you can see that I've been working on a few things.

The big thing you'll notice is that the buttons on the side are gone.  While I liked the look they gave the site and the way they helped the idea that each section of the site was a pocket of "Dogasu's Backpack," I suspect that they caused a lot of my bandwidth woes.  I mean, for every page visitors wanted to visit, sixteen "pockets" on the sidebar there had to load, and that's quite a bit of bandwidth when you have a lot of people downloading those same sixteen images per page.  So hopefully with just the text on the side, the pages will load more quickly and my bandwidth issues will be no more.

Besides that, there are two more divisions on the side--"Episode Lists" and "Seiyuu/Voice Actors."  I decided to give them their own sections because I thought it was a little ridiculous for you guys to have to go through the Comparisons section (for the Episode Lists) or the Humans' Bios section (for the Seiyuu stuff) just to view the pages you wanted to.  Besides that, I've started making a massive update to the Seiyuu lists (the more clever of you should be able to tell exactly what I'm doing with it), so I thought it was about time that it got its own section.

I've also updated the Episode Guide with the rest of the episode titles for Pokémon Master Quest, thanks to Petey.  It appears that the episode "The Ice Cave" has been officially banned since 4Kids had tacked on an extra episode to the season ("Nanako and Elekid" was thought to be the season finale, but "Good Luck Yogirasu!" is the new season finale).  I also marked where the probable start of 4Kids' eighth season will occur, assuming they don't dub any of the Pokemon Housou episodes and count those toward their 52-episode season.  There's also new Advanced Generationtitles up.

Until the next update, when there should be more miscellaneous stuff updated...if the site doesn't shut down before then...

Huh?  Wha-?
June 2nd, 2003

This has been an interesting month.  Um...yeah...

See, here's what happened.  I got off of school, thinking I would have more free time.  But guess what?  They decided to give me a bunch of hours at work these past few weeks. Hey, that's A-OK with me (more hours = more money for college), but it doesn't leave much time for the good ol' site.  Combine that with the fact that all my friends are back from college and the site's kinda been pushed to the back of my mind.  And then, right around the time the site went down for bandwidth issues, I got a statement from my bank saying that I had bounced two checks (because my messed up math caused me to believe that I had a lot more money in my checking account than I really had), so I had to go and fix my account's -$60-some balance.  And so, June comes, and the bandwidth is restored, but envy.nu hasn't been very cooperative in letting me upload stuff.  So it just hasn't been a good month to have a website, I guess.

But things are back on track.  For now, I just have some information from E3 about the upcoming games Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire, Pokemon Colloseum, and Pokemon Channel.  I also updated the CD Guide with some upcoming Japanese CD's.  And finally, I did the standard Episode Guide updates.

Expect some more Episode Comparisons soon.




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