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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | June 2002

Less predicatable than the Scooby Doo movie...
June 29th, 2002

What's up everyone?  Those comparison links didn't work, did they?  Well, I found out what was wrong (a really stupid mistake on my part), so the links below should work now.  There's also a new rant up about the Pokemon CD's written by Jarrad.  Actually, that rant was sent to me ages ago, but I just never got around to posting it before now.  And finally, I have some Pokemon Advance screenshots for you.  It's basically the stuff you've already seen on other websites, but for the two of you who haven't seen the new game, they're right there. 

Gotta find a better update title than "More Comparisons"...
June 28th, 2002

Hey!  I've got two more episode comparisons for you, this time for two random episodes from the Jouto League--"Sick Daze" and "Ring Masters."  I've also moved all the Jouto League pictures to the envy server (instead of the the Tripod page), so that should make updating that section easier.  Enjoy!

Important Pokemon Section--Updated!!
June 25th, 2002

What's this?!  A content update!?

Yup.  I've finally re-worked the last of the Important Pokemon section--the Miscellaneous Pokemon and the Movie Pokemon.  I've also tweeked the layout of the other Pokemon Bios page a bit.  There's still a few little facts here and there I want to add, and a few things I need to correct here and there, but for the most part that section is finished until someone gets a new pokemon.  I'll have more content in a few days!! 

Newish layout, Other Info
June 22nd, 2002

Hey everyone!  I know what you're thinking--here Dogasu spends all this money to upgrade his site, and then he's not going to update it!?  Yeah, I have kinda neglected this site a bit.  So it's time to start making it up to ya.  But how?  My TV died the other day, so I really can't do any comparisons until after my next paycheck.  But I did update the section with a new layout.

The old way the page was set up was that you pretty much had to know the episodes by number to get to the one you wanted.  With the new way, the episode title is listed right there for you, so it's much easier to navigate.  Sure, it's kinda stealing Chris Psaros' layout, but that's OK.  It's a lot more functional, and I think you'll agree with me.  As a result of the new layout, I've changed my episode numbering system *again*, this time including the Rujuura and Iwaku episodes as regular episodes. 

I've also added a more definite release date to one of the manga on the Manga Release page--can you guess which one?  I've also added some info about the fifth movie's soundtrack.  And finally, I've added a link to Anime Digital:  The Pirate Anime FAQ to the links page.  It's a really informative little piece of writing, and I urge all of you to read it. 

And on the news front, it seems that on July 6th, Pokemon will not be airing.  I believe that's the first Saturday since the show came to Kids' WB! that the program hasn't aired, so that's not a good thing.  Anyway, I'll be back soon (promise!) with more content, and I'll try really hard to get on some sort of updating schedule.  Peace!

June 12th, 2002

It seems that envy's gotten my check, because now my site has been upgraded!  I get a lot more bandwidth per day, meaning those "your site has exceeded its daily bandwidth allowance" messages that prevent you from accessing the site should cease.  In addition, the pop-up ads are GONE, and I'll have a lot more storage room so I'll be able to have more features.  So basically, the mirror site has become a redirect site to bring you here. 

The only other thing I really have to say is that I'm starting to do a few things to each page.  I'm creating a link on the weekly episode picture up on the sidebar over there that'll lead ya to the Episode List because people have been having trouble finding the page.  I'm also updating the Guestbook link and deleting the button for the Anime section.  Yeah, that section is going down because I never have the time/desire to update it, as well as the fact that no one really cares about it.  Anyway, I'll be doing a section or two a night, and I really won't bother telling you which sections I do which night (I mean, what would be the point?), so I'll see you guys in a few days with some real updates.  Bye!

Pokemon Advance
June 11th, 2002

Hey all.  I've finally gotten a page up for Pokemon Advance, over in the video games section.  No pictures are up yet because I haven't really contacted anyone for permission to use their pictures, so as soon as I can get that done I'll post some for ya.  I've also added a link to the main comparisons page for a website called "The Real Outlaw Star" and "The Jazz Messengers."  Enjoy!  I'm also working on some layout stuff (you'll notice something missing on the sidebar on a few of the pages--that section's being taken down) to make the Episode Comparisons page easier to navigate.  It'll just take a few more days, seeing as how I've got work and all. 

I sent in the check for the site upgrade thingee this past Thursday, so the days where you see the "this site has exceeded its 20 MB limit" will soon be over.

Little Stuff, Soundtrack Info
June 2nd, 2002

Well, I don't have work today and Adult Swim is being pre-empted due to June Bugs, so I decided to do an update for  you all!  Yay!

First of all, I've added a partial track listing for the Movie 5 Soundtrack.  It's partial because I have no idea of the track numbering, as well as the fact that I'm sure the final soundtrack will have more than four songs on it.  It's interesting to note that there will be yet another version of Mezase Pokemon Master, sung by Matsumoto Rika.  Boy, I'm sure she's sick of singing that song for the millionth time.  Anyway, I've also added a few comments to the comparisons for episodes 13, 38, and the second movie.  The big change made in the Movie 2 comparison, other than two small additions, is the fact that I had Michiko's name all wrong.  All this time, I had been calling the lady who pilots Satoshi's boat Mitsu-chan when it's been Michiko the whole time.  I don't even know where I got Mitsu-chan from, so I apologize for misleading any of you.  I've changed the name in all the other Lugia Movie pages as well, just to make things more consistent.  And finally, I've got a new dub title for you guys--only one more episode left to be named for the season! 

Well, wish me luck guys--I'm about to try to beat Golden Sun.




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