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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | June 2000

Dogasu's been doing some revising...
June 30th, 2000

Well, how do you like the new look?  I do.  It took forever to get formatted correctly, but after all that hard work this is the result.  I've been wanting to do this since day one, but now I've finally gotten the free time to finally do it.  Everything has been put back up except the places and items section.  It had a bad file name, so Geocities couldn't upload it, meaning I'll have to rename it, and then re-link it on every page.  But I've fixed the link on the front page, so you'll have to go here whenever you want to visit that section!  Sorry!   I think I'll do some other stuff before updating the rest of those links...

And I've also added an episode comparison of...*doot doot doot doot* Episode 18!  It's graphics-heavy, but it's still good.  Expect more stuff coming soon.

Lost Episodes being shown! (Holiday at Aporudo to air June 24th)
June 18th, 2000

Big news...after months of nothing, Kids' WB! has decided to air two of the three Lost Episodes!  So next weekend, check out Episode 18 ("Beauty and the Beach") and the next weekend the Miniryuu episode should come on.  Japan still won't let anyone air the Porigon episode, even if the scene is slowed down and dimmed.  Nothing 4Kids' can do about it...Because of this news, I've updated the episode guide.  This is actually really great news because now instead of three episodes being cut out, we'll only have one.  Not bad, not bad.  Maybe the Ultimate Pokemon Anime's Lost Episode Campaign worked (they had this thing where for a night <but it wound up lasting about a week> you'd fax 4Kids and tell them you wanted the Lost Episodes)?  Hmmm...let's petition Nelvana...

Card Captor Sakura Premier
June 18th, 2000

And speaking of Nelvana...WHAT HAS SAKURA DONE TO DESERVE THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?  I'm talking about the debut of Card Captor Sakura (or "Cardcaptors" *blech*) on Kids WB!.  Well, first they cut out about seven whole episodes just to get up to Lii, who is now the main character (it was a shoujo, or girl's show, in Japan).  Sakura *used* to be the main character, but now to appeal to the male audience they've made Lii the center of everything.  The voices weren't *terrible*, but the pronunciations were.  Let's take a lesson in Japanese pronunciation:

Kero-chan:  It's KEH-row, not KEE-row.
Clow Cards:  Clow doesn't rhyme with plow or cow, it rhymes with toe or show.

Y'know, I think my next website will be a Card Captor Sakura comparison site (I'm getting my fansubs sometime soon).  We all know how much is going to be cut unneccessarily from this series.

Updated Sections, Dubbed Sailor Moon S-Haruka and Michiru
June 16th, 2000 (11:09 am)

I've added some info about some of the Jolt League Gym Leaders.  It's basically what they're like in the anime.  I've also upated the episode guide and have done bios of all the pokemon I can think of for the Popular Pokemon section.

The other day we found out Haruka's and Michiru's civilian names.  Haruka is now Amara (what kind of name is that?) and Michiru's is Michelle.  For a while I thought that they'd make Haruka a boy (y'know, chop it off Zoicite and attach it to Haruka -_^) but she's still a female.  Amara and Michelle are a lot harsher (and sometimes just flat-out rude) than Haruka and Michiru, who generally put up with the Inner Senshi.  And below, I reported that DiC was still doing the dubbing...well, they're not.  It seems that Toei's American division is doing these new episodes, so that's why we have the original music and whatnot.  Optimum's still doing the voice casting, line-writing, and voice direction, so that's the reason the new voices suck so much (Usagi's dubbed voice yesterday just went all through me).

And Card Captor Sakura debuts tomorrow on Kids' WB!  How will it be done?  Well...not well at all.  This show is going to be BUTCHERED for no reason whatsoever.  Read the full report here.

Places Updated, SMS dub first impressions
June 12th, 2000 (10:05 pm)

Well, I worked on the "Pokemon Ieru Ka Na Baby?" but found that it had too much kanji in it.  So for now, I can't get it posted.  Gomen nasai!  Would you like a partially-done lyrics page for that (with everything but the kanji, which is used mainly in the spoken parts) or would you rather I wait until I can get all of it done?  Please e-mail me with your vote!  I've updated a little bit on the much-neglected items and places section.

Today Sailor Moon S debuted on Cartoon Network.  Well...what can I say?  They kept the original background music, which I didn't expect from DiC.  The voices...well...Usagi's dubbed voice is much worse (she sounds like she has a cold) and Ami's new VA sounds awful as well.  They still had the "'da bomb," "trippin,'" and "as if!"-type dialogue, but what can we expect from DiC?  The commercial break was where it is in the original Japanese version (like the dubbed Gundam Wing).  DiC's getting better, but they've got a way to go (Dr. Tomo?  It's Dr. Tomoe!)

Pokemon Rap Lyrics up!  Episdoe Guide Re-vamped!
June 11th, 2000

No more school!  No more school!  (At least for another year...)

Anyway, I've got a lot of stuff updated.  First of all, check out the Lyrics section, because I have FINALLY gotten the Pokemon rap lyrics up!  Also, I've added some pokemon to the important pokemon section, mostly from the Gold/Silver games.  I've updated the CD Guide just a little bit, and fixed a pokemon name in the pokemon english-japanese section.  Now I have a much better episode guide up.  Now I have all the episodes available in Japan up to the one that aired this past Thursday.  I have translations of almost every episode title.  Hopefully, I'll update this section every week as originally inteded.

Tomorrow's when SMS debuts on Toonami...avoid it at all costs...

Prehistoric Pokemon Comparison up
June 6th, 2000 (8:32 pm)

I've got the episode comparison for the prehistoric pokemon episode up.  I just got my CD back with the Japanese rap, so hopefully by this weekend I can get the lyrics up

It's written, but not up
June 6th, 2000 (6:34 am)

I wrote up the episode synopsis for the Prehistoric Pokemon episode, but haven't reported the changes yet (there's a cut and a pun, at least).  That'll take time, and I only have about 30 minutes before I have to leave for school, so it'll be up this afternoon.  And I also apologize for the picture for ep 45...AOL keeps crashing whenever I try to upload it!  Basically, any file that big or bigger is a big pain in the butt to upload, so I try not to have big pictures.  I realize those things take a long time to load, and I'm trying to find a better and faster way for the pages to load.  Well, I'm off!    (Oh, and for you people out of school today, I have a bit of info added about when Zenigame and Beroringa leave, if you want to spoil yourself).

Bunches of little things, new anime coming to TV
June 5th, 2000

Got some more info about the humans and pokemon, so go to their respective sections.  I've also gotten a bunch of movie stuff:  first of all, I've gotten an update on Movie #4.  Secondly, I've got the link to the Birth of Myuutsu CD Drama on the Myuutsu movie page.  And lastly, I've got a picture of the American movie two poster, so check that out.  I'm working on the Episode List, correcting and updating it at the same time.  I've also put the link to the Myuutsu CD Drama up on the links section (I really want to promote these people who have been nice enough to offer this).  Also, the episode comparison I promised will have to be delayed until about tomorrow (maybe...gomen gomen!).

This is going to be a great summer for anime.  First, on June 12th, Sailor Moon will be getting 38 new episodes. Actually, that's pretty bad news.  They're dubbing Haruka and Michiru!  Watch them become sisters or just friends in the dub...mumble grumble.  Then, on June 24th, Card Captor Sakura will debut on Kids' WB! under the title "Cardcaptors."  It's really a great show, I just hate what I've heard of Kero-chan's voice.  And finally, Tenchi Muyo starts July 3rd on Toonami (which will be expanded to three hours on that day).  They had a great commercial for it during Toonami today (it was loooooooong!  I think longer than that really long Gundam Wing commercial!  CN really knows how to gain a lot of interest for a show) which just reminded me how much I hate the dubbed Ayeka.  She's NOT BRITISH!!!  Anyways, CN has 66 episodes, which will make the three TV series and the OVA's.  Fun fun!

Tape found!
June 4th, 2000 (10 pm)

I found my tape with the Prehistoric Pokemon episode on it, so hopefully tomorrow I can have the comparison up.  I have soooooooo much stuff to update but I don't have the time (it also hasn't helped that I recently got a new Magic Knight Rayearth video that I watched all in one sitting, or that I've watched three hours of Marmalade Boy as well).  One week, guys.  Then I'll have all kinds of stuff (maybe even a new layout?)

Lost tapes, Card Captor Sakura
June 4th, 2000

Well, after a long wait because I didn't have the english episodes, I finally have a new episode comparison up.  They're for the first Purin episode.  I WANTED to do the episode after that (in which Lizard evolves into Lizardon) but I've lost the tape with the dubbed version on it!  First I lose my Garlic Jr. tape, and now I've lost this!  And it had my Chinpokomon episode on it, too!  -_-  Also I've added more info on the English version of the Lugia movie (what each part will be called, Jirarudan's dubbed name, etc.).  Hopefully, once I get out of school (Friday's my last day) I can find the episode and get it up, as well as a much-needed place/items update, and maybe a character thingee about Jirarudan.

Also, the kind people who gave me the link to the Rocket Dan CD CD Drama translation has signed my guestbook again announcing a translation of the Birth of Myuutsu CD Drama.  It'll be available here on June 5th.

Everybody be sure to watch Card Captor Sakura ("Cardcaptors") on June 17th.  I hope it's dubbed well, but from the commercials I've seen it seems like they're trying to focus more on Li (who isn't even introduced until a few episodes) and not Sakura.  The show's NAMED after Sakura and she is very much the star of the show.  Why are they doing this!?  Anyway, the reason we're not getting any new Pokemon eps in the last few months is because they're holding out for Card Captor Sakura.  So far I've heard Li's voice (not horrid), Sakura's voice (it's OK, but needs work), and Kero-chan's voice (simply horrid-you know how Kero-chan has an Osaka-ben accent?  The dubbers gave Kero-chan some strange annoying accent in the dub...).




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