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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | July 2007

"Borrowing On Bad Faith!"
July 27th, 2007

The comparison for "Borrowing On Bad Faith!" isn't long or anything, but that's only because there really isn't anything to talk about.  So if it looks a bit on the short side, it's not because I was being lazy. 

Hopefully I'll get a chance to get the Bipper episode up tomorrow, but I might not get it up right away since a friend is coming into town. 

"Ya See We Want An Evolution!"
July 26th, 2007

Here's "Ya See We Want An Evolution!" for you guys.  I'd stay and write a little more, but I'll be late for work if I do. 

Tomorrow I'll have "Borrowing On Bad Faith!" up.

Pokemon Hunter J!
July 25th, 2007

So the first of five DP comparisons is up:  "Mutiny In The Bounty!" has now been uploaded.  It's one of the better episodes of the series, so doing the comparison for it was actually pretty fun. 

In Hunter J related news...I've added another episode title to the Episode List.

The Penny Arcade pimpage continues now that they're doing a four-part story about their experiences at the GameStop Pokemon tournament.  The blog posts that accompanied Monday's strip were really quite interesting, so if you have some spare time you might want to check those out.  I also just finished reading their fourth book, Birds Are Weird, so I'm in a bit of a Penny Arcade mood lately.  My apologies.

I have a pre-Japan physical tomorrow, so the comparison for the B-Button Alliance episode may be a day late unless I work on it some after work tonight.  But with my new copy of Super Paper Mario luring me away from the computer like some sort of siren's song, that may be unlikely. 

Finally, before I forget, I wanted to address an e-mail I get about every three days or so:

Are there any plans for a Pokémon Ranger & the Temple of the Sea comparison?

The answer?  Probably not until after I arrive in Japan.

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl - Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai
July 24th, 2007

Hey everyone!  So it looks like the unannounced vacation I took this past week has finally come to an end!  Bring on the updates!

The reason for my sudden disappearance is because I've been moving.  And let me tell you - you don't realize how much crap you've accumulated until you have to move.  After four days of non-stop packing and moving, I finally got settled into the place I'll call home for the next few weeks.   After that, I'll be headed to Japan.  Busy busy busy.

So what's today's update?  How about a much-needed update to the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl - Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai page?  I know that a lot of the information on that page is common knowledge by now, but I think I've managed to include a few things that you can't find anywhere else.  I've got a complete cast list, character bios, soundtrack information (including a link to a site that allows you to purchase the CD's), and the lyrics for the ending theme, I Will Be With You ~Where the Lost Ones Go~.  Other than a detailed synopsis (which I don't plan on adding...I think the one on Serebii.net suffices even if it is a grammatical nightmare), there isn't a whole lot I can add to that page until the DVD comes out. 

I'm going to jump back into the DP comparisons and finish the last five episodes.  After that, I'll start back on the 25 Battle Frontier episodes I never got around to comparing.  I'd really like to finish those before I leave for Japan to cut down on the number of CD wallets I'll be bringing over, but the fact that I leave on August 22nd makes that doubtful.  Oh well. 

"Twice Smitten, Once Shy!"
July 12th, 2007

That Pachirisu episode I promised you guys yesterday is now up.  Here's "Twice Smitten, Once Shy!"

I was looking at Penny-Arcade the other day and found this pretty hilarious entry in their updates section.  I'll copy and paste it here since their news posts vanish off the front page pretty quickly:

Thanks to everyone who mailed me their Pokemon tips. Every single person who mailed me stressed the importance of EV's and proper EV training over just about everything else. I was given some great links and spent a good chuck of the day yesterday reading everything I could about them.

I'm thirty years old now, and I've been playing games for more than twenty of those. I've seen some real bullshit in all that time and EV's are right up their towards the top of the list. As far as I can tell this is how they work. If your Pokemon fights another Pokemon that's really fast for example, it earns a point towards it's speed Effort Value (EV).  For every four of these points that you get  your Pokemon will gain one more point to it's speed stat when it levels up. Now each Pokemon awards EV's for different stats and some give points for multiple stats. The problem is that these EV's are invisible and limited. So there's only a certain number of them that a single Pokemon can take advantage of and there's no way to track them in game. I got tips like "create a spreadsheet for each of your Pokemoin with rows for all their stats and manualy enter any EV's they get..."

Create a spreadsheet?

Then I started reading about IV's and I saw this shit:

Now that I've showed how much they can affect stats, let's grab the equation for determining a Pokemon's Individual Value. Keep in mind that this is NOT for Hit Points. That has its own equation.

IV = ((Math.Ceiling(Stat / Personality Value) - 5) * 100 / Level Value ) - 2 * Base Stat – Effort Points / 4

Are you fucking serious? I never got past algebra. All I want to do is show people my Pokemons, not build a Goddamn time machine!

So I started digging into serebii.net yesterday and I got my first glimpse at just how far this rabbit hole goes. I told myself I wasn't going to fall into it but I ended up spending the morning trying to acquire a new Chimchar with the preferred "jolly" nature. Once I'd done that I spent the afternoon EV training him on Ponytas and Machamps. I'm telling you this not because I am proud but because I need help. Someone needs to stop me before I start doing long division to figure out what kind of fucking berry I should feed my shittlesaur.

I love to read people the opinions of people "outside the fandom," especially when I agree with what they say.  EV training is a tedious, funless load of crap which is why I never bothered with it.  Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I'm going to take a break from comparisons tomorrow and update the sad, sad excuse for a DP Movie 01 page.

"O'er The Rampardos We Watched!"
July 11th, 2007

The final part of the Oreburgh arc, "O'er The Rampardos We Watched!" is now up.  In Japan, the episode premiered in February 2007, while in America it premiered in July 2007.  That's less than half a year!

I'll try to get the Pachirisu capture episode up later today.

"Wild In The Streets!":
July 10th, 2007

The awkwardly-titled "Wild In The Streets!" comparison is up for your viewing.  Nothing too exciting to report here unless you think reading a mini-rant on PUSA not keeping enough Japanese music intact is exciting. 

I also just realized that the first DP movie is coming out in Japan this Saturday.  I've really fallen behind on this site's page for that movie, so I'll try my best to update it before the big day.

"A Gruff Act To Follow!"
July 9th, 2007

Ouch.  I didn't expect it to take this long to finish this comparison up, but for some reason, it did.  Here's "A Gruff Act To Follow!" for you guys.  I've also added the latest Japanese titles to the Episode List.

I'm currently four episodes behind where I need to be, so I'm going to do my best to get the rest up before too long.  Thankfully, there are only four more premieres to go before CN stops with their crazy schedule, so I'll be able to relax a little bit after that happens.

Also, I meant to post this weeks ago, but it sort of got away from me.  In September, Japan will see the release of two new DVD box sets.  The first one will contain Movies 01-05, while the second one will contain Movies AG 01-AG 04.  Here's more information:

Theatrical Edition Pocket Monsters - Pikachu the Movie Box (1998-2002)
On Sale September 21st, 2007
Price: 12,600 yen (approximately $102.00)
Runtime: 471 minutes

Disc One: "Myuutwo's Counterattack"
Disc Two: "The Explosive Birth of the Phantom Pokemon, Lugia"
Disc Three: "Emperor of the Crystal Tower"
Disc Four: "Celebi's Encounter Through Time"
Disc Five: "The Water Capitol's Protector Gods Latias and Latios"
Disc Six: "Pikachu's Summer Vacation," "Pikachu's Exploration Party," and "Pikachu and Pichu"

Extras: Reprints of the theatrical pamphlets, "Pikachu the Movie" Data Book, a special packaging, and images of the original DVD covers.

Theatrical Edition Pocket Monsters - Pikachu the Movie Box (2003-2006)
On Sale September 21st, 2007
Price: 12,600 yen (approximately $102.00)
Runtime: 520 minutes

Disc One: "The Seven Nights' Star of Wishing, Jiraachi"
Disc Two: "The Sky-Splitting Visitor, Deoxys"
Disc Three: "Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario"
Disc Four: "Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea, Manaphy"
Disc Five: "Pikachu's Nervous Hide-and-Seek," "The Glittering Starlit Camp," and "The Dancing Pokemon Secret Base."
Bonus Disc: Theatrical Trailers Special Disc

Extras: Reprints of the theatrical pamphlets, "Pikachu the Movie" Data Book, a special packaging, and images of the original DVD covers.

Exciting stuff.  I'll be in Japan when these are released, so with any luck, I'll be able to post some sort of review within a few days of the set's release.

Does anyone know of a good place to get a countdown timer?  I want to put one at the top of my site for this box set, but I haven't been able to find any ones that I like.  Got any suggestions?

"Shapes Of Things To Come!"
July 2nd, 2007

So it's up a little later than I had wanted it to be, but "Shapes Of Things To Come!" is now up.  I actually have a few things to talk about in that comparison, so it's not going to be one of those "bla bla bla same old same old" comparisons that a lot of the recent ones have been like.

I've also added another episode title to the Episode List and have made an update to the DVD Guide as well.




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