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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | July 2004

July 31st, 2004

The lyrics to the second Advanced Generation opening, The Challenger!!, are now up for you to see.  Woohoo.  I also got a shiny new picture up on the Episode Guide page, just because I felt like putting it there.

Hopefully, my next update will be my review of the Deoxys movie. 

Whoops, I missed a day
July 30th, 2004

Sorry about this late update, but I had a thunderstorm tonight that prevented me from getting on the computer for a few hours.

Anyway, today I have a random Episode Comparison for you, "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion."  I had forgotten that I had the Japanese version of that episode, so I whipped up this comparison for you guys.  Enjoy!

The Big Deoxys Movie Update
July 28th, 2004

The reason the last few updates have been kinda wimpy is because I've been working on this update:

  • The main AG Movie 2 page has been updated with information on the cast.
  • The lyrics to the movie's ending theme, L-O-V-E-L-Y, is now available.
  • The character bios for the movie have been updated and separated into three categories: machines, humans, and pokemon.
  • A basic plot summary of the movie is now up.  Right now it's a very basic, bullet point summary of the movie, but a more proper version will follow soon.
  • In addition, a summary of the manga adaptation of the film has been posted.
  • A page outlining the differences between the manga version and the anime version is up.  Lots of neat information there!
  • Information on the soundtrack is now up.
  • What little information we know about next year's movie has been posted in its own little page.
So..yeah.  I hope you enjoy everything.  You'll notice that I've gotten a new scanner, and I hope that everything I scanned didn't look too crappy.  Anyway, I'll get my review of the movie up soon, so I can tell you what it's like to see the movie on the big screen.

Tomorrow's update will be smaller.

July 27th, 2004

The AG Movie 2 stuff WILL be up tomorrow.  I say that with 100% certainty.

In the meantime, there's a rant about Pokemon Emerald written by CVXFREAK.  I know I haven't posted anything on my site about the game yet, but I do intend to get around to it when I revamp that section.  I've also updated the TV Schedule.

All about them moving picture discs
July 26th, 2004

I've updated the DVD Guide with entries for "Jirachi Wish Maker," Master Quest, and Advanced.  Wahoo.

I'll try to get the AG Movie 2 stuff up tomorrow.

Team Rocket says "Don't be a fool.  Wrap your tool"
July 25th, 2004

The giant AG Movie 2 update I've been preparing isn't quite ready yet, so here's something to tide you over until then.  I've got a comparison for yesterday's rerun, "Having a Wailord of a Time."  There's also one up for "A Mudkip Mission" that got lost during the server move that I talked about in yesterday's update, so if you haven't seen that, then you should go and take a look.

See you tomorrow.

The first post-Japan update
July 24th, 2004

So I get ready to go to Japan in March, like I outlined in my Fourth Anniversary rant, right?  Well, the day before I leave, I uploaded an update to the site, as well as a message that said that the site wouldn't be updated for the four months that I was in Japan.  Everything was all set to go.

However, around the time I leave for Japan, the people who host my site (Bulbagarden) decided to switch servers.  Well, that's OK and all, but in the process my latest update, including the notice about me studying abroad, was somehow lost.  The result was that my site was stuck on that March 19th update for four months, and it really looked like I just abandoned my site and left it to rot.  I got tons of e-mails asking me why I hadn't updated my site, and I had to explain that there was nothing I could do until I got back to the U.S.  Now that I'm back, though, I can fix things and get back to updating the ol' site. 

In any case, the site's back.  I was only scheduled to study abroad for one semester (Spring 2004), but I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to study for an additional semester.  Therefore, I'll be leaving for Japan again in mid-August.  So, for about a month, the site will be back in business.  After that, it'll go on another four-month hiatus until December, when the site will return to business as usual.

Anyway, I had a massive update for you guys, but it isn't anywhere near being finished at the moment even though I've been working on it all week.  So, in the interest of not delaying the site's return any longer, I've created this quick little mini-update.  The Episode List has up-to-date titles, and the TV Schedule has also been updated.  Other than that, I've got nothing, but I promise that the next update (a big AG Movie 2 information-fest) will be much, much better.  I've also got a "Jirachi Wish Maker" comparison coming (I just need to scrape together the money for the American DVD), and I'll do my best to catch up on the Episode Comparisons for those episodes that premiered while I was in Japan. 




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