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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | July 2002

Trying to get out of the Stone Tower in "Mojara's Mask"...
July 24th, 2002

Hey everybody.  I've put the comparisons for the movies and TV specials in its own little table, the way I did with the regular episodes.  You can check them out here.  I've also added a link to critics' reviews of the first three movies (Myuutsu Strikes Back, Revelation Lugia, and Emperor of the Crystal Tower) as well as the direct-to-video special (Myuutsu!  I Exist Here).  These are reviews of the American versions, and most of them are pretty harsh, so be prepared for that.  I've also updated the Episode Guide with new titles.  Enjoy!

Big News all over the place
July 19th, 2002

*Peeks head from under chair* Is it OK to come out now?  Is there anyone left still visiting this site?  I kinda feel bad because there's been all this news happening lately--the fifth movie was released, a ton of info on the new Pokemon games was announced, a new anime series was announced...and my site hasn't reported on any of it.  You can blame Harry Potter for that.  That little boy's adventures in Hogwarts has kept me away from my computer in this time of news.  I've already read the first two books, and the third one will probably be finished shortly.  I really recommend everyone who hasn't read these books to give them a chance--you won't regret it!  Anyway, on to the updates:

  • The official website has a brand new look as well as info on Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.  I've got a few of the screenshots up of the new games--these feature the two-on-two battles, as well as a picture of a town.  The official site has a lot more, but really, do all of them need to be on my site?  Didn't think so.  As more details come out, I'm starting to like these games more and more.  Two-on-two battles?  Hmmm...Anyway, I've also added a small bio page for Odamaki-Hakase, at least to put you under the impression that I'll resume working on the Humans' Bios section after finishing up the Important Pokemon section.
  • Speaking of that section, I went in to the little bios and have added a few more stats--mainly, what games the monster can be caught in and what each monster is based on (a cat, a bird, a Japanese comic storyteller, etc).  Hopefully some of you will be able to tell me what type of animal several of the pokemon are supposed to be so that I can get that part of each bio filled out.  I still need to write one up for Nyorotono and I still need to update a few other parts, but for the most part that section is finished until someone else gets a new pokemon.
  • While Serebii.net has all this 5th movie info (I'm sooooo jealous!!), I've got some info on the American version of the fourth movie.  Go to the main page to view a link to the official American Movie 4 website (it's still pretty empty at this point), the American name of Yukinari (4Kids actually did it right!), and a link to the first trailer for the American version of the movie.
  • I added a link to Serebii.net on the links page.  Can't believe I didn't have that one up already!
  • The CD Guide has been updated with info on the fifth movie soundtracks and the Ready Go! single
I told you it was a lot.  Gotta make up for my lack of updates someway, ne?  Anyway, I'll be back soon with more, so keep checking back!

All you Pokemon haters can go FAQ yourself!
July 10th, 2002

You may notice a new link at the top of the page for an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  Yup, I finally got one up after all this time because I keep getting a lot of the same e-mails over and over.  So any questions you have about me and my site should be answered there.  It's not really big at the moment, but I think it's big enough to make a debut. 

In addition, the names of four new pokemon, as well as the possible names for the two Pokemon Advance games (Ruby and Sapphire) are also up.  And, in addition, I have a new episode comparison up, this time for the episode that aired on Kids' WB! Monday, "Forest Grumps."  And finally (wow, there's a lot of stuff in this update, huh?), I've made a small note in the Episode 12 comparison.  Enjoy!

Cleaning out the ol' Inbox...
July 3rd, 2002

Hi everyone!  I've been searching through my inbox and have been checking to see what I haven't posted yet.  So here goes:

  • There's a link to an article going into more detail about racist cartoons on the Racist Rujuura page.  It gives more examples of the types of racist cartoons made in the 1940's.  Thanks to Yuugiusa for the link.
  • Thanks to Mosaic, I now know the complete dub name of Uchikido-Hakase to be Phelina Ivy.  I've updated both the Movie 2 comparison and Uchikido-Hakase's bio with the new information.  I've also added a link, brought to my attention by mana_sword,  for a sort of "fan-site" on her bio page.  OK, it's actually an anti-Professor Ivy page, but it's interesting nonetheless. 
  • The American logo for the fourth movie, currently entitled "Pokemon 4 Ever," is now up on the main Movie 4 page.  There's also a bit of information on the American release of the movie.
That's all for now.  I have a bunch more stuff to go through before I post them (gotta check out a Kasumi fansite, some crazy flash movies, and the origins of a certain pun) but as soon as I can I'll get them posted.  I also plan to finish up the Important Pokemon section soon, getting stuff corrected and updated and written.  Then I can get to work on those human bios.




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