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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | July 2001

Back from the dead...sort of...
Monday, July 30th, 2001

There's a real reason I haven't been around lately, really there is...first of all, about a week ago, my dad and I went into my old computer and took out the extra hard drive, the one with my website files on it.  Well, we take it out, and then put it into my new computer.  Simple, huh?  Not exactly--my new computer wouldn't recognize the extra hard drive, and it took us about a week to figure out what needed to be done.  So now my second hard drive is up and working, which means I can now update this site again. 

Well, then I found out that my computer had a virus on it.  So I had to fix that--I'd like to thank Planet Namek for pointing the virus out to me (the anti-virus program on my computer is up-to-date to about...Monday?  And it didn't pick up the virus I got!?).  If you use Windows and have been getting e-mails that take a long time to load and contain something like "I want you to look at this" in the body of the e-mail, and an attachment or two that seems to be nothing more than a random .txt file, go here to fix it. 

And my computer connection was really fudged up lately, so I've got that fixed (being on hold twice for thirty minutes each waiting for Earthlink's Technical Help to assist me isn't my idea of an afternoon well-spent).

OK, now back to business.  I've got some various Pocket Monsters-related news:

As some of you who may keep up with video games may know, the upcoming Final Fantasy 10 for the Playstation 2 will feature voice acting.  The game just came out in Japan (don't expect to see it over here until Winter-Spring 2002), and a list of the game's voice cast has been released.  While most of the actors are obscure (a lot of them did motion capture stuff for Final Fantasy 8), one of the voice actors stood out.  Sakaguchi Kouichi, the voice of Arbo and Arbok in Pocket Monsters, will provide the voice of Cid.  I don't know if Cid will be playable like in Final Fantasy 4 and 7 or if he'll just be a spectator like in the other Final Fantasy games, but this is certainly a good role for Sakaguchi-san, as Cid is as important to the universe of Final Fantasy as the Chocobo and Moogles.  This information has been added to the Seiyuu pages.

Wizard, one of America's most popular (if not THE most popular) comic book magazines has recently released a list of what they belive to be the top 50 anime of all time.  What did Pokemon place?  Number 47.  I'm not as mad ast that as I am at the fact that they put so much crappy anime above Pokemon on the list.  Ghost in the Shell?  Blue Submarine #6?  The original Voltron Defenders of the Universe!?  Fatal Fury!?!?  Ghost in the Shell bored me, Blue Sub #6 looked pretty but was pretty mediocre plot-wise, Voltron is just cheesy (and those little mice don't help), and Fatal Fury was just crappy in every way (the only time I watched the movie was at Otakon 1998, and that's just because that's the movie they were making fun of at Mystery Anime Theatre 3000).  The scariest part about that list, though, was that I've seen well over half the anime in that list.  Creepy...

This isn't really Pokemon related, but Kids' WB!'s Toonami starts today, and supposedly, they have access to all of Cartoon Network's Toonami shows.  They'll be airing Dragon Ball Z at 4:30 for the first week of the block, and in future weeks they'll be airing other Cartoon Network Toonami shows.  Here's the episodes they'll be airing:

    Monday, July 30--"Gohan's Metamorphosis" (Episode 5)
    Tuesday, July 31--"Home for Infinite Losers" (Episode 8)
    Wednesday, August 1--"Laboratory Basement" (Episode 130)
    Thursday, August 2--"Super Vegeta" (Episode 140)
    Friday, August 3--"Faith in a Boy" (Episode 166)

So it looks like Kids' WB! is doing the same thing with DBZ that they're doing with Pokemon--airing the episodes in a completely random order.  It's times like this that makes me think that Kids' WB! has this giant dartboard with all the episode titles on it, and they have a blindfolded man toss darts on it, see what episodes it lands on, and then make up the schedule from that.  I mean really, how else would you explain which episodes they picked?  In any case, I think it's weird that they show scenes from the Freeza saga on the commercials for the block but will skip the entire Freeza saga (about 70 episodes) altogether.

So now the news is over, so what have I done for the site?  Well, I did have the scans put up, but I can't find the files right now, so after I find them I'll be sure to put them up. 

I also forgot to give credit for the newest poster I have in the Movies section.  So I put it up on the Serebii movie page.  I wish it didn't look so bad, but it only loks that way because I had to shrink it down considerably to make it fit.

And because I feel so guilty for not updating in so long, I wrote up two new episode comparisons for you guys during my computer downtime--Episodes15 and 1.  Yes, there's a reason I picked those two to compare together. 

I'm changing my e-mail address again, because I can't check Earthlink e-mail from any computer other than the one at my house, and when I go off to college I'd *like* to receive e-mail.  So I'm changing from [email protected] to [email protected].  If you have any e-mail to send, please send it to that address--I can't check my Earthlink account after I leave on the 16th.  And if you sent an e-mail that I haven't responded to (there's quite a few o_O), please resend those to the new address.  In the meantime, I've updated the sidebar with the new address on the pages I've updated. 

I have to work for the next few days (I have a full-time job!  Yatta!  Okane GETTO da ze!), but I'm off Wednesday and Thursday, so I'll be sure to update something then.

Fixing Stuff o_O
Tuesday, July 17th, 2001

There's a reason why I don't have a real update today...while checking back over my site last night, I noticed that none of my movie 4 pictures were working.  So the time I had allotted myself to work on scanning some pictures for the Humor Section was spent fixing all of those pictures.  After trying and retrying and a little bit of trickery, I've gotten them all fixed.  So go check them out.  I would have had them up earlier, but Envy' server was in one of its moods and wouldn't let me upload anything.  I also realized that I hadn't uploaded the pictures for the front movies page, so I went ahead and did that too.

I forgot to mention yesterday thatthe winner of the poll is Yu-Gi-Oh.  I'm waiting for my tapes to arrive in the mail, so it'll have to hold off watching it until I get a chance to watch them.  If it takes too long, I might go ahead and do the number two choice, Magic Knight Rayearth, since I own the entire series on tape ^_^.  Either way, I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.

Maybe I'll get around to doing the scans later tonight.  I'll try my darndest...

Busy Busy Busy!
Monday, July 16th, 2001

I got my new computer, and it came with a spiffy scanner!  Yay!  It's a really nice scanner and I've had no problem with the quality of the scans.  In fact, it blows images up by something like 50% or so, so I shouldn't have any problems with legibility.  It's also really fast.  Zoom! 

I'm actually still on my old computer, though, for this update because my website is on this computer.  But Friday I'll be putting this hard drive in the new computer, and that computer should be online by then, so all will be fine.  My old computer is actually on the floor right now, and I'm having to either lay down or sit on my knees as I type.  Likewise, I can't do as much typing because it gets too uncomfortable.  So in the case of the fourth movie summary, I typed it on the new computer, and then put it on a floppy to copy and paste on this computer.

Yup, that's my roundabout way of saying that I have a spoiler-filled synopsis of the fourth movie.  I also have a ton of new pictures up from the fourth movie, so go check that out as well.  And I also have soundtrack information.  I also restored the pictures I had up before on the main movies page (the Mi surrounded by Annon and the picture of Serebii surrounded by that funky energy) because I recently found them when going through my files and I think they're too great to toss out.  What else...um...new weekly picture and an updated episode guide (now I'm only one week ahead of TV Tokyo instead of three ^_^).

And I've finally updated Takeshi's bio with his Gold/Silver pokemon because I've gotten several e-mails telling me what his pokemon are and I've just been too lazy to update it.  And while I was at it, I updated stuff on Kasumi's, Satoshi's, and Toru's bios.  I've also changed something in the Pokemon English-Japanese list-I realized that my romanization of Bayleaf was really dumb, so I changed it.

Anyway, that's all for now.  I just found out yesterday that I'm going to Otakon!  Yippee!

New Stuff!
Monday, July 9th, 2001

Envy hasn't been letting me upload lately, so I'm glad that they've fixed whatever needed to be fixed.

How was everybody's Fourth of July week?  I hope yours was fun...I spent mine watching a Lupin III movie with my friends-it's definately campy.  It's like going back and watching old episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Good fun that.

Anyway, what have I been up to?  Well, I found another Voice Actor Interview in one of my old Animericas, this time of Leah Applebaum.  So I went ahead and typed it up for you guys.  It's over in the Humans' Bios section.  I've also updated the Places & Items Section with the names of every place found in the Pokemon Gold/Silver games.  Now I need to do the same with Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

Also, the fourth movie came out in Japan this past Saturday.  If you go on over to the Movie 4 page, you'll see all the neat things that are being given away to people who buy different tickets.  It's too bad that we Americans don't get such groovy promotions.  Also, I've updated something in Vicious' bio, both on the Movie 4 page and in the Humans' Bios page.  I'll get a detailed synopsis up after I'm done looking around at a bunch of different synopses that the lucky fans in Japan have written.

The poll at the bottom of this page will end at 12:01am ET on Thursday.  As I'm typing this, Rayearth is in the lead, but only by one vote.  So if you haven't already voted, do so by the deadline if you want to see your show in the Related Anime Section.

That's all for now.  Tomorrow I'll be getting a new computer, and I think it'll be coming with a SCANNER!   So if it does, I'll get to work on scanning a bunch of stuff for this site.  This week will definately be a busy one...

It's up!  A Brand New Comparison of Movie One!
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2001

I did it!  After almost a week of rewinding and checking and double checking and triple checking and writing and typing and formatting-I've finally finished it.  The comparison of the first movie is finally finished, and I expect lots of feedback.  It's rather long, but it's filled with lots of information I haven't seen anywhere else.  Enjoy!

I've also written a disclaimer on the main Episode Comparions page-that basically, when I use the dub name of a character, I'm talking about the dub.  When I use the Japanese name, I'm talking about the original. 

I'm going to end the poll sometime this weekend, so hurry up and vote!  It seems that most people want either Yu-Gi-Oh (I guess since it's coming on TV this fall) or Magic Knight Rayearth, and that no one wants to know about Here is Greenwood :(  No matter the outcome, the losing titles will remain for the next poll, and I'll just add a different title in the place of the winning one.

There's so much that I can do for this site right now, so the next update will be whatever I feel like at the moment.  But it won't be far away.  That's all for now, and enjoy the new comparison!




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