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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | July 2000

Lots of Updates here and there...
July 29th, 2000 (12:22am ET)

-A rant with an opinion opposite of my most recent rant can be found here.  This rant talks about the evidence supporting the idea that Pokemon is still strong.  Whether it's mega-popular or not, this site will be up until way after the bitter end of the series in Japan.  Shoot, I could see myself working on this site in five years!  I'm definitely here to stay...I was a Pokemon fan the day it made its American debut BEFORE it was a big deal, and I'll be one after, too.

-I've updated my Links section.

-I've updated the French section and added the Netherlands section to the International Pokemon (PKMN of the World) section.

-I've added Tosakinto's (Goldeen's) bio under Kasumi's Pokemon (in the Popular Pokemon section.  Thanks to KitKat70000 for pointing out Tosakinto's absense. 

-The poll's been fixed...I hope...

-New and improved Entei movie section delayed because...um...I haven't had the chance to work on it.  That, my special comparison (I haven't forgotten!), and a super-duper special update will be coming sometime soon...

-And today (Saturday) is Kids' WB!'s last day of "Pokemon Around the World Month."  *crosses fingers for Japanese song*

New Rant Up
July 25th, 2000

About a month until school starts for me :(

I got a new rant up, this one about the reasons why Pokemon's popularity is falling.  I'm proud of this rant, so please read :D.  Also, I've tried the poll thing again, so *hopefully* it'll work. 

Poll Taken Down Temporarily
July 25th, 2000 (1:42 am)

Took the poll down because it wouldn't center, wouldn't work, and was overall giving me a headache.  I'll work on it again tomorrow...

BTW, the second Pokemon movie, "The Power of One," only placed in third place at the box office.  A year ago it would have been number one.  I could go on and on on the reasons for this (a future rant, perhaps? -_^) but won't for now. 

July 24th, 2000

I've got a poll on the bottom of the page!  I've also added a picture of Yadoking to the Popular Pokemon and Lugia movie sections.  Hopefully before the week is over I can get a thrid movie blowout, similar to what I did with the second movie, up.

Pokemon Bashing/Humor Section Updated
July 24th, 2000 (2:00pm ET)

I've updated a section that's just kind of been sitting there for a while, the Pokemon Bashing/Humor section.  There's a new article written by an expert of backwards speech analyst and his findings of the hidden messages in Pokemon.  Worth a laugh!

I'm also accepting submissions for the Pokemon Bashing section.  If you know of any laughable article, stupid story, or just a demonstration of pure stupidity, please send the URL/article to me.

July 24th, 2000 (1:27am ET)

I WOULD'VE had this update up by 9:00pm, but AOL hasn't been cooperating...so I had to let it sit for a while. 

I've put the things from the Lugia bash where it belongs...the human bios are now in the humans section, the CD info now in the CD Guide, a link to the editorial in the editorials section, etc.  I've also cleaned up the humans section and the Popular Pokemon section because they were getting way too big for just one html file...so now it'd divided them into  separate html files. 

Oh, yesterday Kids' WB! aired the Spanish Pokemon opening and the Danish Pokemon Rap.  Just one weekend left...show the Japanese song already!

Movie Two Mega-Bash!
July 22nd, 2000 (12:50am ET)

It's a little late, but in celebration of the theatrical release of the American version of "Mabaroshi no Pokemon Lugia Bakutan," I've updated a lot in the Movie secion.  Under the Lugia movie, there's more detailed plots of the movie and its OVA, soundtrack info, and a short rant I wrote.  I invite everyone who's seen both the American and Japanese versions of the movie to write an editorial/rant.  Or if you've seen the American version, send me your opinions.  I'm probably NOT going to see this movie (I'll watch Chicken Run again ^_^).

Also, I've archived half the news, so maybe without so much stuff on the front page it'll load quicker.

Is it loading quicker?
July 19th, 2000

I'm doing a test.  I'll be doing various things to this front page during the day in attempt to make this page load quicker.  If it works, I *hope* to be changing five pages a day.  My first step is changing my jpgs to gifs...I was told they load quicker.  I've shortened the names on some of the buttons so that they'll look better (they're hard to read when I reduce the font).  Pokemon Bashing is now Humor, International Pokemon is now PKMN of the World, Editorials are now Rants, and I've added a button for the message board, but that's it.

Oh yeah, and I hope to do something special on Friday regarding the second pokemon movie...I *hope* to do song lyrics (got to get permission first...) from the Japanese movie, character bios of the humans in the movie, a revamped movies section overall (each movie will be organized better), lots of stuff.  But considering how hard it is for me to get on the computer lately (because everyone else is on it) it might be hard...

The Power of One Special
July 16th, 2000

For the love of Kami-sama, go to Bulbagarden's CD Guide and download yourself some mp3's from the Japanese Movie 2 soundtrack.  After that horrid special, I had to listen to Toi et Moi and the Jirarudan theme a few dozen times to get sane after that...

Well, what was it like?  It opened with the two groups singing the remix of the TV's second American OP.  Then they had Kel yelling a lot and they had a brief 30-second overview of the plot, and then told the inspirational stories I told you about earlier.  Then they had lots of soundtrack stuff.  Lots of bad (I mean BAD) pop music, with Donna Summers obviously knowing nothing about Pokemon.  It was...pukificacious (OK, that's not a real adjective...). 

Name Updates, Added Picture
July 15th, 2000

I've added the full American names for Ookido and Hanako, so that's in the human section.  I've also added a picture for Pokemon Gold/Silver.

Cheesy as I-don't-know-what Pokemon the Movie 2000 Special
July 15th, 2000

Oh my...I was looking at Nintendo's officail Pokemon site, and found their little write-up on the special airing tomorrow night on the WB!  Here's an excerpt:

The program airs on July 16, at 8:00 PM Eastern and Pacific time. Tune in to get an early look at your favorite characters' newest big screen adventure, and to hear some of the songs created especially for the movie's soundtrack. You'll even get to go behind the scenes to watch recording sessions and interviews with Dream Street, Alysha, and Weird Al Yankovic. 

Watch Weird Al poorly pronounce Pokemon names in the song that replaces Toi et Moi!  Sounds more like a special about the soundtrack than of the movie itself...

One of the best part of the show will be a special segment hosted by David Gallagher from 7th Heaven. With the help of Kobe Bryant, Christina Aguilera and the boys from 'N Sync, David will tell the inspirational stories of real kids around the country who demonstrate the movie's message, "the power of one." Like Ash, these kids have made a real difference in their own communities on a daily basis. Here are a few of the amazing kids you'll meet on Sunday: 

This is going to be like a *really* bad after-school special.  Here's an inspirational story:

Andre Graves turned his life around when he stopped selling drugs, and now he helps other kids to stay on the right path.

<as former drug addict> "I used to sell drugs, but I noticed that they weren't selling that well with the 2-12 crowd.  So I did a little research and found out that kids are spending all their money on Pokemon.  So now I sell Pokemon lollipops laced with cocaine!  That'll bring em' back for more!"  PS.  This paragraph was just a joke.  You'd be surprised at how easily people jump to conclusions...

Included will be "heartfelt experiences" with such super-stars as N'SYNC, Christina Aguilera, and Kobe Bryant.  Let's listen to Christina Aguilera:

"I think it's important that young people today realize that they really do have the power to change the world."

(No, that is not Gwen Stefani on crack...that's the picture of Christina they put up on the site...)

So in conclusion, this thing will be a cheesy-as-HFIL laugh-riot.  You know I'll be watching!  Oh yeah, the link to the whole article is here.

Kids' WB! Stuff
July 15th, 2000

Today Kids' WB! played the Portugese opening to Pokemon and the Swedish Pokemon Rap.  Did anyone else think of the Swedish Chef (from the Muppets)?

Also, Kids' WB! played Japanese Episode 9 of Card Captor Sakura.  Not only are they skipping episodes, they're also showing them out of order!  Take a look below:

English Episode 01=Japanese Episode 08
English Episode 02=Japanese Episode 12
English Episode 03=Japanese Episode 17
English Episode 04=Japanese Episode 09

All I can say is that I hope the rumor about Nelvana starting over from Japanese Episode 1 this fall are true.  They're confusing a LOT of people!  I know that if I hadn't seen the first three episodes fansubbed at Animazement 2000, I wouldn't have a clue as to what's going on.

Pokemon Live Show Times/Cities
July 13th, 2000

Pokemon Live may be coming to you!  Here are the cities and dates.

Sept. 15 - Sept. 17: Albany, NY, Pepsi Arena
Sept. 20 - Oct. 1: New York, NY, Radio City Music Hall
Oct. 4 - Oct. 8: Cleveland, OH, CSU Convocation Center
Oct. 10 - Oct. 15: Wallingford, CT, Oakdale Theatre
Oct. 17 - Oct. 22: Toronto, ONT, Hummingbird Centre
Oct. 31 - Nov. 1: Grand Rapids, MI, Van Andel Arena
Nov. 2 - Nov. 5: Columbus, OH Nationwide Arena
Nov. 14 - Nov. 19: Fairfax, VA, Patriot Center
Nov. 21 - Nov. 26: Atlanta, GA, Fox Theatre
Nov. 29 - Dec. 3: Charlotte, NC, Independence Arena
Dec. 6 - Dec. 10: Camden, NJ, Blockbuster-Sony Music Entertainment Centre
Dec. 12 - Dec. 17: Worcester, MA, Centrum Centre

Pokemon Live! is also scheduled to visit the following cities, but exact dates and venues have not yet been confirmed: Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Miami, Orlando, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Mexico City.Tickets for Pokémon Live! will be on sale soon, so contact your local venue for more information about purchasing tickets. 

It's coming to Charlotte, which is pretty close to where I am, so maybe I'll see it!  Whee -_-

Everybody Polkamon!
July 13th, 2000

I know you're ALL dying to hear the Weird Al song that's on the second Pokemon movie soundtrack...well, here's the link.  According to the offical Weird Al site, the song will be played during the end credits of the movie.  And in the Lugia section (under Movies), I've posted the lyrics at the bottom of the page!  Enjoy! 

July 13th, 2000

After getting kicked off TWICE yesterday while trying to upload one HTML, I was pretty much fed up with AOL (when's my Earthlink CD coming in?) so the thing I've been promising you for a week isn't up yet.  I'll try again tonight after my brother's off-line...we share computers, and while he checks e-mail and whatnot I work on my summer reading ("All the King's Men").  But by the time he's done, the book has bored me so much that I just want to go to bed!  The book's so friggin wordy!

Still need that HTML help...
July 12th, 2000

Does anyone know a lot about HTML?  If you do, could you e-mail me some hints on how to make this page load quicker?  I mean it loads slower than a flash site!  Any help will be appreciated and you will be given credit on this page.

Pokemon the Movie 2000 Special
July 12th, 2000

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been at a friend's house for the past two days.  I'll be uploading  pictures for the "special" comparison later tonight, so it may not be up for a while (I only have AOL to work with -_-)

I just got around to watching Saturday's "Cardcaptors" episode (I think around Episode 17?) when a commercial for the special came on.  My...it looks like it'll be painful.  Kel Mitchell, the guy from "All That," "Kenan and Kel," and the movie "Goodburger" is hosting.  Also, they'll have music from some of the artists off the soundtrack (mostly boy and girl pop groups) and special appearances from Christina Aguilera, Kobe Bryant, and N'SYNC.  It comes on next Sunday night at around 7pm ET (check local listings for exact time). 

Also on a random note, I beat Final Fantasy 8 Sunday...is it just me or does it look like *SPOILER NAME* is fishing with a Monster Ball?  Anyway, the ending's great and is well worth the long final battle.

Various Updates here and there...
July 8th, 2000

I've updated the comparison for Episode 54. Also check out the Humans section for upsated information (including lots of voice actor information), and the Places & Items section.  I've gotten the HTML written for my *special* comparison, now all I have to do is format it and check over it...it'll hopefully be up soon (I can only get on-line at night, so I can't really update during the day :(  Gomen!)

The Entei movie debuts today, and pocketmonsters.com is selling a special movie souvenier package.  Included is a ticket to the movie, a keychain, and various other little odds and ends.  Soon I hope to have the time to put screenshots up from the newest trailer.

No dub on TV Tokyo
July 5th, 2000

Apparently, TV Tokyo is not airing a dub of the Miniryuu episode.  It'll be in Japanese.  Darn >.<

BTW, I'm working on a special type of comparison...hopefully it'll be up tomororow...and also, I again remind people to pleeeeeease send in some editorials!  I really want to update that section!

TV Tokyo airing English-dub of Miniryuu episode!?
July 4th, 2000 (around 1:30 am)

I was looking around the Japanese TV Tokyo website recently.  For those of you who don't know, TV Tokyo is the station in Japan which has aired and currently airs Pocket Monsters in Japan.  Well, every Thursday night, from 7:00pm-7:30pm, TV Tokyo airs an episode of the English-dubbed Pokemon.  Well, they have that this Thursday, they'll show Japanese Episode 35, the banned-in-the-US episode "The Legend of Miniryuu!"  Does this mean that TV Tokyo is airing an English-dub of this episode?  On the site, they have it listed as American Episode 34 (they haven't included Episode 18 yet...).  There's a special rainbow-colored sign on the front page telling all about it.  You can get to TV Tokyo's site by following this link.

Toru's Last Episode Up, Toonami stuff
July 3rd, 2000

...And I've gotten the Episode 55 comparison up.  There was a LOT of writing in this episode!  The next comparison I'll do is the first episode of American Season 3, the first Katsura episode.  But I've already done three episodes today, and that episode also has a lot of writing AND the riddles are different, so I'll do them another time.  After that comparison, the section will pretty much be dead for the next month or so until I can get some episodes in the mail.  But don't worry, there's still plently on this site to update -_^.

And did everybody see the Daruma Daimon on Sailor Moon today?  Hope you remembered Daruma Dolls from my Episode 82 comparison!  And Tenchi came on today...not much to say, since this was dubbed several years ago.  I hope there's very little censoring...can't wait until the special "Time and Space" episodes come on with Pretty Sammy and Ryoko's and Ayeka's "kiss" scene ^0^.  I don't really know why Toonami picked to air Tenchi, because it's not nearly as action-packed as Toonami's other shows.  But I'm still happy that it's on and will be watching every episode!

Two New Comparisons Up...
July 3rd, 2000

I've gotten two more episode comparisons up, this time of the first two episodes Toru appears in (he only appears in three...).  I might do his third episode sometime tonight (it has the first appearance of Yamato and Kosaburou!).  Then today can be Toru day!

HTML stuff...
July 2nd, 2000

Does anyone know a lot about HTML?  If you do, could you e-mail me some hints on how to make this page load quicker?  I mean it loads slower than a flash site!  Any help will be appreciated and you will be given credit on this page.

A Hodgepodge of News! (Will Dogasu ever do any REAL updates?!)
July 2nd, 2000

First of all, YTV, the Canadian TV station which airs Pokemon in Canada, has said that they will not air the Lost Episode "Beauty and the Beach."  YTV said that when they bought the right to air the series, the three lost episodes weren't part of the deal.  YTV said that they are not related in any way to Kids' WB! and that what it airs has nothing to do with what episodes Kids' WB! airs.

There is also a bunch of news coming from Anime Expo.  Here's some of the points of interest (gotten from DVD AniMania):

1)  Gundam Wing:  Endless Waltz, the sequel to Gundam Wing which goes into detail into the pasts of the five Gundam pilots, will be airing on Cartoon Network this August.

2)  Viz Video has bought the rights to Yuu Watase's newest manga-turned-anime, Ayashi no Ceres.  The series just debuted in Japan this past April, so it's good that we're not having to wait the many years we had to wait to get Fushigi Yuugi brought over here.  They're also doing the manga.

3)  Gen Fukunaga had a bit to say about Dragon Ball Z.  First of all, they WILL use a male's voice for Cell (after Freeza, we didn't know...).  It will start off with an insect-type voice in its first phase (maybe similar to the Saibaman-look-alikes in the movie "World's Strongest") and his voice will become more human as he gets closer to Perfect Cell (*hint* FUNIimation, use the Cell from the American release of Dragon Ball Final Bout!).  Gen also doesn't seem to be in complete control of his company, as he didn't seem to know about the mispronunciations of Kaio-ken or such lines as Freeza's "Whatever turns you on, big boy."  More info regarding this can be found here.

Tenchi comes on tomorrow at 6pm (on the east coast).  It'll start off the newly-added third hour of Toonami.  Blue Submarine #6 will not come on this Saturday as expected :(.

And hopefully, I'll have a real update tomorrow.  I've been at work a lot for the past two days but tomorrow I'm off, so I'll have time to do a real update!

Saturday Night Live Tidbit
July 2nd, 2000

Last night Saturday Night Live was on.  I don't know if it was a repeat or not, but during the "Weekend Update" with Colin Quinn, they had a story about Pokemon.  They reported that a 9-year-old stabbed a classmate for Pokemon cards.  Colin said something like "For those of you who don't know, Pokemon is Japanese for 'this week's excuse.'"  So true, so true...

Card Captor Sakura Theory
July 1st, 2000

I have a theory about the English dub of Card Captor Sakura...Kids' WB!/Nelvana is trying to make the show Batman!  Below is the evidence:

1)  Music.  The music in the dub sounds just like something out of Batman Beyond/Men in Black!  Of course, this isn't the original background music...

2)  Night.  Did you ever notice that the episodes they chose occur at night?  Most of the action in Japanese episode eight happen at night, as do the events in Japanese Episode 12.  Batman happens mostly at night...

3)  Cards.  The cards chosen could just as easily be in a Batman episode.  In the first episode, it would make sense to showcase the Thunder Card, but they showcased the Shadow Card instead.  Sounds like something that could very easily be a Batman villain...so can the Time Card.

Next weekend we get a "new" episode.  So far they've cut out ten episodes...so we'll see...

Pokemon Around the World Month
July 1st, 2000

Well, the first rumor I reported last night/early this moring turned out to be true.  Every weekend this month, Kids' WB! is airing various pokemon songs in various languages.  Today they played the French OP (the lyrics for that can be found in the Lyric Archive-hope you sang along!) and the Norwegian Pokemon Rap (the pokemon names are the same).  I wonder what the Japanese song will be?  Probably not the pokemon rap, because then it would reveal 4Kids' changes!  I think it would have been cooler if today's episode was entirely in French or Norwegian, but oh well.  I guess this is supposed to tide us over during July while Kids' WB! sits on their butts this summer and not show us the episodes we know they have. 

I have a Message Board!
July 1st, 2000

Go to it and chat with other people!

Rumors, Rumors....
July 1st, 2000

Lots of rumors floating around...

First of all, I heard that this weekend, Kids' WB! is supposed to be having some sort of "Pokemon Around the World" deal going on.  Apparently they'll be airing Pokemon songs from various countries around the world...including Japan!  Please play Rivals and show everyone how superior that song is to "Pokemon World!"  Let Amerians listen to the REAL MSB ending theme. 

Also, it is rumored that the first Card Captor Sakura movie will be aired on Kids' WB! this winter as a several-part special.  I've also heard that the episodes being shown now are just part of Kids' WB! "Click-and-Pick" summer and that the show will start over, from japanese episode one, in the fall.

"Pokemon the Movie 2000" Special
July 1st, 2000

Taken directly from the official site:

On Sunday, July 16, the WB Network will broadcast a 30-minute special, The Power of One:  "Pokemon The Movie 2000."  The special airs at 7:00 p.m., so check your local listings and tune in!

New Comparison up...
July 1st, 2000

I've got a comparison of episode 47 up (the one in which everyone helps out at the hospital), so check that out. 

Second Movie Soundtrack
July 1st, 2000

I've finally gotten  the track listing of the American soundtrack to the second movie (Feel like I'm the last person to have it up...then again, I was down for a week...).  Weird Al's on there with a new song for the movie, so it won't be like the Transformers movie ("Dare to be Stupid" playing in the middle of a battle...).  The B-52's also make an appearance with a new song  (can you imagine "Love Shack" playing while Satoshi is getting kissed?).  "Pokemon World" is the title of the second American Pokemon opening (the first is cleverly titled "Pokemon Theme") and will be performed by two people.  And my last comment is that we all get to see, officially, that Kireihana will be Bellossom in the dub.  Enjoy!




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