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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | January 2005

Happy Birthday!
January 31st, 2005

I wanted to have a better update for you guys today, I really did.  But I'm going to have to fall back on the same old "I've had a lot of schoolwork lately" excuse.  Yeah, I know it's an annoying thing to hear from a site that hasn't updated in forever, but it's the God-honest truth.

However, no matter how much homework I should be doing now, I can't let this day pass without an update.  My site's now half a decade old, so I've written my annual "Happy Anniversary!" write-up.  Hope you'll take the time out to read some fanboy's reflections about the last five years.  

My schoolwork should lighten up, so I should have an updated version of the Deoxys comparison up in a few days (most of it is already done and uploaded anyway).

I'll leave you with something interesting that Blue Hiker alerted me about.  I wouldn't take the information too seriously (I have several reasons to believe that this "Jimmy" won't be the main character like the site says) but at least it's something to tide us over until we get more information about the show.

Destiny Deoxys!
January 22nd, 2005

I'll have an update that explains my absense later tonight.  But for now, here's the preliminary Episode Comparison for "Destiny Deoxys."  

I plan to have pictures of the scenes that were cut out up later tonight.

Quick update
January 12th, 2005

I've updated the TV Schedule page.

By now, you may have heard that the second AG movie, "Destiny Deoxys," will be airing on Kids' WB! on January 22nd.  What you may not know is that the day before, Cartoon Network will come up and air the first AG movie, "Jirachi Wish Maker."  So be sure to set your VCR's for those two.

I've also updated the AG Movie 3 page with information that's been released since the official site went up.

I don't know when I'll update next, since my first week back at college has been really hectic, but I expect everything to cool down in a few days.

Updating sections; four new comparisons
January 7th, 2005

Hello everyone.

Dogasu's Backpack is finally back after taking four months off to study for a second semester in Japan.  I had a blast while I was there, and I feel like I learned lots of Japanese during my stay.  I also managed to make a ton of great friends, friends who I hope to stay in contact with for  a very long time. 

I realize that, on this main site, I had posted that I would have the site updated by December 25th.  Obviously, that didn't happen.  However, it's not my fault--the computer with all my files on it decided that it didn't want to load Windows, and I had to try a number of troubleshooting methods to get the computer to work.  I finally ended up taking the thing to a repairman and shelling out the money necessary to pay him, but at least now it's done with.  Unless some unforseen disaster occurs (like, I dunno, my server dying on me or something), everything should be on track for a full return.

So what do I have on tap for the first update?  First of all, I've updated with four new Episode Comparisons:  "Turning Over a Nuzleaf," "A Three Team Scheme!," "Seeing is Believing!," and "Ready, Willing and Sableye."  I've been able to use my new laptop (which was sort of a Welcome Home/Christmas present) with its DVD player to make some screenshots of the dub, which was helpful for two of those four comparisons.  I've also updated the Episode Guide.

The next few updates will consist of me updating sections that desparately need to be updated, but I'll throw in some goodies with them to make the update process less boring for you guys.




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