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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | January 2004

Four years
January 31st, 2004

Today's my site's fourth birthday, so I've done the yearly write-up.  Be sure to read it for an important announcement.

I'll get the movie five comparison up soon, I promise.

Yes, I'm still working on the Movie Five Comparison
January 27th, 2004

The movie five comparison is taking me a while because of the Mewtwo Strikes Back amount of edits, so it's not *quite* ready yet.  However, I do have "On a Wingull and a Prayer!" ready for you, and the Episode Guide's been updated with a bunch of new titles as well.  Don't worry about the lack of a dubbed title for Episode AG 021--the episode is still going to be shown (it's not like it'll be a lost episode or anything), it's just that the episode's titles haven't been released yet. 

Before I go, here's a little news bit--the nominations for the Best Animated Feature award has recently been announced.  Remember how Pokémon Heroes was being considered for an Academy Awards nomination?  Well, it didn't make it--the three films up for the Oscar this year are Brother Bear, Finding Nemo (which you know is going to win), and The Triplettes Of Belleville.  I'm surprised none of Satoshi Kon's movies were nominated, but I guess a non-Disney film can't be nominated unless it's directed by Miyazaki Hayao. 

I can't tell you when I'll have the Movie Five comparison up, but I'm really working hard to get it on the site before too long.

Preparing for tomorrow
January 19th, 2004

The "Stairway to Devon" comparison is now up, and since there were actual edits to report, it's a bit more interesting that the last ones have been.  I've also added some things to the General Edits page just because that page needed to be updated.

I have to work tomorrow (11am-8pm), so the absolute earliest I can get any sort of comparison for the fifth movie done is Wednesday night. 

Hey, it's back
January 18th, 2004

So the site's been down for the last week, but it's not because of bandwidth or anything like that--the server that my site is on was upgrading, that's all.  So now the site's back, and I have some comparisons for you.

Comparisons for "Gonna Rule The School!" and "The Winner by a Nosepass" are now up.  I haven't even had a chance to even look at "Stairway to Devon" because I had work all day yesterday, and I have work all day today.  So my hopes are to get the comparison for that up sometime before the Pokémon Heroes DVD comes out so that I can focus on that.

Besides that, make sure you check out the January 14th update since I kinda uploaded all those files without knowing that my site was down.  Anyway, my next update should be something Pokémon Heroes-related, so I'll try to get that done as soon as I can.

The last layout-type update for a loooooooooooooong while
January 14th, 2004

My Internet connection really hasn't been cooperating tonight.  It's like my computer is mad at me or something, so it is therefore thwarting all attempts I've made to go on-line.  So, while I'm still hanging on to a connection, let me update.

First of all, I've made a major revision to the Old Updates Archive.  It's much nicer now, and I'm quite happy with the way it looks now.  I've also fiddled with the Rants section, archiving my old anniversary rants for easy access. 

Finally, I have a bit of news.  First of all, the Anime News Network reports that Hayashibara Megumi, the voice actress for Musashi and the Houen Pokemon Zukan (among others) is now pregnant.  There has been no announcement on how this will affect her current voice acting roles, but the fear is that her pregnancy will force the writers to write Musashi out of the show until she has her baby. 

In addition, the Pokémon Heroes DVD comes out next Tuesday (that's less than a week away), so be sure to be on the lookout for that.  My work schedule will determine when I can get the comparison for that and the mini-movie up, so until I can find that out I can't promise anything. 

Well, I'm off to try to beat Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Did they just say "sh*t" on Space Ghost???
January 12th, 2004

So I went to my tape with yesterday's two dub episodes, and guess what?  Due to the snow we had this past week, the reception turned out to be really crappy--so crappy, in fact, that doing any sort of episode comparisons from them would prove to be impossible.  So I'm going to have to get the episodes on this week's rerun airing, meaning that, at the earliest, I'll have "Gonna Rule the School!" done on Thursday night.

In the meantime, I've fixed the links in the International section of the Lyrics Archive, so all those pages should work properly now.  In addition, I went ahead and made the long-overdue addition of Smile, the third Advanced Generation ending theme, to the Archive.  Now Pocket Monsters can count itself among the huge sea of anime that has a song with the word "Smile" in it.

More updates will arrive this coming week.

I'm happy that the Brak Show has been canceled
January 6th, 2004

Hey everyone.  Have a good New Year's?  I've had lots of fun in the past few weeks, hanging out with all my friends while we're still all around (everybody but me goes back to school this coming Monday, after which I'll be stuck at home until March--I'll explain in my yearly Anniversary write-up).  Anyway, let's get this site back on track, shall we?

So you may have noticed a few changes on the sidebar over there.  I've separated each section of the site into three big categories, and I've also added the DVD Guide and TV Schedule to the sidebar.  The DVD Guide went up later last month, but the TV Schedule section is all new (well, at least for this site anyway). 

You may have noticed that the International Pokemon section has been taken off the sidebar.  Consider this to be the official closing down of that section.  While I do appreciate the information submitted by various contributors, the truth of the matter is is that the section is just too broad to update.  I mean, with sections like the Episode Comparisons or the Movies sections I know that there's really only so much I can update with.  But with the International Pokemon section, there is no such limit--I could go on forever and ever, providing an endless amount of Pokemon Lists and Lyrics for each of the dozens upon dozens of countries in which the show is aired.  If you want to find out about the Mexican version or something, it would probably be more worth your time to just look at a Mexican Pokemon site.

The section will sort of live on since I will continue to have international lyrics in the Lyrics Archive section (I'll fix the links soon), but I won't put them in their own section and lump them together with unorganized lists and such. 

Anyway, I'll be uploading the updated files all night, but since I'm on a 56K modem (while sharing a house with a mother and sister who are addicted to the telephone) some of the files may not be up until tomorrow. 

Happy New Year!
January 3rd, 2004

I've gotta go to work soon, so I'll just upload the Episode AG 014 comparison and be on my way.




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