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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | January 2000

January 31, 2000

I finally got this page up!  Yay!  It was originally supposed to be put up on Christmas Day, then New Year's.  However, Y2K actually deleted my Netscape Composer program so I had to download a new one!  But this past week being out of school because of this massive snow storm has gotten me in a super-productive mode.  Today is the first day my page's been on-line!  It took a lot of work (I got frustrated uploading this dern page...) so I hope it's worth it.

I know that this page is kind of bland.  Don't worry, I have a new layout in the works already.  It's just that if I waited to put this page up with the new layout it'd be another week or three before it got finished.

I'm very excited about some of the things I'll be doing for this page.  I hope to get an episode conversions page up soon.  My comparisons will be coming from the anime graphic novels that I have, so I won't have very many to start out with.  However, I will have available right from the get-go the Japanese names and air dates of all the episodes shown in Japan.  There is quite a bit of editing going on in the series, and not just covering up all the Japanese symbols with English.  English is covered up with English too (Nibi Gym was written in English on the outside of the gym, but 4Kids covered it up with "Pewter Gym").  In addition, I hope to put up bios of the more important pokemon (Pikachu, Nyasu, Lucky, etc.).  Also, though this may be a little down the road, have attack conversions.  Most of the attacks were translated without being changed too much, but now you know when watching a Japanese episode that "Supiido Sutaa" is "Swift."  Also I plan to add more lyrics and my synopsis to Pokemon Zensho.  Oh, and the romanization for "Type Wild" will be done soon.

So anyway, that's what you can be looking forward to.  When's my next projected update?  Maybe by the middle of February.  After March 6th, though, I'll be too busy playing the US release of Stadium 2 to work on this page ^_^ (right now I'm playing Lunar:  SSSC.  Just made it past Disc 1!).  And I've yet to finish Pokemon Yellow (I still have to fight Natsume).  Maybe another snow storm can cancel school for another week or three?

Release Dates:

Games (US)
Pokemon Stadium 2-March 6, 2000
Pokemon Gold/Silver-September 16, 2000
Pokemon VRS-Future

Pokemon the First Movie:  Mewtwo Strikes Back-early March 2000
Pokemon the Second Movie:  Revelation Lugia-July 16, 2000
Pokemon:  Lugia Bakutan-released on VHS in Japan on February 2nd.




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