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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | February 2011

Pocket Monsters BW The Hero of Thunder and Fire
February 28th, 2011

Dogasu @ 7:15 JST -- It's about time I get this posted!  I have a summary for the first chapter in a new series, Pocket Monsters BW The Hero of Thunder and Fire!

Pocket Monsters BW The Hero of Thunder and Fire

I hope my summary is an accurate representation of just how fun this series is.  I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.

And with that, I now have a section for almost every manga series currently running in Japan.  The only one left is Pokemon Try Adventure; I'll try to get a section for that up as soon as I catch up on all the other manga summaries I'm behind on.

I've also updated the track listing for the TV Animation Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack Best 1997 - 2010 Vol. 2 that was released last week.
  Unfortunately, the reports about the CD not having any track listings is true.  So, what I ended up doing is list the titles that we do know based on the other releases that have background music.  I was tempted to my own fan titles to the list (I'm sure something like "Rocket-Dan Motto (Shin'ou Version)" wouldn't be too far from what the real title is), but I decided that would have been too confusing and opted not to. 

Finally, the List of Episodes has also been updated with two new Japanese titles and a new English title.

I'm about halfway done with the comparison for "Enter Iris and Axew!" and hope to have it up in the next couple of days.

Pocket Monsters Réburst
February 23rd, 2011

Dogasu @ 17:05 JST -- That Weekly Shounen Sunday manga now has a name!

Weekly Shounen Sunday Volume 13

The title of the new series is Pocket Monsters Réburst (ポケットモンスター RéBURST) and was revealed in the issue of Weekly Shounen Sunday that went on sale today.  The manga will be written by Kusude Jin (楠出 尽) and drawn by Tamura Mitsuhisa (田村光久).

Edit:  Information about the author and artist has been added.

I've updated the page I have set up for it in the manga section with this new information.

"Victini and the Black & White Cash Grab"
February 23rd, 2011

Dogasu @ 10:00 JST -- I forgot to upload this when I was doing my big update the other day!  Whoops!

So 2011 will see two Best Wishes! movies, not just one!  This is old news by now, of course, but I still wanted to update the site with this information. 

Oh yeah.  And here's a comparison for the first episode of Season 14, "In the Shadow of Zekrom!"

"In the Shadow of Zekrom!"

Writer's block strikes again!  I'm not entirely happy with the way it turned out, but I figured it was better to go ahead and post it instead of making you guys wait any longer.

Finally, a reminder that the TV Animation Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack Best 1997 - 2010 Vol. 2 comes out today.  Early reports seem to indicate that the track listing we've known for about a month now - the one with just the "M" numbers - is the final track listing, and that no other track names are given.  If that's the case, I'll probably just do what I did for the Best Wishes! BGM tracks and give examples of episodes where the music is used.

I'll continue to catch up on the comparisons / manga summaries I'm behind on the rest of this week.

"Best Wishes!" opening comparison, some miscellaneous manga stuff
February 19th, 2011

Dogasu @ 12:38 JST -- Sorry it's taken me so long to update this site again.  Job hunting, a long weekend spent out of town, job hunting, the Fox cartoons returning with new episodes, job hunting, and Batman Arkham Asylum have all be fighting for my free time.

So a big part of today's update is a comparison for the opening theme to Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!, Best Wishes!.

Best Wishes!

I'll start working on the episode comparisons for the first two Black & White episodes later today.  There's lots to talk about with those two!

I've also updated the List of TV Episodes and the List of Pokemon with new a new English title and a bunch of new pokemon names, respectively.

I've also got some more Manga stuff!  Unfortunately, I don't have any more chapter summaries for you at the moment, but I do have some more information about that mysterious new series set to appear in Weekly Shounen Sunday next month. 
I pretty much compiled all the known information about this series onto one page, so I hope you all find it useful.  Of course, I'll be updating that page as more information comes in.

Weekly Shounen Sunday Arceus and the Jewel of Life

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pacific, it seems that a printing error in Viz's release of Arceus and the Jewel of Life has caused the final chapter to be omitted and replaced with a reprint of the first chapter.  You can read more about the nature of the misprint here and here.  It doesn't seem like all the copies were affected, so if you're still planning on picking this title up, be sure to flip through it first to make sure you don't get one of the defective ones.

Unfortunately, those of you who do have a defective copy don't have many options. 
According to the FAQ on Viz's website:

10. The merchandise I purchased is defective. Can you send a replacement?

VIZ Media is not a manufacturer. Please contact the store where you originally purchased the defective product for all returns and exchanges.

So basically, go to the store you bought it from and hope they'll give you a refund.

Finally, check out this Kotaku article from a week and a half ago about people getting in trouble over in Japan for selling save files for the video games.  Interesting stuff!

"Memories Are Made of Bliss!"
February 11th, 2011

Dogasu @ 15:48 JST -- Wow, this took me a lot longer to finish than I had anticipated.  Thanks, writer's block!

Here's the comparison for the final episode of Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl, "Memories Are Made of Bliss!"

"Memories Are Made of Bliss!"

This comparison has extras that include screenshots of the montage that got cut out, so be sure to check it out.  I also prepared a video to show you guys, but...well, just read the comparison.  You'll see.

A comparison for the Zorro'ark movie isn't going to be posted until next week at the earliest.  I want to get some manga stuff and the first two Best Wishes! episodes out of the way first.

The List of Pokemon for Generation V has also been updated with a bunch of English names that were revealed over the past week.  Darumakka's English name came from a game demo TPCI is currently touring around the U.S. while the others are from the Official Nintendo Magazine UK.

The List of TV Episodes has also been updated with a new Japanese title.

Finally, in super old news, the manga series Pokemon Battorio Mezase!  Battorio Masutaa (
ポケモンバトリ オ めざせ! バトリオマスター), or "Pokemon Battrio - Aim to be a Battrio Master!" ended its run in CoroCoro Ichiban! back in November.  I hadn't been keeping up with the series at all, so this news unfortunately fell through the cracks.  Volume Two of the series was released in September, and I'm assuming that a third volume will be coming out in the next few months to collect the remaining chapters.  The Manga Guide page has been updated to reflect the series' new status.

A few pieces of housekeeping to get through before this weekend's double whammy
February 5th, 2011

Dogasu @ 18:07 JST -- There are a few things I wanted to follow up with you guys in regards to the 3DS.  The source for all these stories is Kotaku:
  • American retailer Gamestop is apparently listing 3DS games as being between $40 and $50 MSRP.  They're also being ridiculous and listing six high profile first party games coming out on the same day, so we'll see about the whole pricing thing.
  • The 3DS' e-shop won't be available on day one.  This probably won't affect us Pokemon fans since I doubt Nintendo will be releasing any Pokemon games on the service anytime soon, but it's still worth noting.
  • The Friend Code system is getting an overhaul.  Instead of forcing you to record friend codes for each and every game you want to play online, Nintendo will only make you remember one friend code that you can use for all your games.  This means that the code you enter to battle your friends in your Ruby / Sapphire remakes will be the same code you use to connect your Generation VI games.
Kotaku has also posted a sort of "what we know about the 3DS so far" guide here.

In site news, the comparison for "The Brockster Is In!" has been updated with a correction and information about that doku pun I mentioned before.  The List of TV Episodes has also been updated with the English titles for the third and fourth episodes of Pokémon Black & White.  Finally, the page for DP Galactic Battles in the DVD Guide has been updated with what I think is a more likely episode listing.  Thanks to everyone over at Bulbagarden for pointing all this out for me!

I'm doing all the prep work for "Memories Are Made of Bliss!" now so that the only thing that'll be left to do by the time the dub airs will be adding in whatever changes have been made.  With any luck, I'll have the comparison for that up before Zoroark - Master of Illusions airs at 7:00pm ET.

In the meantime...holy shit.  That actually made me a little bit queasy.

"The Brockster Is In!"
February 3rd, 2011

Dogasu @ 07:32 JST -- For the first update of the site's eleventh year in existence, I've uploaded a picture of a Pichu dying from poison.  How fun!  Here's the essay on "The Brockster Is In!"

"The Brockster Is In!"

The past seven episodes have required me to write synopses that are more or less blow-by-blow accounts of league's battles, so it's nice to finally have a regular episode to write about.  It's hard to believe we've only got one more episode to go!

I've updated the DVD Guide with listings for the third and fourth volumes of DP Galactic Battles.  I can't say I really see a pattern in the way Viz is releasing this season.  Assuming the runtimes listed on Amazon are all accurate (they're not), volume one will be 175 minutes, volume two will be 200 minutes, volume three will be 150 minutes, and volume four will be 150 minutes.  Viz has been releasing the dub of Diamond & Pearl at six volumes per season with eight or nine episodes per volume, but the second DP Galactic Battles volume looks to have ten episodes, messing up the other volumes' numbering in the process.  I have no idea what Viz is doing, but the idea of them cramming ten episodes produced for high definition onto a single DVD is not an appealing one.

I've also updated the List of TV Episodes with a new Japanese title and the first two English titles for TPCI's sixth season, Pokémon Black & White.  The episode titles are pretty close to the Japanese titles and the preview clip up on Cartoon Network's website doesn't have a trace of dub music, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the dub is going to be any better.  We won't actually know that until the episodes actually air.  And while I would be happy if the dub takes a turn for the better, it wouldn't make up for the other thirteen years we've had to put up with a sub-standard product.  I hesitate to say "too little too late," especially when we don't actually know if things are actually going to improve or not, but to be perfectly honest that's kind of the feeling I'm getting right now.

Cartoon Network Sneak Peek

The List of Pokemon has also been updated with the names recently revealed by IGN.

Finally, I've updated the Video Games section with information about Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS.




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