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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | February 2010

"Arceus and the Jewel of Life" comparison
February 28th, 2010

Dogasu @ 09:38 JST -- This has been a long time coming, but I've finally finished the revised comparison for "Arceus and the Jewel of Life."

Arceus and the Jewel of Life

What?  I was supposed to pick an image that better represents the movie, as a whole?  Bah!

Part of the reason this took me so long to do was because I pretty much did this whole thing from the ground up.  I rewrote large portions of the placeholder comparison, so there's plenty of new stuff to read even if you've already read the older version. 

Now that that's done, I feel like I can finally say that I'm done with this movie.  There really isn't much else for me to cover, is there?  There's still the American DVD release (by the way, Viz, when is that coming out?), but I really don't think we'll get much out of that other than maybe a restored time cut. 

Speaking of DVDs and restored time cuts, I got an e-mail from levyanime telling me that the scene that was cut from "Drifloon On The Wind!" was restored for the DVD.  So, I've updated the comparison accordingly.

I've also updated the List of Anime Episodes with some new English titles.  That Galactic finale is right around the corner!

I'll try to update soon with the comparison for "Dressed for Jess Success!"  It looks like TPCI pulled a "Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!" on us and given us all the Japanese music again, so that's pretty awesome.  I also got the Saikoh Everyday! CDs in the mail earlier today, so I'll be posting some lyrics from that up sometime this week as well.  By the way, Pokemon Symphonic Medley 2 > Pokemon Symphonic Medley.  This is a fact.

Finally, check out the most recent episode of Penny Arcade:  The Series.  I recommend watching the whole thing, but if you don't have the time, skip to the seven and a half minute mark to hear some discussion about game testing on Pokemon Snap and how incredibly boring that must have been.  Pretty interesting stuff.

"A Rivalry to Gible On!"
February 22nd, 2010

Dogasu @ 22:30 JST -- Let's kick off the week with "A Rivalry to Gible On!"

"A Rivalry to Gible On!"

There's not a whole lot to talk about with this one as far as the dub goes.  Sorry.  I'm going to do my best to finish up the "Arceus and the Jewel of Life" this week so I can get back on to the much more interesting Kanto stuff, so I'm going to have to ask that you guys just hang in there a little longer. 

I've also updated the List of Anime Episodes.  Is it me, or have we not had any new dub titles for a while?

The Best Everyday! Updated Track Listing and Generation Five pokemon
February 19th, 2010

Dogasu @ 23:07 JST -- So I was checking out Amazon earlier tonight and noticed that they've updated the track listings for the "The Best Everyday!" CDs coming out next week.  So, I've updated the listings in the CD Guide.

A couple of things worth mentioning:
  • "By Your Side ~ Hikari's Theme" is no longer listed as being a "new arrangement version."  So I guess it's just the original version now?
  • The regular version of the CD has a new song on it entitled "Pokemon Symphonic Medley 2."  Pokémon Symphonic Medley was the third opening theme to the Advanced Generation series and contained little musical pieces from many of the show's openings and endings up to that point.  The track is not included in the limited edition release.
  • The DVD that's packed with the limited edition release is apparently going to have Dotchi ~ Nyo? on it four times - one for each direction (up, down, left, and right).  It also contains every opening and ending theme that has yet to be released on DVD.
The second bullet point there is a sneaky way to get people to buy both versions (it's certainly working on me), but it's not unprecedented.  There were exclusive tracks on both Kaze no Message releases as well as the various releases for Kokoro no Antena, so this seems to be a continuation of that.

In other news, I've updated the List of Pokemon to include the first two Generation Five pokemon that were revealed a few weeks ago. 
I also took the opportunity to clean a few things up, fix the broken links, and spruce up that front page a little bit.

The romanization I use for ゾロアーク is Zorro'ark, which is a little different from the official romanization that everyone's using.  I put the second r in there because the zoro part is from zorro, the Spanish word for fox.  And since both zoro and zorro are written in Japanese as ゾロ, it's OK.  I put the apostrophe in there to make the pronunciation a little bit clearer.  The character's name is zorro-ark, not zo-roark.  The latter makes it sound like its name has something to do with the first Sinnoh Gym Leader, but it doesn't, so I put that apostrophe in there to indicate that there should be a pause in the middle there. 

Also, "Zorua" is a stupid romanization.

I've also updated the List of Anime Episodes.  I'm actually pretty excited about the yet-unnamed Ranger episode(s).

"Gone with the Windworks!"
February 16th, 2010

Dogasu @ 06:56 JST -- It's a good thing I started doing these weekly episode comparisons again.  Otherwise, this site would be looking pretty neglected.

So here's the comparison for "Gone with the Windworks!"

DP Episode 144

There's not a whole lot to report on this one other than the shenanigans going on with the location of this episode .  I rewatched that Fuwante episode to confirm the whole "they never called that place the Valley Power Plant in the original" thing, and you know what's weird?  Potchama doesn't appear in DP 028 at all.  Like...it just stays in its Monster Ball the whole time, like any other pokemon. 

Funny how things have changed.

Anyway, that old DP 028 comparison didn't catch the name discrepancy the first time around, so I went in real quick and made that correction.  And hey, while I'm at it...can anyone tell me if PUSA ever restored that opening scene that was cut from the American broadcast for the DVD?  I'm afraid I've fallen a bit behind on my English du DVD buying and therefore can't check for myself.

Also, I wanted to direct you guys' attention to the fact that the Bulbapedia page for this site, Dogasu's Backpack, is currently a "featured stub."  So...yay?  The article mentions that I haven't updated the Recycled Characters page in a while, which is true, so I'll probably try to throw something together in the near future.

"An Egg Scramble!," other stuff
February 9th, 2010

Dogasu @ 22:00 JST -- If you visit my site's Facebook page, the fact that I this week's comparison is late shouldn't come to a surprise.  So, without further ado:  "An Egg Scramble!"

"An Egg Scramble!"

While I was working on this, I remembered that one of the reasons I started doing Kanto comparisons again was because you guys can easily obtain fansubbed versions of these episodes and check for edits yourself.  So, y'know, what's the point of me posting comparisons containing information you guys already know?  Don't get me wrong - I still enjoy doing them and I feel like I was able to dig around and find a few things that hadn't been brought up yet.  But I have to say that it's not as fulfilling as doing a comparison for an episode that everyone hasn't already seen in Japanese a million times.

I also went back into the "Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!" comparison and added a bit about parodies of other Japanese cartoons and about the untranslatable pseudo pun at the end of the episode.

I've also updated the List of Anime Episodes with some new titles and updated the list of Nintendo DS games with information about the games we're all assuming is going to be Generation V.  There's not a lot there at the moment, but I really don't think anyone comes to Dogasu's Backpack for the video game coverage.  Whatever I have up now should be good enough for the time being.

Finally, I wanted to promote my Facebook page again.  Go ahead and sign up for it if you haven't; I post some exclusive stuff rarely every so often, so check it out!

Tenth Anniversary
February 1st, 2010

Dogasu @ 06:57 JST -- Sorry this is late; I got caught up in some online conversations at the last minute.  But hey, it's still the 31st in the U.S., and that's what matters.

Anyway, as I've mentioned a few times before, today is my site's tenth birthday.  To celebrate, I've written another one of my yearly anniversary write-ups.  I hope you guys will allow me to be a little self-indulgent for just this one day.

I had another, bigger feature to post, but despite my best intentions, I won't be able to post it for another couple of days.




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