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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | February 2009

"Did you get four hundred thousand viruses?"  "Yes...very yes!"
February 27th, 2009

Dogasu @ 18:45 JST -- So what's up, Dogasu?  Are you only going to update once a month or what?

Well, I promise that's not what I'm aiming for, but things really do seem to be going that way, huh?  The reason for the long gap in updates this time, for those of you left who still care, is that my computer was the victim of a massive virus attack.  It got infected with over 1,000 different malware, and for a while I wasn't even able to log into Windows.  It's still not back up to 100% yet, so in the meantime I'm having to update this site through my older laptop.

The laptop I'm having to use in the meantime isn't able to read any of my American DVDs, so my work on those Kanto comparisons will have to wait until everything is back up.  There's other comparisons I can do in the meantime (hi, Giratina and the Sky Warrior), so I'll try to get to work on those as soon as possible.

I guess a silver lining in all this is that I went ahead and made backups of all my files, something that I really should have been more on top of.

So until I can get back to the regular updates again, I went ahead and updated the List of Anime Episodes with some new titles.  I've also updated the DVD Guide with information about the upcoming DP Battle Dimension discs that were recently announced. 

I've also added some information about the new movie three-pack being released by Warner Bros in April.  It's a two-disc set containing the first three movies.  In widescreen.  Or fullscreen...it's really hard to tell since every listing I've seen for the set contains contradicting information.  Like this listing from Warner Bros, which puts fullscreen down as a "special feature" (ha!) for all three discs at the top but then also says that it'll be in a widescreen ratio (1:85) under the Product Details heading at the bottom.  Or the Amazon listing, which is nice enough to collect all the contradicting aspect ratio info in one place instead of making you hunt for it.  The movies all have different bonus features from the singles release (it looks like the second movie's missing a music video and some behind-the-scenes featurettes, for example) as well as a few additional features, such as a thing on the first movie disc entitled "Ash's Journey" and, randomly enough, "Meowth's Party" on the Pokémon 2000 disc.

I have absolutely no interest in picking up this set since I already own the movies the way I want them, but I'll still be interested to read about what's actually on this set once it comes out in April.

I'll conclude this update with a weird-as-hell video I found while searching the YouTube:

That thing will be in my nightmares for days.

Ninth Anniversary
February 5th, 2009

Dogasu @ 06:57 JST -- This past Saturday, the nine-year anniversary of this website snuck on by.  I did the usual write-up for the occasion and put it up over in the Rants section. 

I'm sure a number of you have been wondering why this site hasn't been updated in a good half a month.  The bad thing is...I don't really have any good excuses to give you guys.  Yes, I have been away from my home a lot lately (this past weekend, for example, was spent almost entirely at friends' houses), but I've still had chances every now and then to get stuff done.  Maybe I can blame Pokemon Ranger Battnage (which I just picked up this weekend for an insanely cheap 780 yen) and Captain Rainbow for sucking away my free time?  Maybe the video I was making for the next update is proving to be more time-consuming than I had originally planned?  I dunno.

I should be home this entire weekend, though, so I should hopefully get some more content up.

Speaking of Pokemon Ranger...I'm really, really enjoying it.  I never played the first game, so in a lot of ways, I'm a complete "n00b" when it comes to the game.  I haven't gotten that far into the game (I just beat up that machine in the cave near Vien Town and have finished my first Quest), but from what I've played so far, I'm vastly preferring this to Diamond & Pearl.  Everything about the game - from the graphics to the use of the touch screen to the fact that the game actually has a plot with characters I actually care about - makes going back to the Generation IV games feel like stepping back into the stone age.   Even the simple things, like being able to walk diagonally (something the main series games seem adamant about preventing us from doing) makes all the difference in the world. 

With that out of the way, I have made a few small updates.  I've updated the List of Anime Episodes with a few new English titles and the DVD Guide with information about the Region 1 releases of the Giratina movie as well as those last two Pokémon All-Stars discs.  It looks like the Giratina movie is being released by Universal Pictures instead of Viz Video, something that probably doesn't mean a whole lot but will be still be talked about by the fans as if it's the worst thing to ever happen. 

Like I said...I should have some time off this weekend, so I'm going to try to get another update up then.




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