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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | February 2006

February 28th, 2006

So when I sat down to do an update for today, like every person who studied in Japan with me started to IM me.  Combine that with the fact that my image editing program isn't working at the moment and you've got a non-update like this.  I know I said I'd do daily updates, but it looks like I won't be able to do one for today.  I'll try to make up for it tomorrow.

Humor Section, E-Bay stuff
February 27th, 2006

So I kinda missed the big tenth anniversary of the franchise.  Whoops.  Well, I'm much more of an anime guy anyway, so the tenth anniversary of the TV show (April 1st, 2007) will be a much bigger event for this site than the tenth anniversary of the video games were. 

The main reason for this update is to advertise the items I'm selling on e-bay at the moment.  Clicking on the ebay logo at the top of this page will take you to a list of the items I'm selling, and the money from all those auctions will go toward buying all sorts of goodies for this site.  The more of my stuff you guys buy, the more I'll be able to afford things like DVD's (for episode comparisons and general screenshots), CD's (for lyrics), and manga (for the Manga section). 

Now my conscious won't allow me to just post an advertisement for the junk I'm selling on ebay without any other update to back it up.  I mean, that'd just be tacky as hell, right?  So, I've updated a section that hasn't been updated since 2003 - the Humor section.  Every page has been completely revamped, all the lame stuff has been taken out, and every single link has been fixed.  I've also added a brand new page to the section that highlights some of the more memorable quotes made by 4Kids chairman and CEO, Alfred R. Kahn.  I hope you guys get a smile out of these pages.

You all can expect daily updates at least until the day the above auctions conclude.  I don't know what I'll update with tomorrow, so come back

The end of the Grand Festival
February 25th, 2006

Let me just say that I hate having to watch the last five minutes of Loonatics Unleashed in order to get these comparisons up so soon.  Such a terrible, terrible show.

Anyway, "Deceit and Assist" and "Rhapsody in Drew" are now up.

New titles
February 24th, 2006

New titles are up in the Battle Frontier (Japanese) and Advanced Battle (English) episode lists.

After tomorrow's comparisons, the next thing to be updated on this site will be the List of Pokemon page.  I'm going through each name and carefully considering each romanization, trying to figure out the best way to express the creators' intended meaning.  It's a long and tedious process, but it's something I've needed to do for years now.

By the way...
February 22nd, 2006

Anime Boredom did an interview with Michael Haigney, one of the top producers at 4Kids.  It mostly deals with Sonic X, but I'm posting it here because it gives you a general idea of how hopelessly out of touch 4Kids is with the fans of their shows. 

February 22nd, 2006

I know most of you already know about the big edit in "Judgment Day," but here's the comparison anyway.  And with that, I'm done with Advanced Generation.  Now all that's left is what's yet to air on Kids' WB!

So, what's next?  Well, I'll work on Pokémon Chronicles, but that won't happen right away.  I'm going to be working on other sections of the site for a bit, trying to clean things up and updating sections that need to be updated.  A few of the updates will be tedious (on my end) and not all that exciting (for you guys), but they'll be updates that need to be done. 

Almost there...
February 21st, 2006

I really wasn't in the mood to do a comparison today, but I managed to get it done anyway.  So, here's "Lessons in Lilycove."  Tomorrow I'll get "Judgement Day" done, finishing up the last of the Houen comparisons. 

Bulbacast Episode 05, aka the episode I participated in, is now available for download over on #pocketmonsters (they do contain spoilers for the newest episodes to air in Japan, so don't listen to them if you hate spoilers).  After listening to it, I'm quite upset over the annoyingly high rate I use fillers like "um," "y'know," "like," and "I mean," so I know that I need to work on that.  If you guys have any other feedback, I'd love to hear it.

So a lot of the Suncoasts around the country are closing down.  I never liked to shop there because I can get all the DVD's they sell at least $10 cheaper online, but for a lot of people, they're the best source of anime around.  Well, I guess business is suffering or something, so the stores that are closing are having these 30-50% off sales on everything in the store.  I'm telling you all this because if your Suncoast is one of the ones closing down, you could pick up some really cheap Pokémon DVD's.  My local Suncoast didn't have anything other than the Pokémon Advanced set, so I didn't take advantage of the sale, but you guys might have better luck. 

Two more to go
February 20th, 2006

Here's "That's Just Swellow."  Engrish is fun!

February 20th, 2006

"Solid as a Solrock" is now up, which means that I've now made a comparison page for every episode of Advanced Battle to date.  Next up:  "That's Just Swellow!"

I've also fixed the broken links on the List of Pokemon (which I realize is in desperate need of a revision) and the Movies & Specials page.  Thanks goes to Rindi for pointing these out to me.

Three more!
February 18th, 2006

Comparisons for the two episodes that aired this morning, "The Ribbon Cup Caper!" and "Hi Ho Silver Wind!" are now up.  I also have a page up for "
Satoshi and Haruka!  The Hottest Battles in Houen!!", the clip show episode that 4Kids skipped.  Now I've only got one Advanced Battle episode left to compare and three Advanced Challenge episodes to do, so I'm really close to finally being completely up-to-date with the Advanced Generation comparisons.  After they're done, I'll be able to start on Pokémon Chronicles.

I've been asked to participate in the latest Bulbacast episode.  For those of you unfamiliar with Bulbacast, it's basically a podcast of sorts in which various fans discuss all things pokemon, from the latest episode to come out in Japan to new game information.  I'll be talking about the dub, the skipped episodes, and various things that keep getting edited (i.e. onigiri).  We're recording it tonight, and I'm told that it will be available for download within the next week or so. 

When it becomes available for download, I'll be sure to let you guys know where you can get it.

And another one!
February 17th, 2006

Here's "Claydol Big and Tall," aka "4Kids gets their money's worth from their digital paint programs."  Enjoy.

New comparison
February 17th, 2006

I meant to have the comparison for "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt" up yesterday, but the paint edits made this one take longer than usual.  I'll try to do a comparison for "Claydoll Big and Tall" later tonight, and then have the comparisons for tomorrow's episodes up sometime tomorrow afternoon. 

Also, the Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea, Manaphy official website updated today, but it's not as informative an update as I had hoped.  Oh well.

Lucario movie stuff
February 15th, 2006

I've added new character bios to the Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario page.  These new bios are much more informational and accurate than the previous ones, and the pictures that come with them look better as well.  In addition, I've added the English title to the film and have added the movie's release date (Spring 2006). 

I've also added the updated logo for the Manaphy movie.  Apparently the movie's official website will debut the new pokemon on Friday, so we may be seeing some higher-quality images and new information at that time. 

I think tomorrow I'll work on "The World of Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario" page I talked about earlier last month.  Either that or a new episode comparison. 

AG Movie 04 Info
February 14th, 2006

I don't usually get excited whenever a new pokemon is revealed.  I mean, I might be interested for like five minutes, but then after that I lose interest.  Everyone else goes crazy whenever new pokemon are revealed, but I'm really not all that interested. 

However, I am interested in information about this summer's movie, and the CoroCoro issue that reveals Manaphy and the others has all sorts of new information about the new movie.  So I've added it all to the Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea, Manaphy page.  There are new character bios pages and other information sprinkled throughout, so hopefully you'll be able to find everything you want to know about the movie.

Working on that stuff kind of took away from the time I was going to spend on the Lucario movie stuff today, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow. 

Oh, and also, Happy Valentine's Day.

See what people in the UK are missing
February 13th, 2006

I managed to get copies of the three episodes that Kids' WB! skipped this weekend and have done comparisons for all three episodes.  "Date Expectations," "Mean with Envy," and "Pacifidlog Jam" only have time cuts to report, so they're not that interesting to read.  Oh well.  Thanks goes out to andyscot and Limerick for hooking me up with the original UK caps of these episodes.

I've also fixed the link on the Features page that leads to The Grand List of Pokemon Video Game Clichés.  And hey, now that I've drawn your attention to it, it'd be great if you guys could e-mail me with additions to the page. 

A scan of pages from the latest issue of CoroCoro featuring information about a new pokemon (Manafi) and the new movie have surfaced on the Internet, but I'm going to hold off on reporting on all that until its validity can be confirmed.

February 12th, 2006

I've added pictures of the paint edits in "Less is Morrison"

UPDATE #2:  I've also added a picture of the paint edit in "Showdown at Linoone" and a note about the milk bar scene in "Berry, Berry Interesting."

I've been busy
February 11th, 2006

I've been very busy in the last day or so, and I hope you enjoy today's update.  Here are the comparisons I've prepared for you:
The first three aren't really comparisons since those episodes haven't aired on Kids' WB! yet, but I'm using them as place holders until they do air.

I've also corrected an error in the AG 114 comparison.  Thanks goes out to Duke for pointing that one out.

New comparisons!
February 10th, 2006

Hey, guess what?  I've got two new episode comparisons for you guys:  "Showdown at Linoone" and
"Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?"  The first one has a few edits and the second one doesn't have many at all, but I do find a way to incorporate variations of the word "cock" in there a few times. 

I would have had these up sooner, but I was busy watching my Invader Zim DVD's.  Good stuff.

Since my computer's up and running again, I plan to have "Berry Berry Interesting" and "Less is Morrison" up sometime tomorrow.  I'll also work on getting pages up for the three episodes Kids' WB! is skipping and more information about the third Advanced Generation movie.

Another late-night update
February 8th, 2006

So I've got a new comparison ready for you guys:  "Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry"!  Yeah, I know, it's a random episode, but it's one I had been meaning to do for a while.  

So my computer woes seem to have finally come to an end.  You all know how I've been complaining for the longest time about my computer being crappy and slow, right?  Well, the other day I called up Dell and pretty much demanded that they actually send someone over to my place to fix my computer (that service is in my warranty).  After all, I had called them over thirteen times regarding the SAME ISSUE, so the guy on the phone agreed and had someone sent over.  About two days later I got my computer back.  It turns out that it was a hardware issue (pssht, I coulda told them that -_-), so they went ahead and took care of that for me.  My laptop is running great now, so that means I should be able to get to work on all those Episode Comparisons I haven't been able to work on.

I still haven't tested everything yet, but if I update tomorrow with a comparison for one of Saturday's episodes, you'll know that everything's up and running like it's supposed to.  Then I can go and finish the Advanced Challenge and Advanced Battle episodes I missed before getting started on Pokemon Chronicles

Of course, I haven't forgotten about the rest of the Movie AG 03 section or the Card Masters section.  Those will come soon enough.

Eleventh hour update
February 3rd, 2006

According to Yahoo! Asia News, last year's Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation movie, Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario, ranked #2 in Japanese box office sales for 2005.  Here's an excerpt:

In the rankings of Japanese films, Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle" yielded 19.6 billion yen, making it the biggest hit followed by "Pocket Monster Advanced Generation" with 4.3 billion yen and "Koshonin Mashita Masayoshi (Negotiator)" with 4.2 billion yen.

In the rankings of foreign movies, the Harry Potter movie brought in 11.5 billion yen, followed by "Star Wars Episode III Revenge of Sith" with 9.17 billion yen and "War of the World" with 6 billion yen.

For those of you wondering, 4.3 billion yen is about US $36 million. 

In other site news, I've made a few changes to some of the site's comparisons.  Corvair had e-mailed me a few times about mistakes I had missed in
"Hokey Pokeballs," "A Fan with a Plan," and "The Great Eight Fate," but me being the lazy bum I am never got around to updating them.  Well, now I have.  Actually, two of them aren't mistakes at all, but I still appreciate the e-mails pointing them out to me.  If anyone else sees any mistakes I missed in any of my other comparisons, please feel free to e-mail me.

I've also updated the TV Schedule so you can see what all the fuss is about regarding May's final contest episodes.  And since 4Kids is skipping the clip show episode, I went and adjusted the Episode List to include the fighting dojo episode in the list of Season 8 episodes.

Kids' WB! is Absol-utely pissing off a lot of fans
February 2nd, 2006

Today is Groundhog's Day in the United States, and I've been thinking...there isn't even a groundhog pokemon, is there?  I guess Digda's kinda close, since it's some kind of mole thing, but I do wonder if we'll get some kind of groundhog / woodchuck thing show up in Diamond and Pearl, perhaps acting as the Koratta / Otachi / Zigzaguma of the region.

So I managed to do another Episode Comparison for you guys, this time for "Absol-ute Disaster."  More boring time cuts.  I would love to do some of the other episodes that had something exciting to report, like paint edits ("Judgement Day" and "Claydol Big and Tall" come to mind), but I don't have access to a computer that can handle running two video files at the same time.  Shoot, the computer I used for today's comparison could barely handle one video file, so it may be a while before I can get those finished for you guys. 

I've also updated the Episode Guide with a ton of new dub titles.  Two interesting things are that 1) 4Kids doesn't seem to be dubbing the clip show episode, and 2) Kids' WB! is skipping three episodes.  No one seems to care about the first bit of news because "it's a clip show, and nobody likes those," but the second one is getting everyone all bent out of shape.  The three episodes ("Date Expectations," "Mean with Envy," and "Pacifidlog Jam") have already aired in the U.K., but they're being skipped over in the U.S., presumably because they feature Rougela.  The pokemon had been a cause of controversy before, so the animators have recolored the pokemon to make it less offensive.  Yet the episodes are being skipped anyway.  Of course, a few fans on the Internet are basically shitting kittens over this, cursing Kids' WB! for "banning" these episodes and "ruining all of Hoenn."  They're also cursing that "crazy bitch," Carol B. Weatherford for writing that article over six years ago that brought about the whole controversy in the first place.  People are pissed

The episodes will air eventually because Kids' WB! isn't going to pay for episodes it has no intention of airing when the show is getting the kind of ratings that Pokémon is..  The way I see it, though, it's just business as usual with Kids' WB!  They've certainly premiered episodes out of order before, including non-filler episodes, and this is really no different.  "But this is just like skipping one of Ash's gym battles!"  "Skipping these episodes ruins continuity!"  "They can't air them after the Grand Festival because then it'll make no sense!"  None of that matters because this is Kids' WB! we're talking about.  They paid for the episodes, and they have the right to air them whenever the hell they want, regardless of whether or not it screws up the storyline.  People were wrong about "Love at First Flight" being banned, and they're wrong about these episodes being banned as well.




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