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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | February 2003

Now with 30% less beef
February 23rd, 2003

Yes, that's a stupid title for an update.  Yes, I can't think of any better titles at the moment.  Ah well...

OK, so what did I update?  Well, I have the Episode Comparison up for this morning's episode, as predicted.  I've noticed that the site gets more hits on Saturdays than on any other days, and I know it's because of the Episode Comparisons.  Well, I had the comparison ready to post yesterday, but the computer in the dorm wouldn't let me upload anything.  They cap our uploads or something, so being able to successfully upload anything from my computer is a rarity. I also updated the links in the Pokemon's Bios section, and I've updated the information on a few of the pokemon who have been caught in the Advanced Generation series.  I put up a new Human Bio up, this time for Masato, and I've updated the List of Pokemon with a few more Ruby/Sapphire English names.  There are a ton of rumored names out there, and I'm sure that a good half of them are real, but I'm not posting any new names until I get an official source.  And finally, for those of you wondering what in the world this "Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station" is, take a look at a summary I found on the Bulbagarden Forums.  It should clue you in on what the show is all about.

It's going to take me a while to redo the Episode Comparisons section in the new layout, but I *plan* to have it ready by the time next Saturday rolls around (so I can do that comparison in the new layout).  I'll be able to do these weekly Episode Comparisons for five more weeks, and then after that I'll be out of episodes.  But I got my tax refund check in the mail the other day, and steps have already been taken in getting more episodes, so I'll have plenty to compare for a while. 

Before I go, check out the list of new shows coming to Cartoon Network.  They've gotten the rights to air 100 more episodes of Pokemon, which will bring them a good ways into the Jouto saga.  In addition, they're going to start airing two episodes of Pokemon on their new SVES Saturday night block starting this Saturday, March 1st.  So if you're tired of seeing the same old Johto League Champions episodes rerun over and over and over and over on Kids' WB!, Cartoon Network will give you plenty of alternatives. 

A day late and a dollar short
February 19th, 2003

It took me a while, but I redid the Video Games section to the new layout.  I didn't do too much to the actual pages, I just corrected a few mistakes throughout and updated all the links.  While I went through the section, I realized that a lot of the pages were horribly out-of-date, but if I held off on updating until I could redo every page, it'd be another week or two before I got another update up.  So I decided just to get it up now and go back to update the individual pages later.  I've also updated the Episode Guide and have the Episode Comparison for Saturday's episode, "Talkin' 'Bout an Evoltion."

I went to see Daredevil this past weekend.  So how was it?  Well...I had mixed feelings about it.  When there wasn't fighting going on, it was a Spider-Man-quality movie.  But when the fighting started, it turned into a Batman Forever-quality movie.  I think the words my friend said during the fight in the church nicely sums it up:  "Did they even watch this movie before they released it!?"

Well, I plan to tweak a few things before moving on to the reformatting the  next section, the Episode Comparisons section.  That is, if the world hasn't ended by then...

Hi!  What's up?  My name's Dogasu.  Yours?
February 9th, 2003

So, my week of nonstop homework and projects has come to a close, so after catching up on two week's worth of Adult Swim and getting next week's work done, I went back to the ol' site to dust it off a bit.  And boy it had accumilated a lot of it.

First of all, I've redone the Humans' Bios section for the new layout, and let me tell you that took a really long time to do.  The main reason was because I had to reformat the thing, since I didn't like the whole two sidbar thing I had before.  While I was at it, I put up a bio for Jinjii (which I actually had ready for last time, but I neglected to upload it) and one for the seventh Gym Leaders in Ruby/Sapphire, Fuu and Ran.  In addition, I have two more Episode Comparisons--one for the Barukii episode that aired last week and one for the Neitio episode that aired yesterday.  I updated the Episode Guide with Japanese and American titles, as well as a new guide up for the Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station episodes.  I even went and updated the pictures for both Advanced Generation and Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station.  I also fixed one of the names on the Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon List

Starting February 17th, Cartoon Network is going to start airing two episodes of Pokémon Monday-Thursday instead of just one.  At 8:30pm, the older episodes will air while the episodes at 9:00pm will continue running in order.  You can see the schedule here.  What's interesting is that, if you look at the 8:30pm slot, they're still skipping both "Beauty and the Beach" and "The Tower of Terror."  Ah well.  The 9:00pm episodes will be finishing up the Kanto League soon, and we can't really tell at this point if Cartoon Network will air any Orange Islands episodes or not.  The commercials had said that they were airing the first season, but maybe the fact that the show is expanding to two episodes a night is a good sign that more could be coming. 

Well, I gotta do homework now.  I'll update soon and try to get everything redone in a more timely manner.




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