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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | February 2001

Two Weeks...
February 28th, 2001

Well, today's the day.  In a few hours, I'll be on a plane headed toward France.  I'll be gone until March 15th, and so this site can't be updated until then.  OK, it can, knowing that my host family has a computer, and-no offense to you guys-but I'm not spending my only time in France doing stuff I can do in America at any time.  So please continue to look at the existing files, visiting the message board, etc.

And so you have something to look at...apparently the New York Post has an article claiming that the episode of Pocket Monsters that caused all those seizures back in 1998 wasn't as due to the flashing lights as much as people think.  The article can be read here.

And I promise I'll have the Shigeru bio up after I return.  Until I come back, don't e-mail me at [email protected]  E-mail me at [email protected].  Until I return, ja ne!

"Video Games" and "Humans' Bios"  Updates
February 24th, 2001

Check out my write-up on Pokemon Card GB 2, which is coming to Japan in March.  I've also updated my Pokemon Stadium 3 page with lots of new info and pictures.  I also have two new bios up, one for Toru and one for Hiroshi.  And finally, I've put the American logo for the third movie on the third movie page. 

It's a Saturday night and I've been out all day, and now I'm bored.  So I'll put up another quote for you guys to identify.  Just like with the last quote (it was from the Powerpuff Girls, by the way) anyone who can identify where the quote came from will get a special URL.  Well, here it is:

    "Who am I?  I am...I am the Invincible Sword Goddess.  Armed with the incredible...Green Destiny.  Be you Li or Southern Crane...lower your head...and ask for mercy.  I am the desert dragon.  I leave no trace.  Today I fly over Eu-Mei.  Tomorrow...I'll kick over Wudan Mountain!"

E-mail me where it came from and I'll give you a special URL that you *hopefully* haven't seen before.  Bye for now!

Kenji's up!
February 19th, 2001

I've got Kenji's bio up.  Yay!  It's in the Humans' Bios section.  I'm kinda disappointed that I couldn't find any more fansites to put on the bio, but half of the ones I visited were down or just weren't very good.  Of course, if you have a fansite for Kenji (or any other character) e-mail the URL and I'll see if I want to put it up.  Remember, originality counts ^_^. 

I've also gotten a new poll, this one about the site's audience.  I'll redo my last poll (about Card Captor Sakura) later because I realize that it wasn't completely fair (I had two choices for "no" but only one "yes") so when I redo it, it'll just be "yes" or "no." 

I've also decided that I'm no longer going to announce changes to the Episode Guide or Jouto League Screenshots.  They're updated once weekly, so just check there every Thursday or so and it should be updated.

Tonight I'll try to get some video game information, including stuff on Pokemon Trading Card Game 2. 

February 15th, 2001

I've got two new lyrics up, one to Hey!  Pikachu and Pokemon HaraHara Relay.  I've also fixed a typo on the Rocket Dan Forever page.  I've also done something to the weekly photo thingee that should look better on other browsers. 

Episode Title Confusions...
Februrary 13th, 2001

TV-Tokyo fixed their page for the week and put the correct episode title up, so I now have the episode title for Episode 185.  So the Episode Guide's been updated appropriately.  Also, I found out the correct romanization for Episode 184

I know that's kinda boring, but I'll have some lyrics up tomorrow (I have soooo much homework tonight...)  Tomorrow night I'll also work on getting the Humans' Bios looking right (the text is a little off, and I have no idea why since the html for the Kasumi and Takeshi bios are practically identical to the one for Satoshi...).

Episode 63
February 12th, 2001 (#3)

Just got an e-mail from Ash (OK, there are probably a lot of people going by that name ^^;;) telling me the episode title of Episode 63.  It's in the Episode Guide.  Thanks!

Episode Guides and Pinball
February 12th, 2001 (#2)

The Episode Guide's gotten a minor facelift and has been updated with two titles.  And the Jouto League Screenshots have been updated as well.  I've also made a minor update to the Pokemon Pinball write-up.  I can't add much more since it's a pinball game unless I make a strategy guide, and there are plenty of those on-line.  I'll just review them to help you decide on which games to purchase.  I've added a few games to the main Video Games page that I'll get around to reviewing sometime.  I'll do my revised Card GB review after I return from France, because I KNOW I'll have plenty of time to play that game on the plane (8 hours one way) and on the train in France from Haganeau to Alsace (5 hours, assuming that I'm remembering the two cities' correct names).  I now know how to play the card game now ^^;; 

Speaking of video games, a lot of Pokemon games are selling for much cheaper lately. Pokemon Stadium and Super Smash Brothers are "Player's Choice" something-or-other (meaning they've sold X number of units each) and are selling for $35 each (though I've seen Stadium go for $12).  But price drops initiated by individual stores and not by Nintendo to get these titles off the shelves are Hey You!  Pikachu (from $90 to $40!), Pokemon Gold and Silver (from $35 to $25), and Pokemon Puzzle League (from $60 to around $35).  Is this a sign of Pokemon's wavering popularity?  Maybe.  Are these deals too good to pass up?  You betcha.  So head to your local software store and buy buy buy!  They have to make room for Pokemon Stadium 2, Pokemon Crystal, and Pokemon Advance!

Gasp!  Could it be!?
February 12th, 2001

Can you believe I actually FINISHED the first three Humans' Bios!?  Satoshi's, Kasumi's, and Takeshi's bios can be found on the Humans' Page.  I've also made several handy voice actors lists, so be sure to check them out as well.

The next few bios should be easy.  I've only got three more "Heroes" left (Kenji, Toru, and Hiroshi), and the last two should be easy because they're only in a few episodes each.  Then I'll probably do Shigeru, then the doctors (Ookido, Utsugi, adn Uchikido) all on one page, and then the Rocket-Dan.  That will be one HUGE task, let me tell you...do you realize the sheer number of Rocket-Dan sites on the Internet!?  It's nuts!  So I'm going to be really busy these next few weeks. 

My goal is to finish the Rocket-Dan bios (well, at least Musashi and Kojirou) by the time I leave for France (February 28th).  I'll be in France for two weeks with the French Exchange...because the teacher can get all these great group rates we can go for two weeks for less than $900 when it would normally cost around $2500-$3000.  So I'll be away from the site for  two weeks.  I hope nothing too monumental will happen (watch them announce a slew of information on the fourth movie while I'm away -_-) in my absense. 

I'll also be working on the Video Game section some more, just because working on Bios nonstop will get boring ^^;;  So expect a revised review of Pokemon Pinball soon.

Well off I go to work on updating the Episode Guide.  We have a free day because of sleet...and just two days ago people were wearing shorts and tanktops.  What a crazy world...

Happy Aniversary!
February 4th, 2001

A year ago Wednesday, a site called "Dogasu no Eigo-Nihongo Poketto Monsutaa Peeji" appeared for the first time on the web.  So I've made an Anniversary Write-Up to commemorate the event.  I had it ready on the site's actual anniversary, but I've been sick as I don't-know-what lately (I passed out on-stage Friday night!). 

And who can forget the Episode Guide.  I'll have the Jouto League Screenshots updated soon.

I've heard that the mp3's aren't downloading...I'll have to look into that.




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