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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | February 2000

February 29th, 2000 (Leap Day!)

I've deleted the link to the offending site.  I apologize to those of you who accidently went to this site.

February 29th, 2000 (Leap Day!)

I promise that I'm working the Popular Pokemon section.  I've got Satoshi's and Kasumi's pokemon done and I'm working on the others.  Each pokemon will have a picture, seiyuu and VA (if known), what their names mean, what episode they were caught by their respective trainers (even Kojirou's Utsubot!), what episode they evolved in (if applicable), what episode they left (if applicable), what their cry is (like Fushigidane says "Dane Dane" in Japan, but says "Saur!  Bulbasaur!" in the US) and then a bio on them (what they do, how they fit into the storyline, etc.).  It's sure to be great!

Someone signed my guestbook and added a link to a site with scantily-clad women in compromising positions.  DON'T GO TO THIS SITE!!!  I'm working on getting the link removed (I couldn't get in contact with the person who signed the book) so please don't go there.  Since this is a site based on a children's show, it should be assumed that children visit it, so don't sign my guestbook if you're going to do anything like this.  I apologize and please don't send me any angry letters!

Does anyone know when EXACTLY Pokemon Stadium is supposed to come out over here?  I've heard March 6th, but my reservation card (yes, I reserved the game ^^;;) says "available 3/8/00."  I've also heard March 27th.  If anyone knows exactly when, please let me know (then again, we only have about a week to go, so we'll find out then).

I breathed a sigh of relief today when I found out the new Toonami schedule.  Ever since it's been announced that Gundam W will be coming on, everyone's been asking "what show's being replaced!?"  I've got the answer:  Reboot!  Yay!  The new schedule, starting this Monday, is:

4:00    Sailor Moon
4:30    Ronin Warriors
5:00    Dragon Ball Z
5:30    Gundam Wing

They're moving Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors) an hour earlier so that Gundam Wing will be coming on after Dragon Ball Z.  I've also heard from many sources that Cartoon Network will air uncensored Gundam Wing episodes late at night.  Yatta!  We'll just have to wait and see...

February 28th, 2000

Anipike Getto Da Ze!

I'm on Anipike!  Yay!  In one day, I went from 39 hits to 90-some hits!  60+ hits in one day!  I'm so happy I'm so happy!  Look under Miscellaneous section.  I kind of wish it'd been under the General Info section at the top, but what are you going to do?

Ahem.  Now that I've calmed down-I've got a new link in my links section.  Someone liked my page so much that they've added me to their links page (I feel so honored ^_^).

Next weekend we get a new episode, one which should have been shown after the pink pokemon episode.  And a week from today we get to see Gundam W (I've already seen the first four eps) and Pokemon Stadium.  Yay!

Here's some scary non-Pokemon news:  May 16th is when FUNimation will release the first season four videos with the dubbed Trunks.  *Shivers*  FUNimation promises that they'll have the rest of the series out within the next three years.  I've heard horrible rumors that they'll call Mr. Satan "Mr. Savage."  HE'S NOT A WRESTLER!!!  Anyway, avoid it at all costs this May.

February 27th, 2000

OK, I'm officially blind.  In my last update, I said I couldn't find the link to the movies section.  It was sitting right there!  Arggh!  Well, I just saved myself an hour of my time.

I wrote what will be the final Brave Fencer Mushashi review.  Since I've finished it, I can give you a better overview of the game.  I've included pictures of the main characters (Mushashi, Kojirou, and the princess).

While watching the Digimon marathon (I like Digimon :-P) today on Fox Family, they've been advertising a new anime, Flint the Time Detective.  Does anyone know anything about this series?  The main character looks like Taasan (from the Garura episode of Pokemon) or the main character in Joe & Mac (a really old SNES game).  Apparently, Flint travels through time to solve mysteries.  Fox Family actually showed how Flint sounded in Japanese versus his dubbed voice.  His Japanese voice sounds like Nyasu!  It debuts next Sunday at 9am on Fox Family.

February 25th, 2000

I'm still not on Anipike...they're late on updating their links.

Anyway, there are several new articles under the Pokemon Bashing section.  Two are from the evangelist parody Land Over Baptist.  Check them out!

I just realized that there is no link to my movies section in the little links on the top of each page.  So guess what I'll be spending an hour of my time doing tomorrow?

I just beat Brave Fencer Mushashi.  The last bosses are fun and reminds me a LOT of Zelda.  The ending was lame, though.

February 20th, 2000

Big update!  I've added three chapters to the Pokemon Zensho summary, and they're pretty long, too!  I've also added two episode comparisons.  Also check out the Deigda episode for info about a pun that I was recently informed of, in addition to more info about the Brave Fencer Mushashi game (I've played a lot more of it since I first wrote the review, so there's more info about the game).

I've FINALLY beaten Final Fantasy 5!  I'm so happy!  The ending's really great (I hear there are several endings depending on who's still alive at the end of the battle-all of my people were alive) and the CG ending is great too (I usually don't like CG animation, but the Moogles were just too kawaii!).  I can't wait to beat the PSX version of FF6 (I've beaten the SNES version about a million times).  In addition, I've also beaten Lunar:  SSSC!  The ending for that is good, but I liked FF5's ending better.  Towards the end of the game, you get a mirror which lets you view any anime cinema from the game at any time.  I think that's a great feature-if anyone's going to make a music video from Lunar, it'll be so easy to get the video!  I'm sure people wish FF7 or FF8 had that feature!  I've also gotten two new (to me) Maison Ikkoku graphic novels and have two more being held for me.

Today, during the DBZ movies, there were a TON of Gundam W commercials.  Kind of makes sense:  show commercials for your new show during a marathon of your most popular show.  Considering how Macross (Robotech Part 1) flopped on CN, I'm sure they're trying to be cautious with this new mecha series.  They had a commercial for every character, including Zechs!  Happily, they're keeping the Japanese names.  I'm glad we're getting another mecha series coming over here (I like it better than Escaflowne-aka the most overrated series of all time!).

Oh, and we also get a new Pokemon episode next weekend.  And I found out that the Pokemon Card GB game will be coming over here on April 11th, and not in February as previously thought.

February 17th, 2000

I was recently informed that Niiyama Shiho died on the 7th, not the 12th.  Anyway, I've fixed a few of the pics (the info pic about the Deigda episoded is fixed!).

Someone signed my guestbook from "Sydney."  This is the first person who's visited my site that I haven't told to!  It's strange, because this site isn't on any search engines yet (it will be on a bunch in about a week).  In addition, if the person's from Sydney Australia (that is if there isn't a Sydney, Texas or anything like that) it means I've reached people in other countries!  Yay!

I hope to get two more episode comparisons up by this weekend (no work!) but we'll see.  Each one takes about 30 minutes to write (and they're so short!) so it is a little time-consuming.  But I'm getting there!

February 14th, 2000

Happy Valentine's Day!  For a treat, I've got three new episode conversions up!  Yay!

Did anyone else see the neat Gundam W commercial on Cartoon Network today?  It was long, we got to hear the dubbed voices (which aren't half bad) and they revealed the date it's coming on-March 6th!  The same day Pokemon Stadium comes out!  Be sure to check it out, especially since there'll be little to no censoring done (thanks to Cartoon Network's lax censors-just look at season 3 DBZ).  In the commercial, they showed someone (Trieze?) kicking someone off a plane and then shooting them!  I can't wait...

February 13th, 2000

Will people stop dying!?  Not only did Niiyama Shiho die, but so did Charles Shultz!  Shultz, who was 77, died quietly in his sleep yesterday.  The creator of the popular Peanuts strip (which has been published since 1950) recently retired to focus on his health after being diagnosed with colon cancer in November.  The last daily strip was shown in January, and the last Sunday strip was shown today.  Reruns of the comic strip will still be run in newpapers.

February 12th, 2000

As I'm writing this, I'm watching the music videos from Animazement '99.  I miss anime cons...

Anyways, you'll notice a new picture!  Yay!  It's a picture of a Yamato-look-alike from Gold/Silver.

We got two new episodes today!  I already knew what would happen in the first ep (Kenji was really annoying in this one...I don't know why), but only vaguely remembered the second.  Speaking of the second episode, what was with the voices?  First of all, 4Kids forgot to dub Nyasu at one point (yes, they kept Inuyama Inuko's voice!) and then Mushashi's voice turns all funky later on (I think one of the voice actors dubbed her for that one line...but why?).  Anyway, I wonder if the voice actors in the anime are supposed to be the real seiyuu.

Speaking of seiyuu, I have some sad news.  Niiyama Shiho, seiyuu for Kou Seiya/Sailor Starfighter, Rei in Perfect Blue, and Deedlit in Lodoss Wars (for a full list of credits, look here) died last week at the age of 29 due to some type of leukemia complications.

February 10th, 2000

My counter's fixed!  Yay!  I've also added a link to TMAL, the Monster Anime News Letter.  I'm one of the reporters on it (but have yet written an article for it ^^;;)

February 10th, 2000

I have a Guestbook now!  Yay!  Please sign it if you get a chance.  I've also moved some of the pictures so that everything looks better and more centered.

I've heard that Pokemon Card GB is supposed to come out in February.  That's this month!  I probably won't be able to afford it though (I've got a trip to France to think about!  $900 due by this fall...plus Animazement and hopefully A-Cen).  Hopefully I'll get a spiffy picture for this page (I know text-only is bland) as well as pics for the Humans section.  I want to get a picture of everyone.  The main characters are no problem, but some of the more obscure ones will take some searching.  It takes a while to e-mail someone to get permission to use their picture, so it's slow work.  I also hope to get pictures of the new gym leaders-so far the only ones I've seen is in an Expert Gamer (or Expert Gaming) magazine.

Speaking of video games, I'm at the last boss of Lunar!  I don't know when I'll finish it (after fighting the last boss for 45 minutes and then dying I'm kind of not in the mood to play it right now-kind of like Final Fantasy 5).

February 8th, 2000

I've fixed my links (very tedious work indeed).  I've also included a link to DBZ Uncensored on my Links page.  I wish I had a real update (aka a new file or four to add) but I don't.  Anyways, expect some more episode comparisons to be up soon.

February 7th, 2000

I submitted my page to Anipike, so in about two weeks I'll know whether or not this page will be on Anipike.  If so, it'll reach a whole bunch of people it wouldn't have reached otherwise.  I've also fixed some of my broken pictures.

Corrections:  I only have four episodes in my conversion section, not five.  Also, we're only getting two new episodes next weekend.

February 6th, 2000

These frequent updates will probably stop soon now that school's back in session.

I reserved my copy of Pokemon Stadium the other day, so now I'm sure to get one!

I got a new section up, episode conversions.  This (in time) will probably become the largest part of my site simply because of the sheer number of episodes there are.  Each episode has the Japanese title (with translation done by me ^^;;), the American title, when it first aired in Japan, when it first aired in the US, what pokemon is showcased in this episode ("Who's that Pokemon") and any important characters or places that show up (in case you wanted to know what Susie's Japanese name is).  I have only four episodes up now.  My comparisons come from the anime comics (the kinds that take screen caps and put them together into panels) so I may not have 100% of the changes.  But I will have most (and I do have other sources...).  I'm proud of this (it'll be so awesome when that day comes that EVERY episode is complete!!  Hahahahaha!), especially the ways I give the Episode Title and whatnot (I made the background myself ^_^).

I've updated all my links.  The Editorials, YKYWTMPW, and Important Pokemon won't be up yet.  But they're coming, don't worry.  The reason I've created the links now is because every time I add a new section, I have to update the links to it on EVERY page.  With 50+ pages for me to open, erase all the old links, and paste the new links, it takes a long time.  So this way, I'll save time I could be spending on this site.  Sound like a plan?

Yesterday we got three new episodes.  My favorite, of course, was the middle one (with the two Rocket Dan ^^;;).  Next Saturday we're getting three more episodes, so I'll be happy (unless we have school like we did yesterday -_-).

February 1st, 2000

OK, I got the Type:  Wild Lyrics up and took some of the others down (the ones I didn't do myself).  I also added some more stuff about Mondo's seiyuu (for Kate-chan -_^).  I hope to get the lyrics to the Nyasu song up soon.

I found out that I can't sign up to be on anipike until the seventh!  Oh well...anyway, thanks to everyone who's come to my tiny site.




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