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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | December 2002

Is it back yet?  Yes?  No?
December 27th, 2002

I have a new addiction.  Well, several new addictions, actually.  Y'see, over the Christmas break, I got a few video games, and one of them happened to be Metroid Prime.  And let me tell you, that game is addictive as I-don't-know-what.  At first AI was confused as hell, having never really played a first-person game before, but after an hour or so I was going around, figuring out puzzles and destroying aliens left and right.  If you're a GameCube owner and don't own this very well-done and well-thought-out game, do yourself a favor and get it.  You won't regret it.  And why you're at it, go and get Lunar Legend as well.  It's just as fun as the Playstaition version...

Well anyway, I hope you've had a happy holiday.  As you're probably well aware, this site was down for a few days because of bandwidth issues.  I was actually surprised that it was down this early--two weeks before the end of the month rather than five days before the end of the month like in November.  It appears that my experiment with buying the extra bandwidth worked, and I should have two extra GB for the rest of the month.  I'll have to be sure to get extra bandwidth for next month as well, because I really don't want this site to be down for its third anniversary.

So what do I have for you this time?  Well, I have two more character bios--one for Senri and one for Nagi--as well as an overall bio for the Magma-Dan.  I've made a correction in the Racist Jynx page (thanks to PENS68GAB), as well as a correction on the bio for Zubat, thanks to StrangerAtaru.  and I also have the newest Japanese episode titles for ya, located in the Episode Guide, and some additions to the Voice Actors Pages, thanks to Oceana714

Now, back to this horrible time-consuming part of my life called video games...

Random ish
December 16th, 2002

Wow, my site's been getting more and more hits.  Neato.  Anyway, I have some new stuff for all you boys and girls. 

  • A bunch of the Humans' Bios and Important Pokemon bios have been updated with the names of their German voice actors, thanks to Rickie Rocket.
  • I've also updated the bio for Kasumi's Saniigo and Takeshi's Kurobat
  • I've got a translation of the Dutch Rocket-Dan motto, thanks to Unown.
  • A note's been made in my Episode 157 comparison concerning "the odd finger" bit.
  • Because I was bored, I put up the week's list of TV-Tokyo's Top Ten anime at the bottom of this page.  It's kinda funny that Pocket Monsters is being beaten by an anime about tennis, but that's the Japanese for ya. 
With exams and a wedding to go to, I won't have much time to update this week.  But I'll update soon enough, don't worry.  Until later...

And I thought Adult Swim editing out missiles hitting a building was bad...
December 8th, 2002 (#2)

I've updated the Episode Guide with a new dub title.  Whee.

While I'm here, why don't I talk about Pokemon airing on Cartoon Network?  Well, it's been going on for a little over a month now, and so far it's been great.  They've been showing the show, in order, from Episode 1.  They didn't show "Beauty and the Beach" (which was disappointing), but they did show "Tentacool & Tentacruel," an episode that had been banned by Kids' WB! because of the 9/11 attacks.  Well, all's going well until this Monday (tomorrow).  Why?  Because Cartoon Network isn't airing "The Tower of Terror" and is airing "The Flame Pokemon-athon" in its place.  Then on Tuesday, everything goes back to normal.

OK, now what's the deal?  I can understand that Cartoon Network may not like the episode's title, so why don't they just pull a "Spirits in the Sky" on us and change the episode's title?  I'm upset about this because I was under the impression that CN stopped editing for 9/11.  I mean, we got those three lost episodes of Cowboy Bebop back on the air, the Powerpuff Girls still get to fight the Rowdyruff Boys while destroying half the city, and it's OK to show Gundam shows again with all of its talk about war and whatnot.  Yet they're not airing an episode of Pokemon because it has a 9/11-like episode title!?  And it's not just the fact that CN is skipping an episode--they're skipping an important episode.  It's part two of the three-part Sabrina battle and is the episode where Ash catches the Haunter that he'll use in the very next episode.  Now, Ash will battle Sabrina and lose, then randomly participate in a race with a Ponyta, and then will go and beat Sabrina with a pokemon he didn't have before?

And you were doing so well too, Cartoon Network...

Love and Peace!  Love and Peace!  Love and Peace!
December 8th, 2002

Hi everyone.  Despite the fact that I have a big project to do, I still managed to update the site.  Wow, I'd better stop procrastinating and get to work on that thing...ah well, this is more fun anyway :)

I've updated Takeshi's and Kasumi's Pokemon Section, thanks to James Kaspari
I've also added four new Humans' Bios--Tsutsuji, Touki, Tessen, and Asuna.  They're the first four gym leaders in the Ruby/Sapphire game, and I've gathered what little information I was able to get from the game.  If I get some fact wrong or mistranslated something, please let me know.  Finally, I 've updated the Episode 5 Comparison, as well as Takeshi's bio, with some important information. 

Now I'm gonna go work on my project.  Really I will -_^

Told ya I'd have updates regarding Ruby/Sapphire...
December 5th, 2002

So this weekend, I got to see the movie The Ring.  The movie is basically about a videotape, and whoever watches this tape will die seven days later.  The movie basically follows a reporter researching the video, trying to find out what the various images in the video mean and where it all came from. 

Now whenever a movie's supposed to be really -insert adjective-, I usually don't find it to be -said adjective-.  Everyone ranted and raved about how laugh-out-loud hilarious Meet the Parents was supposed to be, but I only got one chuckle out of the whole thing.  Panic Room was supposed to be this scary movie, but I found the movie to be more of an unintentional comedy than a horror movie.  And Glitter was supposed to be crap, but...oh wait, they were right on that one.  So anyway, The Ring was supposed to be the scariest movie of the year, and, surprise surprise, I wasn't scared even a little bit.  There was maybe one halfway scary part, but the rest was just kinda lame.  The videotape looked like a bad German student film, and the director's insistence on doing extreme closeups of computer and television screens (meaning that the Yahoo! search bar that the woman was typing into was EIGHT FEET TALL on the movie screen) just hurt my eyes.  I will hopefully be seeing Harry Potter soon, and I liked the first movie so this one should be fine. 

Tired of reading my opinions?  Well sorry, but that's all this update's about.  My first impression of Ruby/Sapphire is up, so you can read about what I think of the new games.  In addition, I've added a new rant (by Metal Mario, not by me) about the new games that's worth a read.  I've also added a disclaimer to the site's most famous rant (because I'm such a "Freken BAKA"), so please be sure to check that out.  And finally, I've added some information about Haruka and made a correction to the title of the ED to Advanced Generation, thanks to DratiniRocket. 

Now I'm off to play Arc the Lad 3.  I really wish the game wouldn't drag out the way it is...

New Lyrics
December 4th, 2002

So I'm sure a bunch of you saw the bandwidth message that replaced this site for the past week or so.  Basically, when you tried to access my webpage, you got a message saying that my site had exceeded its 3GB monthly bandwidth allowance, and that it was down until the first of the month.  Well, November has been this site's busiest month, probably because of all the Advanced Generation/Ruby/Sapphire news, so I can see why it went down.  I would have sent the money to get more bandwidth to keep the site up, but the thing was, the message came up less than a week before the end of the month.  And by the time the people at envy and 0catch got any check I sent, the first of the month would be here and it would be all for nothing.  Since a lot of the buzz surrounding the new games seems to be subsiding, I expect the traffic won't be as much, but just in case I plan to get rid of those side buttons and replace them with text links. 

Anyway, the planned Ruby/Sapphire game review isn't quite finished yet, so in the meantime you can see the lyrics for the newest songs in Japan, Advanced Adventure and Soko ni Sora ga Arukara.  I've also reworked the Lyrics Section so that it should be easier to navigate.  And finally, I have the newest episode titles up, and it seems that Tuesday nights is Special Episode night in Japan. 

Next time I should have my game review, as well as information on the new games.  Until then!




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