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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | December 2000

Take THAT!
December 30th, 2000

HaHA!  I FINALLY got the images on all the pages right!  Now my site isn't as super-tacky anymore!  I'll spare you the long and boring technical explanation on how I fixed them :)

Also, go to the Links section to see some stuff I've been meaning to add for a while. 

I'm back...
December 29th, 2000

As we head on into the new millennium (I wonder how many e-mails I'll get telling me that's "wrong"), I'm just checking in to say that my modem's fixed and that I'm ready to update again.  I hope everyone had a happy holiday, whatever you celebrate.  I did.  I didn't get a scanner, but a friend of a friend of mine will let me use her scanner sometime, so that's good news.  I also got a new hard drive (it's ten times bigger than my old one) so I'll be able to download what I need to make a bunch of mp3's.  And I got two Pokemon Game Boy Games, Pinball and Card GB, so I'll report on those later.

But for right now, I've just got the Jouto League Picutres and Episode Guide updated.  Tomorrow I hope to fix the images on all my pages.

Explaining my absense...
December 21st, 2000

So I've been busy with schoolwork for the last few weeks, and I'm ready to update this past Saturday night to fix the images on the sidebar for every other html file on my page.  Well, a big storm comes, and it fries my modem.  So I have no Internet access until after Christmas, if that soon.  In fact, I'm on my friend's computer right now.  I can't even check my e-mail because you can't check Earthlink e-mail on other computers (or at least I can't find where to check my e-mail on their site).  *Sigh*  C'est la vie. 

But I MAY get a modem before Christmas (if I'm lucky), but until then I suggest that everyone watch "Oniisama E."  It's a really great series-I've watched the first eight episodes all in one day ^^;;.  It's only availabe raw or fansubbed, so go on those search engines today!

Let's be festive!
December 4th, 2000

Since it's Christmas time, I decided to decorate a little.  Maybe I'll do a little more, it just depends on what I feel like doing.  Re-doing those images on the side were a lot of work, but I like how they turned out.

Well, the big news now is the fourth movie.  So I've updated my Movie 4 page with all the info I could come up with.  Y'know, there really is too much for me to update...I have soooooo much stuff to do for this site!  I certainly won't have any problem finding anything to update on this site for a good while, that's for sure!

And what update would be complete without an update to the Jouto Screenshots and Episode Guide?



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