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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | August 2011

"Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!"
August 25th, 2011

Dogasu @ 00:02 JST --  I don't know what it is, but I seem to be having trouble getting episode comparisons done this year.  It's not just writer's block, either, though that is a factor.  No, it's more like the motivation I used to have to do these things on a weekly basis has been straight up drained from me.  Maybe the backlog has gotten so big that, somewhere in the back of my brain, I feel like waiting one more day / week / month won't really matter? 

I desparately want to get out of this funk I'm in, however, so let me start by offering the comparison for "Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!"

"Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!"

This is the last Aloe episode, so I also did a separate write-up about the edit done to the three episodes she appeared in.  Why would anyone go to the trouble of removing something as innocuous as an apron?  And who's responsible for the edit?  Hopefully, my essay will provide some answers to those questions.

The List of TV Episodes has also been updated with two more Japanese titles. 

I've also completed a few updates related to the Victini movie.  First of all, the main page for Victini and the Black / White Hero, Zekrom / Reshiram has been updated with the most recent box office information.  The Recycled Characters (Female) page has also been updated with the Mother of Rohta's appearance in the first Best Wishes movies.  Though at this point, maybe she should be considered a recurring character rather than a recycled character design? 

I've also replaced the images on the Differences Between the Movie and the Comic pages for both Arceus - To the Conquering of Spacetime and The Illusionary Conqueror, Zorro'ark with higher quality DVD screencaps.  It's one of those updates I've been meaning to do for a while but just never got around to, and I'm glad to be able to knock that off my checklist.

Next up is the comparison for "Charizard's Burning Ambitions!"  I can't wait for that to go live.

Hey, the first Best Wishes movie has passed the 2.5 billion yen mark!
August 15th, 2011

Dogasu @ 23:59 JST --  Let's get a few more sections back up to date!

The CD Guide's been updated with the track listing for the soundtrack to Victini and the Black Hero, Zekrom and Victini and the White Hero, Reshiram.  I got this two disc set the other week and have been absolutely loving it.  CD Japan has it for $42.30, and it's worth every penny.

I've also updated the Video Games section with the English title for Super Pokemon Scramble.  Now that the 3DS' price has been slashed so low, I might pick both it and this new Pokemon game up on my next payday.

Victini and the Black / White Hero, Zekrom / Reshiram

Next, the page for Victini and the Black / White Hero, Zekrom / Reshiram has been updated with the most current box office information.  Looks like the Reshiram movie continues to be more popular than the Zekrom movie, for some reason.  Finally, I've fixed an error on the Differences Between Victini and the Black Hero, Zekrom & Victini and the White Hero, Reshiram page:  I had mistakenly put the avant images in the wrong columns, so I've switched the two around to their proper places.

Getting the DVD Guide up to date
August 14th, 2011

Dogasu @ 01:44 JST --  Hey!  I've got a bunch of updates that are almost ready to go up but aren't quite ready yet, so I hope you can keep yourself entertained with these in the meantime.

For starters, I've gotten the horribly out-of-date DVD Guide up to date.  On the North American side, I've added Zoroark - Master of Illusions to the Movies & TV Specials DVD Guide.  I also went in to the entries for the re-releases of the Miramax movies and added notes on anything worth mentioning.  For example, the Blu-Ray with Pokémon Heroes and Destiny Deoxys are in 16:9 instead of cropped to 4:3, but the video in Heroes still has that awful blue tint to it, apparently.

Zoroark - Master of Illusions DP Galactic Battles Volume 05 DP Galactic Battles Volume 06

Listings for the rest of the DP Galactic Battles DVDs have also been added.  Does anyone out there actually have the volumes that have been released so far and can confirm that the episode listings I have down for these things are accurate?  Because I'd really love to get rid of as many of those
The following list is an educated guess  based on the box set and the pokemon featured on the cover.  The final product may contain different episodes disclaimers as I can.

On the Japanese side of things, Media Factory is re-releasing all the Pocket Monsters and Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation movies and Pikachu shorts.  These re-issues should be identical to the ones that are already out now but will be much cheaper; the MSRP for these things is 2500 yen as opposed to the roughly 4500 yen that the original printings are still going for.  This is definitely a great chance for those of you who wanted to buy the Japanese versions of these movies but couldn't because of how obscenely expensive the DVDs were.   These reduced price re-issues will be available until March of next year.  The DVD Guide (Region 2) Movies & Pikachu Shorts page has been updated with information on all twelve releases.

The List of TV Episodes has been updated as well.

Finally, I've also added the lyrics to Best Wishes! (Movie Edit), the opening theme to both Victini movies.  The song omits a few verses present in the full version but is otherwise almost exactly the same.

Here's the post-"Victini and the Black/White Hero, Zekrom/Reshiram" update!
August 3rd, 2011

Dogasu @ 20:23 JST --  I wanted to have this up sooner - promise! - but some server issues were preventing me from getting everything uploaded.  Everything should be up and working again, so updates should start to happen a bit more regularly.

So, I saw the first Best Wishes! movie.

Victini and the Black / White Hero, Zekrom / Reshiram

The main page for the movie has been updated with a full cast list and with the box office performance for the first weekend.  And, as I predicted, the movie came in second place.  The box office figures reveal that the Reshiram movie made more money than the Zekrom movie, so do with that what you will.

I've also updated the page detailing the Differences Between Victini and the Black Hero, Zekrom & Victini and the White Hero, Reshiram.  As I say on the page itself, I plan to do a more thorough comparison of the two films once they become available on DVD / Blu-Ray.

I've also written up a page detailing the Differences Between the Movie and the Comic.  There were a few tiny things I didn't bother mentioning (Satoshi rescues Shikikija in the movie, but one in the comic, for example), but most of the major changes are in there.

The List of TV Episodes has also been updated.

Finally, I've updated the DVD Guide with information about some Best Collection DVDs that came out today.  This release is really, really exciting because they contain two episodes apiece instead of the usual one.  One episode is a Best Wishes! episode (in standard def, so...meh), and the other is...a Kanto episode.  In Japanese.  Unedited.


It's only eight episodes, but that's still worlds better than the almost nothing we've had up until now.  A lot of these episodes are repeats of the ones featured on those discs that were released back in 2005, but this is still cool since those older discs are pretty much impossible to find these days.

I also realize that this is old news.  But then again, this site has been behind in just about everything since the beginning of the year, so this shouldn't be surprising.

By the way, I'm really close to being finished with the comparison for "Charizard's Burning Ambitions."  4Kids rewrote the hell out of that episode, so I'm having to do a lot more translations than I usually do.  I'll have a two week summer vacation starting this coming Monday, so the 6+ page comparison should be up before too long.




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