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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | August 2005

Updating Stuff
August 29th, 2005

I've performed a major update to the TV Schedule by adding September's listings, so take a look to find out what episode's coming on when.  Accordingly, I've updated the Episode List for both Advanced Generation and Pokemon Sunday

In addition, I've made a small correction to my pitiful Pokemon Special section, as requested by Ketsuban.  I've got another correction to make to my Episode List (somehow I missed an episode title), but I'm way too tired to bother with it now.  Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow.

So in about three weeks, the eighth season of Pokémon debuts on Kids' WB!.  The season, entitled Pok
émon Advance Battle, will cover a lot of major events, such as the introduction of Harley (who many fear will be turned into a woman for the dub), the Kyogre vs. Groudon showdown, the Grand Festival, the Houen League, and a little bit of the Battle Frontier.  Kids' WB! doesn't have any episode titles yet, but they do have an amusing DDR-like game on their website to sort of celebrate the new season.  I don't know why Ash or Scooby Doo or Jackie Chan's niece would pilot a large Dancing Snorlax Robot, especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with the new season, but it's a fun waste of time nonetheless. 

I'll try to have some sort of update ready for you guys tomorrow.

Manga of the Month:  August 2005
August 28th, 2005

Well, it's about darn time I finished this:  the Manga of the Month, Pocket Monsters Emerald Challenge!!  Battle Frontier
(previously referred to on this site as Emerald), now has a section up on this site.  I only had three chapters of the manga, so I wasn't able to post as much about it as I was about the Pocket Monsters manga, but there's still plenty of stuff for you guys to read. 

And now, I need you guys to choose a Manga of the Month for September.  The poll's at the bottom, so all you have to do is click on an option and click the Submit button.  I'll check the poll on Monday, September 5th at 12:01am, so be sure to have your votes in before then.

My next project:  comparisons for the Pokemon Chronicles series. 

A bit behind schedule...
August 21st, 2005's been a while, huh?  I've been really busy lately, moving into my dorm room, trying to scramble to get everything set up for graduation, get my Internet connected, and generally having tons of stuff to do everyday.  I haven't really had the time to work on this website, but now that things have calmed down a bit, I should be able to update more regularly now.

Anyway, I've updated the Episode Comparisons for AG 016 through AG20 with better pictures and a few minor tweaks / corrections.  I've also updated the Episode List and TV Schedule.

The section on Emerald will come a little later than I had originally planned, but it should still be up before the end of the month.  When I'm about ready to post the section, I'll put up a poll to choose September's manga.

August's Manga of the Month has been chosen!
August 8th, 2005

Well, it seems that the manga you guys want to see a feature on most is Emerald, the manga featuring a young Rokon (Vulpix) trainer battling through the Battle Frontier.  I'll be sure to get to work on the section and have it ready within two weeks or so.   After that, I'll put up another poll to determine September's manga.

Today, I have five more episode comparisons revised - this time, I've revamped Episodes AG 011-015.  "All Things Bright and Beautifly!" had the most work done to it, so be sure to at least give that comparison a look. 

Five more episodes revised
August 6th, 2005

Hey everyone.  I've really been slacking off a bit lately with the updates, haven't I?  Well, part of that actually isn't due to laziness at all; I was busy for the first part of the week with a special episode comparison for the episode of One Piece that aired on 4Kids TV last weekend.  Why am I, the webmaster of a Pocket Monsters website, spending my time on a comparison for One Piece, you may ask?  Well, for one thing, I was doing it because I know that the webmaster of One Piece Uncensored no longer has access to the dub anymore, and is therefore unable to do any more new comparisons.  Also, I'm a huge fan of One Piece.  However, the biggest reason for doing the comparison is so that I can try doing a type of comparison that's so completely different from the comparisons I do for this site.  That one episode of One Piece probably had more edits than every comparison I've written for this site combined, and it was interesting to find ways to explain types of edits that don't show up in Pocket Monsters (like scene shifts and the combining of episodes).  After writing all that out, I'm confident that I can handle whatever Pokémon Chronicles throws at me.

Speaking of
Pokémon Chronicles, I'll be returning to college next week, which means I will have access to high speed Internet once again.  So expect the "The Legend of Thunder" comparison to be up sometime by the end of this month.

And while I'm on the subject of Episode Comparisons, I've revamped five more comparisons.  This time, Episodes AG 006-010 have been revamped, edited, updated, and corrected.  AG 011-015 should be up in a day or so.

I'll check the votes for the Manga of the Month tomorrow night at midnight (well, 12:01am Monday morning).  I'm happy to see that so many of have been voting because it tells me that Pocket Monsters fans are interested in the various manga that every other English language website tends to completely ignore.  After I look at the votes and decide on the winner, I'll get to work on the section for that manga and hopefully have it up within two weeks (at the latest).




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