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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | August 2004

August 16th, 2004

Here's the last update before I go back to Japan:

  • The comparison for "Jirachi Wish Maker" has been uploaded.  I didn't have time to do one for "Gotta Dance!," so that will have to wait until after I get back.  Sorry about that.
  • There's also a comparison up for "The Spheal of Approval."
  • The Episode List has been updated with the newest Houen episodes. 
Overall, I had a fun summer back in the States, and I wish I was able to get a lot more done with this site.  I had plans to redo the manga section, to redo the CD Guide, to fix up the Jiraachi movie page, and to redo the video games section (I actually got some work done on that one), but I never got around to it.  There will be plenty of time for that after I return.

See you in four months.

I'm back
August 11th, 2004

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not updating in over a week.  After I got back from the beach, my computer decided to not work, and getting online to do anything was often more effort that it was worth.  There's also the fact that I just got Pokemon Colosseum on Friday, so I've been playing that almost non-stop lately.  I was skeptical of the game at first, but now that I've played it I'm pleasantly surprised.  It's quite different from the other Pokemon games, and 

For today's update, I have reworked the Jynx article with a lot of new information.  Hopefully the new stuff I've added will help stop some of the "baNning Jynxx is stoopid!!!11!1!" posts I keep seeing pop up on message boards.  Among the new stuff, you'll notice that I've changed my romanization of Jynx's Japanese name, from Ruujura to Rougela.  I'm actually working on the big Pokemon list and trying to correct a lot of the romanizations there, and I should get that done pretty soon.  In addition, I've updated the TV Schedule.  Looks like the last Houen episode I'll get to compare before I head back to Japan will be "Turning Over a Nuzleaf." 

Finally, I have some information about the upcoming Master Quest DVD set, from this month's Previews:


From Viz Video! Join in the quest with Ash, Brock, and Misty on their journey beginning with the Whirl Islands through Blackthorn city in this 3-disc DVD Box set collecting 32 complete episodes from Pokemon Season 5 - Master Quest. Scheduled to ship in October 2004.
DVD (X3) .........................................$29.98

I've updated the Master Quest DVD page with the information.  If I did my math correctly, the second Master Quest DVD set should have another 32 episodes (excluding "The Cave of Ice," of course), finishing out the season.  Hey, 64 episodes for about $60 isn't a bad deal at all.

The "Jirachi Wish Maker" comparison will take another few days for me to finish. 

August 3rd, 2004

I've tweaked the "Win, Lose or Drew!" comparison a bit with a few items that I forgot in yesterday's update.  I've also added the first four dub titles for the English seventh season on the Episode List.  I still can't believe that there are people out there who don't know about Kasumi returning, since even the most skillful people at avoiding spoilers should have found that out by now.  Ah well.

I'll be at the beach for the next two days, so my next update won't be until Friday (or maybe even Saturday!). 

New comparison, AG Movie 02 Review
August 2nd, 2004

I've got the comparison for "Win, Lose or Drew!" up.  It's not too exciting, but I suppose it's good since that means they're not editing it so much.  I've also got my (late) review of the Deoxys movie up. 

I'll try to get a comparison for "Jirachi Wish Maker" sometime at the end of the week.




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