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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | August 2003

What the deuce!?
August 28th, 2003

So I was bored the other night and went on over to Anime News Network's Anime Encyclopedia, just randomly looking through stuff.  I went to the Pokemon section, taking a look at what kind of information they had, and I went to their episode guide.  "Huh," I said to myself, "they're using my episode title translations for their episode guide.  Maybe somebody working on the encyclopedia visits my site"  Then I went to the links to fansite pages, and there was only one link--a link to this website, Dogasu's Backpack.

At that point, I was just stunned.

First of all, this is the Anime News FREAKIN' Network we're talking about, perhaps the Internet's most-visited anime website period.  The fact that somebody who has SOME connection to the mega-site would even link to my little 'ol site was amazing enough, but to be the only fansite listed??  I'm wondering where the links to Bulbagarden,, UPNetwork, Pokelord, and the multitude of bigger, and quite frankly, BETTER websites were.  I wanted to say thank you to whoever linked to my site and I hope that they'll link to the other sites sometime soon.

I have a few things for you tonight.  First, I've redone the first Advanced Generation movie page, so now it's purdy and matches all the others.  Secondly, I've added some information about the soundtracks for that movie, so that means I had to go and update the CD Guide as well.  And lastly, the first dubbed title for the new season has been announced, so that's up in the Episode Guide.  Kinda funny how parents will pick on FLCL but probably won't find anything wrong with a title of the only Pokémon episode to feature CGI...

And while I've got you here, I wanna talk about something.  Pokemonica, one of my favorite fansites and the source of some of this site's information, was recently shut down at the request of ShoPro.  I talked about this at length on the Bulbagarden forums so I won't reiterate myself here, but I just wanted to share with you guys this sad news.  I'll miss that website, and I hope that the webmaster will continue being a presence in the online Pocket Monsters community.

And before I go home for the Labor Day weekend, I just wanted to say that the comic Penny Arcade put up the other day about Final Fantasy:  Crystal Chronicles was absolutely brilliant. 

August 25th, 2003

Made a correction to Haruka's German name (it's Maike, not May) and updated the TV-Tokyo chart at the bottom of this page.  Since The Prince of Tennis has been canceled, Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation can reclaim its Number Two position.  But being behind Naruto (of which I've seen the first ten episodes...and loved) isn't a bad thing.

August 24th, 2003

So, did ya miss me?

Right now I feel like a teenager coming in past his curfew.  You slowly open the door, trying not to wake anybody up, and just as you close the door and head toward your room you hear the voice of your mom call you by your first, middle, AND last name.  You see her in her bathrobe, sitting there with her arms crossed, waiting up for you in the dark, and you desperately try to find the right words to explain why you're home so late.

That's what I feel like right now.  It's been over a month since I last updated.  I feel like I'm the teenager and that all you guys are the angry mothers, waiting impatiently for some sort of Peter Parker-esque explanation.  Well, long story short, I've had computer issues.  My CD-R drive stopped working, and the tech support people made me do a Quick Restore on my computer.  So I put all my website/music/movie files on a removable hard drive, ran the Quick Restore, and tried to put the hard drive back in--but it wouldn't work.  Well, I finally got it to work, and then I had to move in to college, then the college's Internet decided not to work...

So anyway, barring any future computer issues, I'm back to a somewhat regular update schedule.  And of course you want to know what I've done first--well, aside from updated Episode Guides (yup, your favorite red head's coming back), I've reformatted the Movies Two, Three, Four, and Five pages.  As far as additions go, I have character bios for the Movie Five people up on the Movie Five page, and lots of new pictures of the Movie Four people.  I would have gone ahead and redone the AG Movie One page, but then I'd have to add new soundtrack information, which would then necessitate an update to the CD Guide, all of which would have delayed this update even more.  So that'll get done next time.  Lastly, I've added Haruka's and Masato's German names to their bio pages.  RTL2, the German station that airs Pokémon (as well as Detective Conan...and One Piece...can you tell that I'm jealous?) recently aired the first five episodes of Advanced Generation as a Sneak Peak for the new season, so we now have Masato's German name.  It's unknown if that'll end up being his American name, but it's very likely considering that the German version is really just a dub of the American dub.

Now a few random thoughts before I finish...the new Teen Titans cartoon kicks booty, Advance Wars is a really fun game once you learn how to play, soccer moms are as dumb as ever, and I have to get the third FLCL DVD just for the Haruko shot glass.




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