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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | August 2002

Tiny update
August 30th, 2002

A huge amount of homework (accursed French paper!!!) kept me from updating last night, and as I'm about to go out of town in about an hour, today's update will be short:

  • Remember how I didn't know the title of the song that the first Flash video in the Humor section was?  Well, thanks to several people e-mailing me (whywing being the first), I now have the title up. 
  • In the rush of putting up the first new dub title of Season 5, I forgot to put up the final dub title of Season 4.  So "Machoke, Machoke Man" (yes, I know -_-) is now listed on the Episode Guide.
  • I seem to have made a mistake in the last update regarding the Pokemon Adventures manga.  While Viz has stopped releasing the series, they didn't finish it.  There were a total of thirteen graphic novels in Japan, but only six of them have been released in the US, meaning that Viz stopped about halfway through the series. 
Yeah, that's about it.  No updates this weekend as I'll be back home (leaving my computer at college). 

How long can I keep these daily updates coming?
August 28th, 2002

How long, you ask?  Well, I'm going home this weekend, which means I won't be able to update then.  Oh well.  Anyway, here's what I did:

  • That new article I talked about yesterday for the Pokemon Bashing section is now up (it's #4 under "Pokemon Bashing").  It basically condemns Pokemon for not promoting the Bible.  Thanks to Zinovia15 for sending it in.
  • The American title for the first episode of "Pokemon:  Master Quest" is now up in the Episode Guide
  • There's now a link to the official Japanese website for the manga "PiPiPi Adventures."  The link can be found on the main PiPiPi page.  While on the subject of the manga, I've deleted the Manga Releases box (on the main Manga page) because all the manga in America has come to an end.  Both Pokemon Adventures and Magical Pokemon Journey have finished, and at this point it's very doubtful that Viz will pick up any of the other manga series. 
  • The sidebar of Satoshi's bio has been updated with his team in Pokemon Stadium 3. 
Well, I think I'm going to update the fifth movie section for next time.  I mean the movie's been out well over a month now, and yet I have almost nothing about it on my site.  So I'll be sure to fix that really soon.  See ya soon!

It's time for the's time for the perculator
August 27th, 2002

I got a few more submissions in my inbox today, so I decided to go ahead and post them rather than taking my usual three months to do so.  OK, first of all, I forgot to give Raichu 526 credit for telling me about the broken link on the Episode Comparisons page, so I'll do that now.  Secondly, the new URL for the Kasumi fansite Ocean Breeze is up on Kasumi's bio page.  There's also a new article in the Pokemon Bashing section (it's #9 under "Pokemon Bashing").  And lastly, I've updated some information on Kojirou's Utsudon, thanks to Bryon 01235.  He also gave me some information about Satoshi's teams in Pokemon Stadium 2, but I'm much too lazy to post those tonight. 

Also, Entertainment Weekly has released their Fall Movie Preview issue, and they  mentioned Pokemon 4Ever under the October movies.  They only devoted a small paragraph to the movie, and 3/4 of it was basically making fun of the film's title.  So Pokemon is still grabbing people's attention, folks. 

I should have another, longer article for the Pokemon Bashing section up soon.

A Quickie
August 26th, 2002 (2)

Updated the Episode Guide.  It seems that the rumors going around that the Jouto League will be finished by October may be true.  Anyway, the new titles are up, so feel free to make wild theories now.

Super Inbox Update!!!
August 26th, 2002

Hey, it hasn't been too long since my last update, has it?  Here's what I've worked on:

  • The Popular Pokemon section has been updated with info on Forretress (under Takeshi's pokemon) and Utsudon (under Kojirou's pokemon)
  • A link to a Kasumi fanpage can be found on her bio
  • A link to a Kenji fanpage can be found on his bio
  • A link to a Rocket-Dan fanpage can be found on Musashi's and Kojirou's bio.  In addition, Kojirou's sidebar has been updated
  • Hiroshi's sidebar has been updated with the new pokemon he has when he sees Satoshi-tachi during the Uzumaki Cup
  • The main links page has two new links up: and Anime Yume
  • The link to the picture of Pimpachu (on the main Humor page) has been fixed.  Thanks to Tagir F. Waleev for pointing out the broken link.  Also, on the same page, links to a bunch of crazy Flash movies have been put at the bottom of the Humor section.  Those things are just weird...
That's it for now!

First update from college...
August 24th, 2002

The second year of college had begun, and in the midst of all the moving in and getting acquainted stuff, I've managed to do some new human bios for you--Yamato and Kosaburou, the second set of Rocket-Dan members we see in the show.  I'll try to get the rest of the Rocket-Dan up pretty soon, as well as a few side characters, and then I'll be able to delve into the gym leaders.  Fun...

I'd also like to comment that in the episode airing this week (the Unown one), the Unown will be computer-animated the way they were in the third movie.  So I guess we can expect the rest of the season to have lousy animation after they spent so much money on this one?  Who knows...Anyway, I'll be back soon, after I sort through all the submissions and stuff in my inbox.

I got my Master Shake air freshener in the mail today!
August 14th, 2002

I did a lot of little things for this update as I continue to give these updates titles that have nothing to do with anything that's being updated.  Observe:

  • I've added the little pokemon icons to Musashi and Kojirou's bio pages.  I've also added a link to a Rocket-Dan fan page.
  • I've gone through the links in the rest of the Humans' Bios pages and have found that most of them are broken.  I'm going to wait a few weeks before I officially declare these to be dead links (meaning that the website they're linked to no longer exists), because these guys could just be having server issues or something.  If you're the webmaster of one of these sites that doesn't work, please e-mail me telling me the status of the site.  The only one that I know for certain is that hock o' Brock has officially shut down, but the rest I'm not really sure about.
  • A little bit of info was added to the third movie comparison regarding the scene that was shifted around in that movie. 
  • A mistake on the "Pokemon is Racist" page has been corrected, thanks to Peter Djeu.
That's about it.  See ya next time.

No more movies to compare after this...
August 9th, 2002

Yup, here it is, the last of the movie comparisons.  Well, at least the last one before Pokemon 4Ever comes out in theatres.  Anyway, you can read about what was changed in the third Pokemon movie, "Emperor of the Crystal Tower," here.  Also, because a number of you seem to be blind, I've added a little note about the Yu-Gi-Oh rant at the bottom of the FAQ page.  This doesn't apply to most of you, just the ones who have been signing my Guestbook with angry signatures because of "my" anti-Yu-Gi-Oh rant. 

Pikachu and Pichu, Pichu and Pikachu...what's the difference?
August 8th, 2002

The comparison for the third mini-movie, "Pichu and Pikachu," is now up.  Gee, can you guess what tomorrow night's update will be??

Having the phone lines down for a few days kinda prevents you from updating, doesn't it?
August 5th, 2002

Hi all!  I've fixed some of the errors in the Important Pokemon section (mainly changing the episode numbers to the new system I started about a month ago), and I've added a bio for Satoshi's newest pokemon, Yogirasu!  I've also added two new human bios--Musashi and Kojirou!  Yes!  I finally have bio pages up for the two most famous members of the Rocket-Dan.  I hope I haven't forgotten anything about these two, but if I have then I want you to e-mail me right away.  The reason I don't have any links under the fan pages section on their pages is because I'm having trouble finding some good Team Rocket/Rocket-Dan pages.  I got frustrated going to Anipike and seeing just about every link broken (I only got up to the E's before I gave up), so if you know of any really good Team Rocket/Rocket-Dan sites, please e-mail me.  And finally, I've done a little cleaning over in the CD Guide--I've got a few more pictures as well as the track listing to the fourth movie soundtrack.  Enjoy!




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