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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | August 2001

New Episode Comparison
Sunday, August 26th, 2001

Hello! Cowboy Bebop is a really really fun series.  I just started watching it again, and it's loads of fun.  If you can't afford the DVD's (the boxed set is coming out this fall, and it'll come with a music CD, so you know I'll be getting that!) then at least watch it on the Adult Swim this coming up Labor Day weekend.  Many people call Outlaw Star a watered-down version of Bebop (a comparison I don't like, because I think both series are great), so if you  liked that you'll really like Cowboy Bebop.

Oh yeah...this isn't a Cowboy Bebop site...

I've got a new episode comparison up, this time for Episode 4.  So check that out.  The next one will be a little more fun, as Takeshi will make his first appearance.  But that'll come later.

Also, a few people seem to be having trouble with my .mp3's.  I'll address this now:  you have to left-click the song names.  Left-click.  You'll be led to a Tripod page that'll have the link for you to download.  I guess people didn't see the revised instructions on the top of each page, so I'm telling you guys now.

Also, Bulbagarden has finally gotten itself back up after almost a year of downtime.  So go pay them a visit

New Rant
Friday, August 24th, 2001

German class is fun.  I can count in German now.  Yay!  Anyway...

I've got a new rant up, the follow-up to the Kids' WB! rant I wrote many moons ago.  It's all about Kids' WB!'s version of Toonami...hope ya like it!  I've also updated the Episode Guide with some more dub titles...and the episodes are still being shown out of order.  So if you're a Kids' WB! employee, count with me:  158, 159, 161, 163, 160!  Very good!  Have a cookie! 

Anyway, that's all for now.  Tschüs!

Songs Restored
Tuesday, August 21st, 2001

You know what?  My college just got the Ethernet hooked up, so now my computer's gone from a 56K connection to a super ultra mega hyper turbo mecha kamehameha-fast connection.  So with my super modem, I went and fixed all those mp3's that were broken.  Head on over to the CD Guides to download the mp3's.  I basically re-uploaded the mp3's on a Tripod account, since Terrashare shut down some time ago.  It took me a total of ten minutes to upload those forteen songs with the 56K, it'd take minutes per song, times forteen...well, it'd take a lot longer.  And I wouldn't feel like leaving my computer on all night every night for a week while the files uploaded.  So you guys benefit from my college's speedy connection. 

And if that's not enough, I've got a new mp3 up...Type:  Wild, English version!  Yeah, it's not a song I'd listen to on a regular basis, but it's up there for you curious folks.  I've also updated the Episode Guide with the new dub titles.  I didn't get to see them (I found the local WB! station at around noon on Saturday, so I had already missed them), but I heard 4Kids reformatted the episodes--showing part of the episode before the opening credits (which the Japanese version never did), giving more hints during the "Who's That Pokemon?" segments...Anyway, this weekend they're skipping one episode, the Radio Tower episode (already planning next summer's "Lost Episode," Kids WB?) to air the Insect Park episode, where Satoshi catches, you'll find out.  I'll have more stuff up soon!

Post-Otakon Update...OK, not really...
Sunday, August 19th, 2001

Otakon was...tiring.  Yeah, that's a good word to describe it.  I was on Security Staff, and that means I got my room and registration free.  Good deal!  It also meant that I worked mad hours, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many for my tastes.  But it wasn't all work...I got to see the Mystery Anime Theatre 3000, which was very funny and put me in a great mood after a pretty bad day Friday.  Saturday was working with cos-play for 15 hours, getting everyone set up.  You definately come to appreciate everyone's hard work when you're actually doing that hard work.  Sunday I was sent to patrol the dealer's room. 

But the people were nice, and when I was working it wasn't horrible like a normal job because everyone was dressed up and people were nicer and sentences like "Have you seen my friend?  She was dressed up like Anthy" made sense.  And sure, the leaking  tripropylene from the sewer explosion irritated my skin.  But it was all good ^^;; 

Leaking tripropylene, you say?  Yup!  Before the convention, there was a truck accident on the Bay Bridge, and a bunch of hydrochloric acid got into the water.  And HCl is flammable. So there's the flammable HCl circulating throughout the sewers, combined with the already present and flammable methane gas that's in every sewer, and you've got trouble.  Well, there was a spark, and a big explosion happened, blowing the manhole covers several feet into the air.  To stop the resulting fire in the sewers, all the fire hydrants were emptied, and therefore the sprinklers in the Baltimore Convention Center, where Otakon was held, couldn't work since all the water was being used elsewhere.  So the security thought "we can't use the sprinklers if there's a fire...EMERGENCY!"  So the building had to be evacuated at like 2am Sunday morning.  The tripropylene got into the air somehow, and that's why some people experienced aggravated asthma, lung troubles, or skin breakouts, that's why.

Anyway, I got the e-mail address on each page updated now to my new Hotmail address, so I will no longer be checking my Earthlink mail.  If I get earthlink mail, it'll be ignored.  Other than that, I've got nothing.  Sorry!  I'm doing the finishing touches on an episode comparison and a new rant, but I'm not ready to post them yet.  But I do have some new Manga release dates for ya.  I'm still getting used to college (moved in on Thursday, so that's why 

Oh yeah, the "Psychic Sidekicks" aired Saturday *yawns*...just another pointless filler episode.  And the show Cubix got really high ratings.

Anyway, I'll be back in a few days with something substantial to update. 

Fixed images
Wednesday, August 8th, 2001

I really really hate these kinds of updates...

You know...the updates where the webmaster just fixes something that he was too dumb to do correctly the first time?  Well, that's what this is.  I've fixed the sidebar images in the episode comparisons section--all I had to do was set the preferences to Netscape Composer a little differently, that's all. 

Well, to make up for it, I've made a new weekly image for the sidebar.  I'd also like to let you guys know that my e-bay sales were very successful.  I really didn't expect to get as much money for the stuff as I'll be getting, and the only thing that didn't sell was the Bubblegum Crisis tape.  Thanks to all the visitors of this site who bid, and if you're reading this, I'll be sending you an e-mail after this update is uploaded. 

And I've got some news--first of all, this weekend, the "Lost Episode," "The Psychic Sidekicks," will air on Kids' WB!  I didn't know it had even been cut, because it's hard to keep up with what episodes they've shown and which ones they haven't when they air them out of order.  Anyway, be sure to tune in, because Kids' WB! only aired their last Lost Episode ("Beauty and the Beach") twice, if I recall correctly.  So don't count on this Lost Episode to be re-runned often.  I'll be at Otakon during the airing (it'll be aired at 8am ET), but that's why VCR's can be programmed -_^

Also, Kids' WB! plans to air new episodes of Pokemon starting August 18th.  So basically, this weekend will start the new season, more or less.  Also, Yu-Gi-Oh will begin airing September 15th, which reminds me...I have a write-up to do about that show.  Hee hee.  The work I have to do for this site is quite overwhelming, to say the least. 

Well, off I go to update something else...see you soon!

More episode comparisons
Friday, August 3rd, 2001

Hi everyone!  Buy my e-bay auctions.  I've got two more episode comparisons.  Buy my e-bay auctions.  I've got the comparisons of Episodes 2 and 3, ending the three-episode beginning of the series.  Please buy my e-bay auctions.  I'm trying to plow through as many of these as I can before I get to college on the 16th, and I have a bunch of days off from work this coming week, so I should get at least two more done before I leave for Otakon.  I'll be your friend forever if you buy my e-bay auctions.  I've also updated the General Edits page with a little info about the dialogue in the series.

By the way, just wanted to remind you of my e-bay auctions ^_^. 

Scans...GETTO da ze!  And e-bay auctions
Thursday, August 2nd, 2001

I found the scans!  Yay!  So go look at them over in the Humor Section.  I've also updated the Manga release dates--everything seems to be coming out on August 31st. 

And, like some other site, I'm selling some stuff on e-bay to help me get money for Otakon, which will be next weekend.  More money for Otakon means more money for stuff like...say, Pocket Monsters CD's.  And maybe, maybe maybe, I'll be able to get the fourth movie soundtrack.  The auctions last until Sunday, so please please buy!

Please buy!  It'll help me out tons!




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