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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | August 2000

Nyasu no Party, Pokemon Crystal, New E-mail
August 27th, 2000 that school's started, these updates will be less frequent :(.  But I still hope to do, at a MINIMUM, of once a week.  But I'll probably do more.

Anyways, yesterday's Pokemon episode was mediocre, but the real treat was "Nyasu no PARTY."  They played that last week, so what?  Well, this week, they played it in JAPANESE!  I'm not lying!  Americans got to hear Nyasu's, Musashi's, and Kojirou's Japanese voices!  And to top it all off, it was a nice TV version (instead of my crappy video file on my computer) so everything was clear, AND it was creditless!   Yay!  This was a totally unexpected surprise.  I hope it wasn't a fluke and was Kids' WB!'s way of apologizing for the bad things they've done in the past.  Keep it up, Kids' WB!  Now let's hope for a good third OP...

Site-wise, I've added info on the just-announced game, Pokemon Crystal.  I think I have info/pictures that other English sites don't have ^^;;.  If anyone can translate the site, it's located here.

And I'm still working on that new section, but I'm not liking how it's turning any rate, it probably won't be up until next weekend, or maybe even later.  I hate to be endlessly promising things and taking forever to do them.  Anyway, the only e-mail link that will work is on the front page...I've cancelled my AOL account, so any mail sent there will be bounced back.

Quick Update
August 21st, 2000

I've added a funny picture to the Humor section, Pimpachu.  It's good for a laugh.  Anyways, it's off to work on my new section (all I really have to do now is get teh permission to use some pictures). 

Things to come...
August 20th, 2000

Sorry I haven't had a real content update lately, but I've been at work the past few days (and I got my driver's license!!!).  *Sniff* only two days left of summer vacation for me!

Currently I'm working on a new section, so I'll finish that, add the button to every page, and update the e-mail links on every page (from [email protected] to [email protected]). 

Anyway, yesterday we got a new dub episode of Pokemon.  I liked it...I've decided that Kabigon is cute!  Anyway, the highlight for me was the dub of the song "Nyasu no PARTY,"  retitled "Meowth's Party."  From what I can tell, it was pretty accurate translation-wise and the lip sync was excellent.  If your're wondering, the big sign that said "MEOWTH'S PARTY" was there in the Japanese original.  4Kids didn't do any paint editing.  "Nyasu no PARTY" is actually the end-theme to the Jouta League episodes, so I guess my prediction about them showing Jouta League stuff before finishing the Orange League was true.  I hope that this year, the "Pikachu's Jukebox" thing will be dubs of original Japanese Pocket Monsters songs rather than brand new, made-for-America crappy music. 

Well, until I get the new section up, go on over to the Anime News section for my two cents on the new season of Digimon (Japanese:  Digimon Adventures 02).  And I put a picture of the Ancient Myuu card in the Lugia movie section.  In addition, I've made some corrections to the Netherlands Pokemon section located in teh Pokemon of the World section.

Lots of Little Notes, Ohtani Ikue'sBirthday
August 18th, 2000

On Tuesday's episode oF Rosie O'Donnel, Rosie was talking to Elton John about how good the movie "The Road to El Dorado" is and that how it's a movie that both parents and kids can enjoy.  Yeah, it's a crappy Dizney-wanabee movie (unlike itan A.E...).  Anyway, she goes on to say that it's not like the Barney movie or the "Po-KEE-man" movie.  Excuse me, but did she just compare Pokemon to Barney, the big stupid purple dinosaur?!  She continues, saying that you need a thesaurus to understand Pokemon.  Come on, the concept of pokemon is not that hard!  Kid catches little creatures to use in battles and become a Pokemon Master.  It's not that hard!  Besides, isn't "thesaurus" the wrong word for what she wants? 

Also, do you remember back in May I talked about that Charizard shirt in Peebles (go to the May news-the link's at the bottom of this page)?  Well, I saw a kid wearing a Pikachu shirt...but the katakana used was wrong!  If you can read katakana, the shirt read "Hikachuu," not Pikachuu!  I pointed it out to the kid wearing it, but he didn't seem to understand.

And today is Ohtani Ikue's birthday!  She turns 35 today.  Ohtani Ikue is none other than the seiyuu (voice actress) for Pikachu and Tosakinto (in Pocket Monsters), Mereru in Vision of Escaflowne, and Faye in Cowboy Bebop.  Read all about her here.

Fun with Manga
August 15th, 2000

I've got a ton of pictures for the PiPiPi Adventure manga, so go to the manga section to check them out.  I've got picturs of most of the main humans and pokemon from this manga.  And I HAD some scans from the Getto Da Ze manga, but I can't find them!  Anyway, I've also added two entires to the Anime News section.  Enjoy!

I'm now on Earthlink.  My AOL account will be open for a few days, but if you *really* want to be sure that I get the message, e-mail it to my earthlink account ([email protected]).  After I get a hang of the program and verify that it is indeed better than AOL (it doesn't take much), I'll take off my AOL account.  The e-mail link has been updated on the front page.

New lyric, poll
August 13th, 2000

To be *thorough,* I decided to put up the lyrics to the English version of "Type Wild." 

Also, it seems that from the poll that most people liked the second movie.  Anyways, I've changed it to a poll about this site, sort of as a way to get feedback.  One thing I want to mention though...multimedia, at least for the moment, cant' be done.  I don't have the equipment for videos, and my hard drive's too full to get a program like RealJukebox to make mp3's from my CD's.  Besides, Geocities is a free server, and you do NOT ever put media on free servers (because they're free, you're their guest, so they can kick you off whenever they want.  And I wouldn't have much of a leg to stand on if I complained).  I need to first get my Earthlink working so I can upload these files to another server without the ISP crashing 20 times, then move everything to a different server which allows me to do media.  Then we'll see.

Oh yeah..and the computers at the DMV crashed RIGHT before it was time for me to take my test, so I'm still unliscensed.  Maybe next week...

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!
August 11th, 2000

Wow...over 3000 hits.  Thank you!  I can't do it now, but I'll have to do something special for you guys.  Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

August 11th, 2000

Where's Dogasu been?  At a friend's house!  She's leaving in about a week, so we're spending every night having fun and hanging out.  Which means this site hasn't been updated in a few days.  Basically, I've tidied up a few things here and there (the buttons) and have updated my Episode Guide.  I've also fixed a few mistakes here and there (like the translation of the sign in the "Ultimate Test" episode).  Now it's off to take my driving test...

Also, in the August issue of Nintendo Power, they'll have a preview (around 2-4 pages?) of the American-made N64 game "Pokemon Puzzle League."  And one more quick the Orange League episode in which Nyasu is being worshipped as the "Meowth of Bounty," why do Nyasu's followers wear cat noses when Nyasu doesn't have one?

Editorial, Pokemon Bashing, Anime News Updates, New Pokemon Episodes
August 6th, 2000

I've got an editorial on people's bashing of the dubbed Pokemon.  Can't say I agree with it...I think the only difference beween the Japanese version of an anime and the dubbed version should be that the dubbed version's in English.  I don't believe dubbers should take ANY "artistic liscense" with the product.  I DO think it's important that the name of the radio station in Sailor Moon was changed, because it didn't need to be.  The editorial's in the Rants section.

I've also gotten an article in the Pokemon Bashing/Humor section, explaining how we can make the second Pokemon Movie educational.  Finally, I've put a bunch of Otakon news up in the Anime News Section.

And in Pokemon news, Kids' WB! is FINALLY giving us new the wrong order?  Apparently skipping the "Bound for Trouble" (Japanese #104) and "Charizard Chills" (Japanese #105), Kids' WB! will air Japanese #107, "Pokemon Food Fight" on August 19th (that's also when Escaflowne and the new season of Digimon starts), and on August 26th they'll air Japanese #106, "The Pokemon Water War."  Talk about a run-on sentence!  Guess they're not even trying to air the episodes in order now...shoot, I wouldn't be surprised if Kids' WB! aired a Jouta League episode or two before the Orange League's over with.  Also, for those of you who missed it the first time, the dub of #18, "Beauty and the Beach," it'll come on August 19th, after the new episode.  Anyway, the episode guide's been updated with the new episode titles.

Oh, and at the beach I got the last Toshihiro Ono Pokemon graphic novel.  They left in the picture of pregnant Musashi!  Did they not show it in the regular comic version?  It also had an ending story, called "Wild Type," which was basically a letter from Satoshi to his mom talking about his adventures and his sighting of Lugia.  I'll miss that manga!

That Dern Comparison's Up!
August 2nd, 2000

Go to the Comparisons section to see that "special" comparison I've been talking about for...oh, the last month or so.  It's a comparison, shot by shot, of the first opening themes for the first season of Pocket Monsters.  It's graphics-heavy, so it'll take a while to load.  I guess having to re-install AOL was a blessing in uploading's not half as annoying as it used to be.  Maybe some bugs got worked out, I dunno.  Anyway, uploading's easier, which is good for this site because it'll mean I'll have more time to update! 

I also have a button for this site!  Thanks to Myutsu150 for making it for me!  It's in the Links section.

Entei Movie Updates
August 2nd, 2000

Got a new Entei Movie section up, under the Movies section.  It got the same treatment the Lugia movie got.  Gotta see what else I can upload before I leave for the beach...won't be back to update till Monday...

Downtime, Entei Movie Update, New Section
August 2nd, 2000

Well, as you may have read in the Message Board, my AOL decided to de-install itself from my computer.  So I couldn't get on-line to update.  But I'm back on AOL temporarily (until my Earthlink CD gets in the mail...I've called them to get the disc I never got).  So in the next week or two I'll have to change my e-mail addresses on every html file...

I've added a link to my newest section, the Anime News, at the top of this page.  Basically, it's where I can talk about non-Pokemon anime without flooding this front news page.  And I've deleted the non-Pokemon images (except three, but I have a reason) in the archived news to save memory on Geocities for...oh wait, that's a secret :P.




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