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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | April 2005

It's 10:45am by my clock
April 30th, 2005

Here's "Me, Myself and Time" for you guys.  Enjoy.

Lots of Jirachi Stuff
April 28th, 2005

Do you guys remember how incredibly outdated my AG Movie 01 section was?  It was pathetic, wasn't it?  I didn't have any information up about the English version, and the character bios for it were just pathetic. 

That's all changed now.  Here's what I've managed to update in that section:

  • The front page has been completely revamped, with new synopses, a picture of the American DVD, cast information, and other similar information.
  • I've redone the character bios for all the humans and the main pokemon, adding new pictures and details to their bios.
  • I've added the lyrics for Chiisaki Mono and Bouken no Hajimari da!! in the Lyrics section.  I've also tweaked the Polka O' Dolka page a bit.
  • I've typed up the credits for both the mini-movie and the main feature.  These took me a long time to do, but I think it's something important that needs to be put up on the Internet.  I eventually plan to do this with the rest of the movies.
I still have a few more things I want to do with that section which I'll get to later.  Look forward to more updates in that section, as well as the Lucario movie section, within the next few days.

New Comparison
April 23rd, 2005

I've got the comparison up for "Whiscash and Ash."  You know, the episode featuring Namazun that wasn't banned in Japan.

New Diamond / Pearl Pokemon, Episode Guide Updates
April 16th, 2005

I've added some information about the new Diamond / Pearl pokemon (Manene, Usohachi, and Manyula) to the AG Movie 03 page.  I'm sure you've already seen information about these new pokemon floating around, so it isn't really anything to get too excited about.

I've also updated the Episode Lists for Advanced Generation and Pokemon Sunday

Finally, I have the comparison up for "Hokey Pokéballs!".  I had to do the comparison while the episode was airing "live," so I may have missed a time cut or two.  I'll go back and correct them when I can get my own copy of the episode.  I also realize that I'm missing the comparison for "Grass Hysteria," and I promise to get that up as soon as possible.

Episode Lists, TV Schedule
April 14th, 2005

Hey everyone.  Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been swamped with projects lately.  Ten-page papers don't write themselves, you know.

Despite all that, though, I did manage to completely revamp the Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station list.  I plan to redo all the Episode Lists like this, so if you guys like it, let me know by e-mailing me.  I've also created a (tentative) Episode List for Pokemon Chronicles., and I've brought the TV Schedule and Advanced Generation Episode List up-to-date.

I'll try to get a "Grass Hysteria" comparison up in a few days, after all of my projects have slowed down.

April Fools Archive, Updated Episode Lists and TV Schedule, "Pokemon Chronicles" News, AG Movie 2 Information
April 9th, 2005

Sorry for the downtime and lack of updates; my computer decided that it didn't want to work anymore, so I've been spending the last few days backing everything up so that I could do a full system restore.  And THEN, after I got that done, my dorm's Internet decided that it didn't want me to upload anything.  So while I was trying to upload this main page, something messed up, causing it to not load properly.  That's why you guys haven't been able to access this main page for the last two days or so.

So I don't doubt by now that you guys have heard the news about "Pokemon Chronicles."  When 4Kids announced that they were planning this new show, nobody knew what it would be.  Fans speculated that it would be the Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station specials, while others thought that it would be an all-new series created by 4Kids.  It seems that now the speculation can end.

A poster on the Serebii.net forums apparently got an e-mail from someone behind the show that more or less confirmed that it was a combination of all the undubbed Pocket Monsters specials.  That means that the series will consist of the undubbed Raikou TV Special, a few of the undubbed OVA's, and the Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station episodes.  Titles for the first few episodes have been announced, so I've updated my Episode Lists accordingly.

I've also added an April Fools Archive, since I said that I was going to do that a few days ago.  I've also updated the TV Schedule and Pokemon Sunday Episode List.  Finally, I've added some new pictures to the AG Movie 3 page, this time from the new trailer that just came out this morning.  I've also updated the Character Guide in that section as well.

Heh, my spellcheck tries to replace "Eneko" with "Enema"
April 2nd, 2005

"The Bicker the Better" comparison is up, and in record time, too.  

My third April Fool's prank
April 2nd, 2005

I hope you enjoyed my little April Fool's update.  I had a blast making it, and I hope you guys were amused by it.  I'll archive it within the next update or so.

I've added images of the dubbed version of "A Six Pack Attack!" to the comparison for that episode.  I got rid of one of the images because I felt that it was pointless to include it (since it was so small), but everything else is still there.

I'll add another update later today.




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