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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | April 2003

Too much!!!
April 23rd, 2003

I really have a lot to update with, but I really don't know where to start. 

First of all, I've got two more Episode Comparisons, this time for Episodes 031 and 032 (yeah, they're revisions of older comparisons, but this time I did them from the actual episode instead of from a Film Comic).  I actually would have done a few more, but I couldn't find my tape of the dub for that episode, so I'll have to wait until Cartoon Network airs it again before I can do that one.  I've also updated the Clichés list with a ton of submissions from various visitors.  I've really enjoyed reading them, and I hope that people will continue to submit them. 

Come back later this week for more updates, including information on Pokemon Box, more manga stuff, a revised Rants Section, and some AG Movie 01 stuff. 

Update:  Well, it seems that the site went down again for bandwidth.  I got another gig of memory (that is honestly all I can afford right now...payday cannot come fast enough) and I hope it'll last for the week left in the month.  If the site goes down again, just know that it'll be back up at the first of the month.

Features updated
April 16th, 2003

Guess what?  The Features section is back up, and I've even added a new feature--the Grand List of Pokémon Video Game Clichés.  Go take a look and e-mail me with any additions you think would be funny. 

One more section to go!

Fun with bandwidth
April 15th, 2003

So what do ya know?  I come home from a weekend of fun in my hometown (suffering from only a few cuts and a small burn, but such is the price of a fun weekend -_^) to find that my site was down due to bandwidth issues.  Apparently, this month my site's been really popular or something, and that caused the site to lock up before we were even halfway through April.  Huh.  Well, I paid for more bandwidth, so hopefully this will hold up until May comes around. 

Anyway, I redid the International Pokemon section.  I didn't really add anything, nor did I correct any of the romanizations (seeing "Uindei" on this site brings up a feeling similar to when you drink orange juice after brushing your teeth).  I should have a real update for next time, though, so tune in in a few days to see the site's second entry in the Features section. 

It's on time?
April 12th, 2003

Today's episode comparison is up for all you loyal visitors out there.  And with it comes some bad news--this is the last Jouto episode that I have at the moment.  I don't have any more of the episodes until Advanced Generation, which means the weekly episode comparisons will not continue.  Don't worry, there will stilll be more comparisons coming in the future (I plan to have a Kanto comparison done next week), but they won't be for the episodes airing on Kids' WB!. 

I've also redone the Pokemon Bashing section, so go there if you want to see critics badmouth the show.  There are only three sections left to do after that, and then the entire site will be done.  I've also gotten a few new episode titles up in the Episode Guides, both Japanese and English

I hope to have the next update ready by Monday or Tuesday, so look for it then.  Until then, I've got a fair to go to, a play to see, and an induction ceremony to attend.  So I'll see ya in a few days!

I did NOT want to see Yahiko's butt today...
April 11th, 2003

The Humor section's now been redone with a couple of additions.  The Bashing section should be up with the next update, which will be the Episode Comparison of the week.  Until then!

April 9th, 2003

Manga sections' been redone.  And now it's back to playing Zelda ^_________^

Now here's the update ya wanted
April 5th, 2003

OK, so that last update sucked.  Let's see if this can make it up to ya.

First of all, I've completely redone the Lyrics Section.  Aside from putting all the pages to the newer layout, I've also given the CD Guide a massive update and should now have information about every single Pocket Monsters CD in existance.  While I was at it, I got the lyrics to the newest ending theme, Polka o Dolka, up.  I've also got last week's Episode Comparison up for ya and I've updated the Episode Guide section. 

My goal is to have the rest of the site converted to this newer layout within the next two weeks.  I've only got a few small sections left to convert, and then the entire site will be done.  In the meantime, here's some advice--try not to use the GBA hookup dealy with the new GameCube Zelda game--he basically tells you how to solve every puzzle in each dungeon, making it entirely too easy to get through them.  Until next time!

Well, that was a nice break...
April 2nd, 2003

OK, so yesterday's April Fool's Day thing wasn't that great.  But I didn't want to do the hacked site thing again, I didn't want to the do the clichéd "the site's closed down" thing, and I didn't feel like making up some fake news.  So I just did the broken link thing. 

So now the site's back up again, and I'm still working on the Lyrics section.  You can see what I have up if you go over there, but it's still not up to 100% yet.  That's basically it.  I didn't want to show up after April Fool's Day without anything new up, and I realize it'll be a day or so before it gets completely finished, so I just posted what I have.  See ya soon.




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