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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | April 2001

Teeny update
Monday, April 23rd, 2001

I'm currently "shopping around" for hosts, and can hopefully get my site back to its working order this week.  In the meantime, I've changed the weekly picture because I know you guys are all tired of looking at Sonansu falling backwards. 

Other than that, the only other reason I'm updating is to tell you that Hayashibara Megumi (Japanese voice of Musashi), along with Kamiya Maki and Natsu Tomo, have formed the limited vocal unit Power Puff Souls.  They're performing the new OP for "Powrpuff Girls" in Japan.  Just thought I'd pass on the word!

Hallelujah it's done!
Saturday, April 21st, 2001 (#2)

The most tedious update in the history of this site is finished!  Hahaha!  Now I just have to upload it all...Now if Terrashare could fix their problem, I'd be set. 

Not only that, but I got Paint Shop Pro working again.  ^_____^

Anyway, now that that's done, I'll be working on the feature for the anime section I was working on.  I'm going to wait on the feature I WAS working on because a better idea popped up, so I'll be working on that this week.  In the meantime, take a look at this humorous fact I stumbled across today. 

More work done...
Saturday, April 21st, 2001 (early morn)

Relocated temporarily to Geocities.  Everything is at Terrashare except this front page, so the "Main" link on each page won't work.  This only proves that this is a problem on Terrashare's end and not mine.

Three more sections have been organized...Lyrics, Video Games, and Episode Comparisons.  Just one more section to organize and I'll be done!!  It actually seems like I'll meet my own deadline after all!  Ii kanjii!

By the way, later this morning "The Fire-ing Squad" airs.  It's a rather important episode in which...well, if you don't know by now, you should be ashamed. 

My Lovely-Charmy situation...
Thursday, April 19th, 2001

I'm ever so pissed...

OK...so I came home today from my camping trip after getting about 2 hours of sleep, take my shower and go to bed, wake up, and work on organizing the lyrics section.  I'm sore about sleeping outside on the one day of the week that the temperature drops below freezing, and I'm sore from running around and moving picnic tables and whatnot.  I go on-line to find that Terrashare STILL hasn't responded, and, after checking my usual sites, look at my ol' site...

...only to find the front page TOTALLY screwed up.

Yup, apparently the same little gremlin who's been  messing up random .html on my page has decided to gobble up my front page.  So I've done this "simple" version of the front page to preserve the links and whatnot.  It was tolerable when it just affected one html that I'm sure isn't visited all that often.  But when you sit there and take away the front page and don't give anyone a way to navigate around...THEN I'm angered.  Terrashare has stopped paying its webmasters (I never got a check anyway...), and has started putting pop-ups on their pages (which, if you're using Earthlink's browser, is VERY annoying).  And now THIS happens.

I don't mind not getting paid.  I don't mind the pop-ups.  If Terrashare can tell me what the deal is, and we're able to fix it, I'll be happy.  If not, the site's moving.  Either way, I'm keeping this site up.  I guess I should be glad that this mess is occuring during my spring break, when I have the time to fix everything.

Anyway, Lyrics Section is organized.  Next up...Video Games!  I hope to do a bunch of organizing tomorrow so I can finish my homework Saturday and Sunday...

Updates going somewhat smoothly...
Tuesday, April 17th, 2001

OK, depending on how you look at things, I'm about halfway through with organizing my site.  Which is good, because I'm almost halfway through my spring break (where is all the time going?).  I still haven't tackled the larger sections (heh...) so I'm not quite home free yet.  As always, please e-mail me if a link or image doesn't show up (please not that on image-heavy pages, like this one, that you may need to refresh the page to get everything to load properly).

You may have noticed that the Message Board link is vanishing from the newly-updated pages.  Yup, that portion of the site is going to the land of wind and ghosts.  Goodbye, old fri--um...I mean, goodbye old casual acquaintance!  Very few people will miss you!

Tomorrow night I'll be out, so I won't be able to work on this site, but I'll be back Thursday night.  In the meantime, all you kiddies 17 or older should check out the movie "American Beauty."  It's freaky as I-don't-know-what, and contains several plot twists, so go see it!  Sure, the whole movie could've been solved if the family had just bought some venetian blinds, but it really makes you, no matter how freaky your own family might be, sit back and say "Wow, my family's REALLY normal!"  Rent it today!

Stress -_-
Monday, April 16th, 2001

OK, everything's OK with the Manga section now, right?  Not quite.  The Zensho page looks all funky.  It looks fine on my computer, but for some reason unknown to me, when I upload it to Terrashare, it takes away the sidebar and deletes all but a few paragraphs of it.  The same thing happened with pages of the Humor section while I was trying to organize the site last night.  I've tried every trick and method to fix it, but nothing works.  I've e-mailed Terrashare about this, so hopefully the matter will get resolved soon (then again, they never answered my question about whether or not Terrashare supports SSI or not). 

We're in an age when site hosts are deleting sites without letting webmasters know.  Advertisers aren't bringing in the money, causing many sites to close down (including Ultimate Pokemon Network) due to bandwidth costs.  Other Terrashare sites are unavailable to view because they've exceeded their daily traffic allowance...I'm guess I'm lucky.  I just hope this can be resolved shortly. 

And Paint Shop Pro STILL isn't working *sigh*...

Anyway, I have the week off from school, so I'll be working to get this site organized.  This is all mainly for me, and you guys really won't benefit from it.  Sorry :(  But it's something that'll help me out a LOT, and will make uploading a lot less stressful.  I know I've been a bad webmaster lately and haven't been updating often enough, and I apologize.  But I've got a VERY secret project that I'm working on that'll make a lot of people happy.  That'll come to fruit in a few months.  In the meantime, I'll get this site organized, do some more bios, make some .mp3's, and maybe get a scanner with my summer job ^_^.  This site's going to be growing a lot in the next few months, so just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Manga Section Revised
Thursday, April 12th, 2001

Well, my Drama Class's production of "Cinderella" is over, meaning I get my free time back.  I swear, I had almost NO free time this weekend outside of the play.  So I'm back, the weather's beautiful...I'm happy ^_^.

Y'know, I was looking through my site the other day, and noticed something-my Manga section was in shambles!  Why didn't anyone tell me that it was so messed up?!  Anyway, I've fixed it, so it should all work now.

Well, the third movie's out in American theatres, and from what I've heard, it's better than the last two movie dubs.  They even keep the original music in the short "Pichu and Pikachu."  From what I've heard of Entei's voice, it sounds really good, so I may even go out and see this sometime.  I'm happy that Kids' WB! is trying to make the dubs better and not rewriting everything or dumbing it down.  There's at least one more movie for them to dub, so let's hope that the next one has ALL the original music.  The movie was #4 in it's opening weekend, which is the worst performance a Pokemon movie's done in America.  Meanwhile, in Japan, the third movie performed the best in the box office of the three movies, despite the fact that there was a typhoon on the opening day.  Very interesting...

The reason that I haven't updated the weekly picture or the monthly layout is because my paint program (Paint Shop Pro)'s acting funky.  So at the moment, I don't have a paint program on my computer that works.  When I fix it, I'll be sure to update.  Until then, you can see the episode title in the Episode Guide.  I'll also be organizing my files on Terrashare soon, so if a link doesn't work, please tell me.  Thanks!

I'm waiting to get permission to use some pictures for the Anime section, so that SHOULD be my next real update.  Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, I can fine-tune the character bios.




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